Tedeschi Trucks Band - Darling Be Home Soon Lyrics

Come, and talk of all the things we did today,
Here, and laugh about our funny little ways,
While we have a few minutes to breathe,
Then I know that it's time you must leave.

But darling, be home soon.
I couldn't bear to wait,
An extra minute if you dawdled.
My darling, be home soon.
It's not just these few hours,
But I've been waiting since I toddled,
For the great relief of having you to talk to.

And now, a quarter of my life is almost past.
I think I've come to see myself at last.
And I see that the time spent confused,
Was the time that I spent without you.
And I feel myself in bloom.

So, darling, be home soon.
I couldn't bear to wait,

An extra minute if you dawdled.
My darling, be home soon.
It's not just these few hours,
But I've been waiting since I toddled,
For the great relief of having you to talk to.

[Instrumental break]

So, darling, my darling, be home soon.
I couldn't bear to wait,
An extra minute if you dawdled.
My darling, be home soon.
It's not just these few hours,
But I've been waiting since I toddled,
For the great relief of having you to talk to.

Go and beat your crazy head against the sky.
Try and see beyond the houses and your eyes.
It's OK to shoot the moon.

Darling, be home soon.
I couldn't bear to wait,
An extra minute if you dawdled.
My darling, be home soon.
It's not just these few hours,
But I've been waiting since I toddled,
For the great relief of having you to talk to.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Darling Be Home Soon Comments
  1. Gang of Eagles

    Ah yeah, that was the one I was looking for. Is it a cover or a TTB-own kinda thing? Love this ... Gonna turn up this loud as loud as my neighbors let me ;)

  2. rockrulz28

    I can hear the influence of Ali Akbar Khan...incredible!

  3. Howard Friedly

    The reincarnation of Duane Allman.

  4. numbat 007

    great voice + guitarist but 2 drummers , really why ?

  5. Pamela Knowles

    Wow no words! Just Pure brilliant perfection,,, the most Beautiful performance ever!!!

  6. Beth Brand

    8:25 she looks at him like, I know you're great, we all know you're a force of nature, but are you really going to do this now

  7. Scott Teague

    Oteil be trippin

  8. Jerry Thomas

    So frickin good!

  9. Northernsnow NH

    I didn’t see the trumpet solo coming ( but wtf do I know?). I think I have a “new” band to love.

  10. norman crew

    Is John Sebastian not one of the greatest songwriters ever? "Go, and beat your crazy head against the sky ..... "

  11. funkyalfonso

    Just wonderful. And Susan's voice always reminds me of Bonnie Bramlett and how those amazing tones seem so effortless.

  12. Roy Junior

    I cannot wait to see this incredible band especially Derek and Susan!!!

  13. John Gialanella jr

    You always get these people who give thumbs down on many quality U-Tube videos such as this one. I think they just like to be mean spirited.

  14. That’s What I said


  15. john martinez

    right, wife , she is hotter cause she sings like she do

  16. Lemmy30294

    Chills. Pure chills from my toes to my head. Such talent. Really a treasure to listen to.

  17. Tonetwisters

    John Sebastian ... LOVED this song from "The Loving Spoonful" ... this is a great tribute, with a little "Chicago" thrown in. "Go, and beat your crazy head against the sky ... "

  18. Lloyd Tadokoro

    Wow! Such soul full vocals! I hope you come to Sacramento CA area! What a band!

  19. Northstar7

    Wonderful, grown up musicians. Stunning.

  20. sahn deeahgo

    love it when i find a cover that reminds me how much i love all the other covers. have to add that i prefer the subdued in the mix derek more than the out front and leading derek

  21. pnolans

    I have loved this song since I first heard it back in the 60's... I always hoped someone like Tedeschi-Trucks would cover it... it is SO GOOD!

  22. Mark Spark

    Boy... Susan is terrible... And the band is a bunch of novices .. Except for Derek

  23. Roy Garrett

    great song

  24. Frank Breitling

    Don't know how many folks know this is an old Lovin' Spoonful tune from way back. Always was one of my favorites.

  25. Gang of Eagles

    I mean, if Derek loses interest in Susan, I would be here to marry her! ;) She's one of the best singers of our times. When I first heard her, I thought she must be a black woman. She sings very black, but she's a whitebread. Just kidding. Susan is a decent bomb, and so is Derek's guitar playing. He sounds like an alien. Wait, the whole band sounds like a bunch of talented aliens.


    Get in the queue. ;-)

  26. Scott Davis

    Great band I’ve recently discovered
    Susan’s voice is great

  27. Turo Saarilehto

    I cry. Thank you <3

  28. Andrew Cameron

    What a band! Tight as the proverbial fish sphincter. Her voice continues to impress and I think Trucks is at the top of the all time slide player heap. Never heard anyone pull what he can out of a guitar. Thank the Lord that they are carrying the torch for old school musicianship.

  29. Quail Dogs Fishin

    Stellar performance by a killer band and powerhouse of a couple. Beautiful.

  30. Otto Adalwulf Fischer

    If Susan called me and said she would be home soon I would have died and went to heaven

  31. Charlie Horton

    Great jam band. Reminds me of DMB.

