Tedeschi Trucks Band - Laugh About It Lyrics

You can laugh about it
Something’s in the air
You can cry about it
No one really cares
No, nobody sees it

You can sing about it
Sing it in a prayer
You can scream about it
Hands up in the air

No, you're not s'posed to feel it
But now, now that we’ve seen it

Rise up, right where they pushed you down
Don’t let nobody ever turn you 'round
Try, try to believe it
All the caring and hard work and trouble
Is worth the chance

You can talk about it
It was always there
Ain’t no doubt about it
It ain’t always fair

So where do we take it from here?
When life is what we make it

Rise up, right where they pushed you down
Don’t let nobody ever turn you 'round
Try, try to believe it
All the caring and hard work and trouble
Is worth the chance

Stand up while you still can
Rise up, it's worth a chance
Rise up

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Laugh About It Comments
  1. Pertti Tuisku

    Susane ,,Y,, voice ,,,give lot off feelings,,,Love....

  2. Dyshof TV

    100 people on stage, do they all get compensation?

  3. Neil Crowe

    My new fave band without a doubt

  4. Tim Walby

    This was their opening number on their sold out show at the London Palladium on 26th April. The best live band I’ve had the privilege to see.

  5. AndersonWave17

    I cant figure out how to play this on guitar :l

  6. Gareth Martin

    Awesome, thanks.

  7. Bruce Wilson

    Tight, smooth, excellent. Such a nice vibe.

  8. A DeBiase

    amazing band. this is what morphed from derek and susan, along with allman and clapton tones. the end result is a true party for every blues/rock lover

  9. Dick Tater

    Absolutely fantastic ...

  10. guruo Y

    Does anyone know the time signature?

  11. Mark Turner

    This is the possibility of America, stop the hate!

  12. Rick Bray

    Oh ! My Hands! They won't come down!!

  13. Marshall Ryan

    they need to cover inner city blues by marvin gaye

  14. Joshua Marc Levy

    Rock and Roll Church!

  15. Korey Green

    she reminds me of Shelby Lynn

  16. DH Benz


  17. Jay McKay

    that solo is so Duane! I saw them last night in Bangor, great show!

  18. John Muller

    Just can't get enough of these folks they are becoming 50% of the music I listen to - this is from an old Dead Head !

    Kimberly Spina

    @David Phelan you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Bob Fischer

    @Kimberly Spina Seconded. Bonnie herself said these guys were the "real deal". I'm guessing Phelan doesn't listen to that much good blues. Everyone learned it from someone else, and put their own stamp on it. Its a flame as old as time, and there are no better keepers of that flame alive today than Derek and Susan.

  19. Aegis90

    It's in seven!

  20. gary laubscher

    I have to add something to my last comment , what is really refreshing is that when they show the crowd there are a lot of younger people there, not teens , but younger than me, I am 67 today, I only wish there were some teens enjoying this type of music, I was a teen ABB and now I am here...

  21. gary laubscher

    I have read all the comments on this page. It is really great to see everybody agrees that this is one GREAT band!!

  22. jorgetenamusic

    Love TTB, they are amazing!!

  23. MrRoadtramp38

    TT From the Band...You got it goin' on. Can't Get Enough...Derek the Slyde Master...

  24. J Robinson

    You guys added to our History and your skills are noted. Admiration and wonderful colors you hav e collectively added

  25. Scott English

    Music's ended and I'm still dancin' !!!

  26. buckfan1969

    Heard an interview with Gregg Allman recently where he was saying he'd like to put a band together with horns, etc. Something I never would have expected from him, but maybe seeing what these guys are doing opened his eyes to the possibilities. This is the first 'new' group I've gotten excited about in decades. Gonna see them in July and can't wait.

    gary laubscher

    +buckfan1969 Hey I think we have met before , I still agree , I envy you, enjoy!!

    Rick Bray

    Dude, Gregg did that quite a while back. I've seen Gregg twice here in Nashville at the Ryman in the past 4 years and he's awesome! Horns and everything.... :) By the way, Hot Lanta with a trumpet solo is AWESOME!


    Update; the show last July was great. The show in Chicago in January was even better. And one of my daughters bought me their new album 'I'll Get By'. The vinyl version. I understand they recorded it in analog, and I believe it. Sound is so much fuller than digital, at least to me. Great album!

  27. Jose Cardenas


  28. Michael Maier

    Love the tone w/ that SG. Fun song, great performance.

  29. Kingdom Brothers

    This is great. Please add "Midnight in Harlem" to your youtube channel.

  30. MikeDWills

    Really wish we could get a 2 hour ACL episode, this whole show was fantastic. Very glad that some more songs will see the light of day as web exclusives though!

  31. Andrew Gordon

    So good. How is possible that they just keep getting better!

    Ryan Hubbard

    +Andrew Gordon real, raw talent has a tendency to do that. Rock on, my friend.

  32. Jim Regan

    DVR is set!

  33. byknfyr

    First like:) TTB. So good for the soul.