Tedeschi Trucks Band - Anyhow Lyrics

Running from a bitter taste
Took a rest from all the chase
Feeling something anchored on my soul
Played the game by all the rules
Learning lessons no one gets to choose

Everywhere I turn, here I am
So walk away with me
I'll show you that

I would go anywhere, anytime
I would do anything, anyway

Woke up feeling all adrift
Pieced together what I missed
Realized that you pushed me out to sea
Followed from a lost place
Dealing with the wreckage in my soul

Everywhere I turn, there you are
So walk away with me
I'll show you that

I would go anywhere, anytime
I would do anything, anyway

No one cares to loan a dime
Sorry if it cost you time
What'd you expect a desperate man to do?
Cain and Abel lit the flame
We can never go that way again

Everywhere I turn, here we are
So walk away with me
I'll show you that

I would go anywhere, anytime
I would do anything, anyway

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Tedeschi Trucks Band Anyhow Comments
  1. David Kettles

    They Rocked Macon Ga. bout a month ago. Fabulous

  2. Troy Martin

    when they hit a home run they really do....

  3. skateski

    Feels like going back to good times

  4. ShallowBeThyGames

    This is achingly beautiful.

  5. David Lee

    Kofi!!!! <3.

  6. susetyo edi prabowo

    Lady sings beautifully, simplicity in music yet sounds great

  7. Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    I have a chick crush on her voice. Lol

  8. jawbone60

    Amazing slide at the end of that song!!!

  9. Kelly B.

    I am so grateful they are here with us. Totally just so blessed to listen and freaking rock out.

  10. Marilee Dent

    Love this lol lot of love Marilee

  11. Mark Lugg

    Derek playing a Les Paul just doesn't seem right, haha!

  12. Greg Wilson

    where can I buy this good stuff? I have listened to all of this music and can't find a link anywhere where I can buy I don't want to keep listening to their music without contributing to the cause

  13. Christopher Roopenian

    Good song

  14. モブ

    The ongoing blues rock❗☺

  15. Anton Smuts

    Yes !!!! Real music.

  16. Pamela Knowles

    Absolutely beautiful performance!! Susan your Voice is like a angel!! The band is awesome!

  17. Tracey Swanberg

    Love you Susan and Derek the whole band play in it is a pleasure to listen to you.

  18. Danniel Ward

    Love that brass.

  19. Tim Brown

    Horn section better than most !!

  20. mheitchue

    Love it - what talent and grace! "Here I am..."

  21. Richard Chyle

    Absolutely the best band in the world, right now, bar none!!!

  22. bevil45181

    Them's some serious musicians!

  23. Jared M


  24. Steve Reed

    This is the essence of why we love her so much., Amazing performance! //......lol....lol....

  25. David Smith

    I been saying this for a few years now... this is the best band going Period!

  26. Rare Form

    Was not long ago , she was a regular at Saxon Pub .. Love the Gold Top with Ebony Board . Really good band !

  27. Steve Stumbaugh


  28. 2222222aaa

    All their music sounds the same. If you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard them all.

  29. sweethands

    Anything? Butt stuff?

  30. Spider Monkey

    My favorite LOL lot of love MARILEE

  31. Beardmondy67

    .. Cosmic ,..

  32. Daniel Melo

    TTB = Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  33. salleefamily

    Power couple right there!

  34. Spider Monkey


  35. Lawren Green

    From a fellow musician, WOW!

  36. Tom Derrick

    His playing is magic

  37. Tom Derrick

    this is real music, they are both so good. I really like Susan's own songs also.

  38. Charlie Vance

    Love that smile of hers at the ending! It's like saying we nailed this song! Love it!

  39. Richard Rehschuh

    Absolutely incredible voice!!!

  40. Suzanne Rose Marin

    Susan, You are so beautiful, as an artist, and a person! Thank you for your light!

  41. peterthelesser

    thinkin' about Booker T and the MG's right about now. Tight, man. Very Tight!

  42. Steven Weber Clearwater St Pete Realtor

    Come to Tampa or St Pete please!!!

  43. pat egan

    Just glorious !!!

  44. Jerrys Notdead

    Damn good song

  45. MaryMary QuiteContrary

    For the first time in my life, I feel like I actually wish I were blind. Everywhere I go, there I am and it doesn’t even mean what I thought it did.😰

  46. Joeh1154

    Man, I had never heard this band play, though I was aware of them and Derek's background. After hearing this song, I can't get it out of my head. Susan's voice is perfect here. I've heard her talk, she sings differently than her speaking voice might suggest and it's just awesome. The band is tight. Gotta hear more from them.

  47. Duncan Rathband


  48. jack miller

    I saw Susan Tedeschi like 15 years ago in New Jersey pretty much does her by herself . It was amazing was like listening to Bonnie Raitt reborn all over again. My wife and I were dancing and the crowd was not happy we almost got kicked out it was a weird uptight crowd. But we didn’t care she was and is an amazing performer. And now with this band it’s a whole group of wonderful performers.
    Should’ve been Danceing!

  49. Steve Israel

    This band is SUPERB! and this song is LEGENDARY! 🖤

  50. Shawn Eager

    ..LOVE IT.... susan...come visit me and listen.....PEACE

  51. Al Scarpa

    Amazing!! Amazing! Susan is so good and when I see Derek (I can not help but think of Duane and of Butch) So glad this band is active and recording.