  32. Nelson Holt

    Allman Brothers my all time favorite. TTB catching up quick!😂😂❤️🥰

    Peter Grant

    Oh yeah .. different but the same .. the interlocking of the drums with Derek is exactly the motor behind Allman Bros. I think it was Eric Clapton that said playing in front of them was like being pushed by a freight train.


    Nelson Holt

    Many years back my younger brother turned me onto Susan Knowing how much I loved the blues. This was way before she met Derek. So when a member of ABB hooked up with Susan it like I’ve died on gone to musical heaven😂😂. Without doubt this band is the best group out there. I’ve been blessed seeing them lives a couple times and just love how they always do some oldies. Music of my youth🥰

  33. Otto Adalwulf Fischer

    When I was married to my first wife, I drove an 18-wheeler cross country. When I was about a day out from our house I would call and would tell her Darling Be Home Soon

  34. Michael Rehling

    Spoiler Alert!!! You MUST listen to this right through to the last note. Between Susan and a ripping solo by Derek, this is AS GOOD AS IT GETS!

  35. Tracey Swanberg

    Fabulous song Derek and Susan are the bomb, watch Joe Cocker singing this song with mad dogs and Englishmen its amazing

  36. Charlie Horton

    B. B. King once said Derek Trucks was "as good as it gets" .

  37. Mitch Parish

    Finally .. this Thursday in San Antonio. :)

  38. Ken Steiger

    Humans can play instruments together in sync without a computer? Imagine that!

  39. Bryant Carter

    Nice and soulful

  40. Jeremiah Vanhorn

    Big shout out to every one of these amazing ppl for the privilege of the blessings they give in there inspiring and wonderful music..
    Thank you all for sharing you passions and sorrows of every song you bless us with.
    Tedeschie Trucks ,your soul is among those legends ,
    Diana Ross and patsy Cline...
    Mam thank you for sharing your blood ,sweat and tears I'm hooked girl ,keep rockin and have fun .
    God bless you all and all that you love and care for.....

  41. Brad Warren

    I have tickets in Houston For Nov 6, 2019. Taking my 23 year old daughter. Guy took vacation at work and I would normally have to cover. I told them NO WAY> FIRE ME.
    Needless to say, I am going to this concert. This is a once in a lifetime event. And my daughter just thinks we are going to a concert.

    John Ferracuti

    The only band to travel anywhere to see. Just that great. You're in for a fantastic, wonderful evening and your daughter has no idea! nice.

    Anne Meson

    I am stuck in Spain and I would travel the world to see them live !! ENjoy !! And..it's gonna be a revelation for your daughter !! I remember when I went to see TOTO Live and I was 18..it changed my life !!

    Daniel Chavez

    Two bands I will travel to see. Los Lobos and TTB. Saw tickets to the Red Rocks Show In July while buying tickets to their show in Dallas. Show was phenomenal In CO. Expect nothing but brilliance tomorrow night in Dallas.

  42. Uncle Skip's Prairie Justice

    goddamnit! Doesn't Derek Trucks know it is f**king impossible to play like that?

  43. Philip Hyman

    my friends still go see Dead and Company. I've got news for them...this is the band to see. Good lord this is hot. Derek blows his stack.

    Carmen Cafasso

    Bob Weir in Bermudas citing at approximately 3:35 mark our left (stage right?) walking by with a beverage

  44. baliscotsurf

    Dawddle & Tottle .....thank u John Sebastian!!

  45. Kgosana Mangoaela

    She sounds like Bonnie Raitt

  46. Arnab Chatterjee

    Pranam sir

  47. James Litwicki

    My goodness.

  48. Tracey McCarty

    folks, music does not any better!

  49. Brent Koch

    I'm here for my daily listen.

    Peter Grant

    You and me man ..you and me .. unreal.

  50. roar ander

    No doubt, my favorite of bands that are shaped the last 35 years.

  51. Philip Gardiner

    OCTOBER 1st- BEACON THEATER NYC!! Can't not wait for this show! First time seeing them live. Please play Midnight In Harlem and Darling Be Home Soon!! Chills.

    April S

    Mercy! just a few days more for you and I'm majorly jealous. Hope they play your songs and I'd love to hear Anyhow.

    April S

    Promise not a stalker 😁 just saw a video from this concert and hoped it was awesome for you. 🤘

  52. Steve Fanger

    This is such a knockout band! If you haven't checked out 'Midnight in Harlem' you have to do so - for Susan's beautiful soulful vocal & Derek's absolutely sublime slide & stunning solo!

    April S

    Anyhow is one that blows me away.

  53. susan layton

    I luv the way Susan looks at Derek!!!

  54. dill mann

    This is an old Loving Spoonful song-John Sebastion

  55. Mike Rawls

    Professional grade

  56. Richard Pierce

    Awesome ! The Cherry on Top !

  57. SuperReverbious

    Come to California!!

  58. A DeBiase

    This is the best "new band" I've seen in at least 20 years. I have such a "voice crush" on Susan that my wife hates her now. I found this band through my love of the Allman Bros. Now the only way to hear my brothers is if TTB plays em. No other hand does 2 drummers like a brothers offshoot. Love this band!!!

