Tedeschi Trucks Band - Right On Time Lyrics

Apologies for last night
My conscience wouldn’t let me sleep
The words kept following me

A miracle that’s come undone
The complications of the week
What is that you lack?
What is that you seek?

Does a smile come alive
When you share the wine?
And the love that you make
Is it right on time?

Poor old Romeo
Juliet is at his feet
Maybe she’s just asleep

If sorry doesn’t get you home
Or dignity in defeat
What is it that you lack?
What is it that you seek?

Hey, it’s not yours and it’s not mine
Hey, I’m just here to share your time
Don’t you pay those spinning wheels no mind

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Right On Time Comments
  1. Arty Cajun

    Love this band. Something one would hear on the SteppenDan and Rolling Waits station on Pandora.

  2. Straight Outta Alderaan

    Man Who Sold the World vibes

  3. jerry durnell

    feeling a little Leonard Cohen here!!