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Tee Grizzley Babies To Men Comments
  1. Jeffrey Montgomery


  2. Dejana Milton

    Bro like that's them 7 mile niggas

  3. Travis Thorpe

    Like ask yo mama can I spend the night!!

  4. Tyb Tezzo


  5. Pharoah Kelly

    This hoe really deserved a video

  6. Alucidus

    "school in the bathroom going 30 seconds" lmao

  7. Lol Rgh

    6ix9ine: tee copied off of Robert

  8. 9MW Tone


  9. Deon Gordon

    Tee Grizzley: Round report card time i was finessing
    Me: I Plead The 5 🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂

  10. llboxedyou -

    This bitch cold

  11. Re-ReloadN Mo

    666 comments ahah

  12. Re-ReloadN Mo

    Pure heat

  13. Rr. Clipzz

    “Ask yo mama if i can spend a night”💫💯

  14. RawAngelo

    for you have no matter

  15. Mac Entertainment enterprise M E E.

    👍👍 up BIG Tee. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

  16. Noah Anderson

    Dis shii bring baxk memories

  17. Dom Gold

    Prayers to Tee Grizzley Family 🙏🏽

  18. CaRv_ BRAWLZZ

    “At school in the bathroom going 30 seconds” 😤💪🗣💯

  19. Donald true

    Damn tee. Everything u spit is real. Keep at it nigga and I'll keep listening

  20. Kenny King

    When the Rico act came feds hit my whole neighborhood

  21. Space Drank

    Floorboard on the scoreboard

  22. Space Drank

    Ft. Eminem

  23. REAPER Training

    Tell his momma her baby getting aborted

  24. Obamalover2778

    Someone do a piano tutorial lol

  25. King Murda


  26. TrapStar Pedro

    “When he get out he gone have great great grandkids” felt that shit free my cousin

  27. Navy _

    He tells you what its like taking his route in life. Learn from it

  28. Dame Dash

    On god grizzly go hard ASF 💯

  29. Jim Johnson

    Whole album hard no cap 🔥🔥🔥

  30. im Bluntedd


  31. Efrain Diaz

    A lot of shit we lived in the hood only the real can relate to this slaper sheeeee yeeeeeee..

  32. Frank Parent

    I like how there's piano in all of his songs.

  33. Joyce Mallory

    Tee man let me tell ya you are the man keep making music man I got respect for ya

  34. OneCoinPro

    I relate to this shit so much and I'm still in 8th grade

  35. Lifegoeson100

    I kind of been sleepy on Tee Grizzley, not anymore 💯

  36. Co9nition

    I wanna remix this beat so bad

  37. Tyler Fleming

    He spits straight fire and facts I've never related to sum1s music so much before

  38. layla danielle

    "My day one niggas dead or stuck in a cage" man fr 😭

  39. mpatrick86

    This hard

  40. Penny Brown

    They started snichin

  41. Penny Brown

    Yeah you right the reko app

  42. David Murphy


  43. David Murphy


  44. David Murphy


  45. David Murphy


  46. Diogo Gomes

    The hope of Detroit.

  47. carbonfn


  48. Deajanae Allen elting

    They sleep on you cuz im in the same boat they aint go have no choice but to listen

  49. Elvita Jeanbaptiste

    This a CRAZYY beat

  50. kinkyb4

    Bro taught me how to shoot we called it pole class nigga wat!

  51. Savannah Morgan

    “Granny Ian get mines” 🤣🤣🤣 This shit lit asf I just heard this😗 but this song is real relatable no cap😂🚫🧢

  52. Cartier Kitten

    GOD DAMN!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    When that RICO act came everybody changed 💪💯

  54. Nicholas Gardner

    T bro this it. That how it was on prest st boy😁😬😈😈

  55. 2m views


  56. elijah petties

    you do not want to reed more

  57. tpain53ful

    This the realist song EVER

  58. Kristian Duncan

    This song is really good.
    Bringing up about the first day and how he grew up and stuff
    Babies to Men🔥💯

  59. Uzi The Goat

    Tee Grizzley is surprisingly a good rapper for 2018 -_-

  60. Andrew Bryson

    At school in the bathroom goin 30 second.

    Only the real ones feel dis👀👀

  61. Keith Cleveland


  62. Jay Woodlee

    this shit hard t

  63. Zildha

    Favorite song by tee no cap

  64. Griffin Jordan

    Sitting next to Robert trying to steal all his answers 🔥😂

    Latonya Lesley

    keep the rest

  65. Mark Jernigan

    This shit go stupid 🔥👹👹👹👹


    That begging spoke to me😪
    And the rest of the song basically
    Everyone really enjoy your childhood while you have it
    And your whole life bcuz you never know if you'll have another one💯

  67. TipthaBarber 336NC

    BABIES to MEN. never been a "BOY!"

  68. Yb Swimming


  69. Nicholas Ventura

    Who here in 2019

  70. Gaming with Larry Smooth

    She slide👌🏿

  71. bill belly

    this was good album, much better than 'activated' imo

  72. Elijah Walker

    Aha this song is let

  73. Majestic910

    Why they let us get our hands on them pistols? Why we ain't get a book on all the shit that came with it? #freematt #2035

  74. nene Smith

    this song go hard

  75. No pity 228

    Unc taught me how to shoot we used to call it pole classes 💯🔥

  76. Tay Yancey

    This me my brother and my two cousins ong

  77. Dreadhead trav

    "Damn now i gotta be in school without my nigga" i can relate



  79. Nova Illumination

    Keep up in tht 100 ass shit bruhhh rt. No one else really slappn tracks the way you are.

  80. lil Dirty

    Hard ass track bro

  81. Phillip Valencia

    Tee Grizzley the truth for real

  82. Mar Global

    Getting girls numbers was the highlight of our life💯

  83. Justin 23

    Felt everything he said 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  84. Dylan Henke

    I really hope dude don't end up falling of or something


    This go hard

    No hoemo

  86. Jaycob Richardson

    These were the highlights of our life fr🚫🧢

  87. 2foe *

    gawdamn 🔥

  88. Reginals Bryson

    He didn't say what we did... can't get no better than that

  89. Rivian uwu

    Straight heat!

  90. Jiondae Dewald

    Where my Detroit babies 8 mile 6mile let's go tee grizzly

  91. Anthony Lopez

    Why did they let us get our hands on these Pistols, but didn't let us get our hands on a book to let us know what comes with it.fire🤩

  92. John and Dina Show

    Tee grizz needs to link up with sauce walka on some tracks it'd be 🔥 🔥 🔥

  93. Matthew Doyle

    My life in a nut shell

  94. Rts Nuts

    Fuckin Amazing man

  95. Corday Evans

    This bring me back to fuccing memories

  96. Josiah Borlwn

    I ain't get my report card they will mail them to us

  97. Manuel M. Prieto II

    I love this song Tee Grizzle (Love u dad)

  98. John Durham

    I swear him and Eminem need to hop on a track together

  99. Jeff Mingot

    “Que was 17 when they gave him his bid straight to the bin when he get out he gon have great grand kids”👌🏾🙏🗣