  59. Lynn McIntosh

    She's owning this song...so good!

  60. That’s What I said

    I think Duddy B and Derek Trucks should get together.

  61. Olot Besalu

    In tears by the end .
    No more need be said .

  62. Peter Grant

    This is one of the hidden gems of Youtube.

  63. Ray Jeske

    Sometimes the magic comes from picking a great tune to cover. Never could have imagined that this John Sebastian masterpiece would become someone else's masterpiece, fifty years later. Beautiful.

  64. philabeg1

    I wish I could stand inside Derek Trucks head and just watch the kaleidoscope of his musical landscape! Like watching nature or a storm or the Aurora. Endless, magical, inspired! Just blows my mind every time he plays.

  65. Kelly Manning


  66. CatMom

    This took me all the way back to high school, listening to the Lovin' Spoonful. John Sebastian wrote it & I've always loved it. Have loved Susan a long time a well. She & Derek complement each other very well.

  67. Jeff Moehlenbruck

    Where Derek takes the slide solo in this tune is beyond most Americans' aural experience. He's such a master of Western rock & blues that I will never be bored watching & hearing him play...but he "spices" up traditional Western R&R and blues with eclectic Middle Eastern and Indian patterns and semitones. Or are they microtones? :)

    I just wish we had 20 more bands like this out there.
    Top recommendation: TTB's version of Keep On Growing...a wonderful tribute to Derek & The Dominoes, GREAT playing by Derek.

  68. Steve Culjat

    In my old 62 year old opinion most people wouldn't know a great tune or band if I shoved it up there musical stupid ass,then you hear this and say fuck Yes real music

  69. Andrea Pisciotta

    I love you guys

  70. Keith Shaw

    The way she looks at him !!

  71. Steve Daniels

    Love their music but this band is holding Trucks back!! He should be with more of a Southern Rock band killing it!!

  72. Dave McBroom

    Just Awesome ! Holy shit!

  73. rvisual

    Nice over-produced cover peace!

  74. rontheviking

    old loving spoonful song.......just great

  75. lawrence ahern

    Fantastic Band and Susan can Really Sing !!!!!!!

  76. Matthew Weinger

    So good it is silly - and then there is Trucks - who is so beyond good it's beyond silly. Could not love this band more and I truly lack the words to describe aptly how Trucks guitar solos make me feel - simply the best - and it's not even close.

  77. Dawn K

    They are fantastic in concert!

  78. luke moynahan

    it defies language only love can get you near... methinks/feels

  79. ginger lawrence

    Original song by The Lovin' Spoonful written by John Sebastian. Great song. This band does it proud!

  80. jeff tappe

    he even looks like duane

  81. Neil Crowe


  82. Neil Crowe

    Love the trumpet solo too

  83. Susan Moran

    I wish I was in this audience.

    Gregor Miller

    Well, ya are now sweetpea :)

    Susan Moran

    @Gregor Miller you were in that audience then. You lucky thing.

  84. danny4481

    I wonder, has John Sebastian heard this excellent version?

  85. Jason Amato

    So bummed that I can't catch them at Red Rocks. This would be an amazing show.

    Marilee Dent

    In another country

  86. Michael Cougar

    This is the best band in the world right now! OMG! FUCKING AMAZING!

  87. John Ryan

    a perfect concoction of classic American music, blues, r&b, funk, soul, rock and i hear country too. fantastic gumbo of sounds, texture and feel.

  88. Jim Sly

    I love the 5:38 mark, its like, shits about to get real

  89. Mike Norgrove

    How does he get that sitar sound??

  90. Mark Harris

    They really are something very very special together, Susan Tedeschi has an amazing rich, technically perfect, soulful voice, people compare her to the greats like Joplin and Holiday but I think she is unique with her own sound.

    Derek Trucks is as laid back as Clapton, but he too has his own unique style and sound. I think it was a lot more than his late uncle that got him into the Allman Brothers Band.

    I just wish my wife would look at me the same way Susan Tedeschi looks at Derek Trucks.

  91. rjkconway

    They can recreate a vibe as palpable as any created by any band that they covered. I have never considered them a cover band or tribute band...they reblend a new beautiful vibe that makes you feel young but reminds you it came from younger days...I think that is wonderful for me....that is what I want..my rock gods are dying or dead...I don't want to cry over their genius, I want to celebrate it as I grow towards the inevitable....my own demise.....make me young again please, my muse...please...

  92. Alonzo Garbanzo

    DT shows his appreciation for that excellent bass lick at 3:42.

  93. Val Manseau

    Wow!!! ❤

  94. Jean

    definitively the best band today

  95. Kevin Agee

    i've probably listened to more derek trucks than anyone on earth. this is my favorite solo of his.

  96. roberto bolognesi

    Susan angel voice, Derek guitar of paradise

  97. McSkiver

    Somewhere, up there, Uncle Duane is smiling. And for good reason!

  98. Vince Ferrante

    8:15-8:20 is beyond amazing, Derek has unbelievable melody