Tedeschi Trucks Band - Don't Know What It Means Lyrics

When the sun comes shining through
Lighting up what’s left of you
And you put it all aside for another day
Pick it up and rearrange it
Though you know that you won’t change it
Cuz you’ve always been a stranger anyway

Now you left your window open
Just to keep your spirit rolling
But you’re hoping that your mind will close the door
Take it up two steps higher
When you’re drowning in the fire
The hope you had helped you on along the way

If the story feels exactly like a dream
Don’t know what it means
Things ain’t what they seem
And you can’t just turn the page and let it go
Things that you’ve been told
Are deep down in your soul

Now don’t make your move too early
Or you’ll show up in a hurry
You can fall down and surely lose your way
Heaven help you if you mean it
Cuz there's those who would defeat it
They can turn you around and take it all away

Now don't look down in the dirt
Just to find out what you’re worth
Cuz that song and dance was never worth the time
So work hard and do it right
Learn to speak up and to fight
The truth is gonna beat them down the line

If the story feels exactly like a dream
Don’t know what it means
Things ain’t what they seem
And you can’t just turn the page and let it go
Things that you’ve been told
Are deep down in your soul

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Don't Know What It Means Comments
  1. Annie H

    Great group, RIP Kofi

  2. Dorthy Slotwinski

    I'm sooo in love with Tedeschi trucks band especially JJ the drummer his SEXY SMILE gets me every time....Derek's a God on the guitar & Susan's voice is HEAVEN!! #RedheadDeadhead

  3. Jared Rigney

    Derek is one lucky man.

  4. Annemarie Oshelda-Gill

    love them! Saw them in London this year! so Amazing!!

  5. guruo Y

    "Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane..."

  6. Thomas Johnson

    The best!

  7. stephen mcateer

    Sax veering dangerously close to jazz at some points.

    Robert van Ruyssevelt

    Don't be scared...

    jay english

    We be veering!!!!!

  8. Steve schatz

    Anything with her singing and Derrick on guitar sounds awesome

  9. Harold Brown

    Love these guys. Have to give some special love to the horns. The trombonist's energy is joyfully intoxicating.

  10. Geoff Isabelle

    Holy crap that transition!! WOW!

  11. Kevin Clayton

    She is soooo gorgeous,I remember watching this band on Austin city limits when I was in prison. My bunkee had an old school TV that put out sound. Put a smile on our faces indeed. She looks Alot like my now x girlfriend. Her sexy frame made for sweet dreams that night.

  12. Tim Brown

    Sound problem ?

  13. Sam1956

    Doesn't get any better than this.

  14. sophie w.

    every time i listen to them i feel like i ascend to heaven and stay there for a couple minutes even after they've finished

  15. Doug Alder

    Not many artists these days that I would pay good money to see but this is one.

  16. Frank Sennish

    Man, this is just so good! I had to buy it on iTunes, now I just have to make sure to catch them next time they're in town!

  17. audiophile man

    You tell me. Does it get any better than this? The only other collaboration that's on the same level is Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. We're seeing the making of a legendary band.


    You're joking right. Bonamassa can't match any decent guitarist.

  18. David Baird

    Su-bloody-perb! They just get better and better!!

  19. Kelley Hughes

    Love Kebbi Williams

  20. Jeff P Blues

    That's the shit right there. what an incredible short set by an amazing band.

  21. Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    I feel like the first time I heard Merry Clayton sing on Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones.


    I know what you mean. For me, that was on headphones in 1969 and we'd had a little meditation vegetation already. Thought I saw God....

  22. Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    Few bands are better live than in a studio. This might be an exception. Don't know all their material well enough to say that for sure.

    Texas made

    Michelle M love this band !! Heart is better live !!

    Greg Gardner

    Well said, just saw them last night in SD for the 3rd time. Easily some of the best concerts this old dog has experienced. Jazz, Blues, Funk'n Soul Stew of the highest order.

  23. Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    I've been singing professionally 25 years. Journey, Plant...I feel like I better go back to the drawing board...lol

    Jim Bob

    Don't you go gettin' down on yurself girl. As the great man himself said about them, "that's the best I ever heard" (BB King). This band will be goin' down in history as one of the very very best ever!


    I've seen these guys twice now; once in Dayton and once in Chicago. First real concerts I've gone to in about 30 years. (Did see Leon Russell in Chicago in a dinner theatre show about 3 years ago, but that's it) This is the first new group to get me excited about rock and roll in about 40 years. At my age, I'm not easily excited, but these guys have it all.

    Fred Snell

    Your comment brought a big smile and I bet you're pretty good too.

  24. Darren Unsgaard

    Keep on Truckin

  25. Back Auf

    great stuff - I am a re-believer in her talent. I heard her live 4 years ago here in Victoria Canada - first show on a Canadian tour and the band was stiff as a board, ST constantly fiddling with her amplifier. dreadful show. but I am still a fan

  26. Raaaaaaaaaaandy

    5:50 ...that transition to their cover of The Letter