  52. Robert McAllister

    Damn they can hit the note

  53. Jessica Eernisse Hagood

    God bless y'all! It is awesome to see lovey doveys together! Everyone is deserved of love! LOVE that is real and authentic! LOVE music and have much admiration for y'all and your beautiful music!

  54. mystique0417

    I dare you to keep your feet still.

  55. John Gialanella jr

    Outstanding band. Susan has a great voice for the Blues and Derek is a great on guitar.

  56. Joe Mauer

    I love this band. It's uncanny how much Derek looks and plays like Skydog. Awesome.

  57. Vigilant Dr. Dolittle

    This is how you do recordings: all together live. No recording straightened by a machine can catch this soul.

    Evan Pragliola

    true but also respect for the sound mixing and engineers cuz they did a great job, hard to make everything sound this clean when recorded live

    Vigilant Dr. Dolittle

    Evan Pragliola that’s the point: it’s not clean but the vibe is special if you record all together.

    Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    @Evan Pragliola well, that's why they get like 250 an hour and drive a friggin Tesla.

    Evan Pragliola

    @Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band nobody besides derek has that much money nor does anyone get paid that much being in such a huge band. they work hard. why u sound salty

  58. Chuck Castellanos

    What a great uplifting song. Love this. What a voice. What a band!!

  59. Matt Levine

    they are just in a class all by themselves and Susan.s voice is just as clean and warm as Dereks slide

  60. James Goines

    Good song

  61. Honu Maka

    Nice to see and hear! horns coming back into live music...

  62. Marilee Woods


  63. Alice Burke


  64. A.G. Salazar

    To my ex-wife Tammy...everywhere I turn there we are. I love you Babe.

  65. Michael Lyons

    this is fantastic

  66. Mama Jacqueroo

    When Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks joined forces they made music magic.

  67. Darcy McEwen


  68. michael kaiser

    Seen them in Boca Raton 3 times. Always sound great!

  69. Simon Owen

    Most uplifting 😁

  70. lluis Comamala Sala

    Un grupo que me encanta. Preciosa grabación

  71. Vicki Lee

    Killer Band

  72. barnhill and the12tribes

    TTB ways glorious! ❤🎼🎶🎵🎶🎸🎙🥁🎺🎷🎸

  73. David McCormick

    I remember Terry Balsamo took me by his house over there by emerson an hendricks in Jax. Fla..(back in the late 80's)..An he introduced me and told me this kid is a superstar on the guitar......Both supertalented an of coarse huge in the music scene today!

  74. bamboosa

    Dang. Did you see what they did at Obama's Red, White and Blues?

  75. floridabb

    Great sound.

  76. Alice Miller

    Wow first time I heard her voice better than Janice, go by girl

    Alice Miller

    Go girl 💙

  77. David Dewalle

    Although I am a real geezer (77) this band and especially this song really reaches deep into my roots of listening to blues and rock as a kid in St. Louis. Really love the rich blending of instruments and singing in their music. Their NPR Tiny Desk Concert of three songs is a classic. Listen to this music every day as I work on the computer. Would love to see them perform live, but too far from central PA. Dave DeWalle

    Steve Hanford

    10 years under your geezer, you are right ! these guys are The Best!! anytime anyhow! love NPR !

  78. Maximilian Bartel

    J.J. Johnson - long time no see my friend! Where The Light Is, favourite set with you. :)

  79. Jon Didier

    They never disappoint live! Everyone in the band is a talent. I just looked! 709 thumbs down?? ARE YOU ALL NUTS?

  80. Jessica Nicks

    Wow.. very Bonnie raitt... love

  81. rossco robert

    All tape baby, love the new album

  82. André Bueno de Camargo

    Pusta sonzera!!!! Muito bom!

  83. Greg Peterson

    Her voice seems effortless..... just belts out a song without trying. Fantastic!

  84. Joe Mauer

    Just sounds so right.

  85. Seabreeone

    Wow I can't get enough of TTB. This Vid is pure good music. Keep I up and play.

  86. Thomas Alexander

    Did you go to Colorado and open up music studio?


    It's in there backyard in Jacksonville Florida.

  87. Rodon Ronaldo

    99.9 fine gold music

  88. Sean Hennessey

    that has to be Duane´s guitar, no?

    Bradley Diel

    I believe this Les Paul is one serial number prior to Duane's. Duane's guitar recently sold for 1.25 Million. Derek bought this guitar in December 2015 or January 2016. Derek and several other artists have been able to use Duane's LP from time to time but that may be over now.

  89. Steven Weber Clearwater St Pete Realtor

    her voice is in my opinion at the top right now. Cannot think of another female vocalist whos voice gives me chills like hers

  90. Kenny Parker

    It's all you need to know. Amazing

  91. Thomas Dunn

    Amazing voice

  92. sal branciforte

    Was never a fan but this one got me!!

  93. Timothy Dannenhoffer


  94. J Ryan

    Great band

  95. kev michael

    GREAT BLUES great music never dies....this girl has it...susan arwsom....Powerful Sound,kevin

  96. Bruce Davis

    Absolutely one of the finest bands out there! Kind of reminds of the early Allman Brothers when Duane was still alive but with Susan’s vocals, Derek’s guitar skills and the overall chemistry of the band makes them (one in a million) special! In other words! They’re great!

    April S

    Although Derek's sound is his own, the Allman Bro influence is there. Was a fan of his first then TTB. He is just amazing.

  97. Marilee Dent

    Love it lol lot of love Marilee

  98. tarantella70

    This and Do I Look Worried is their best one-two opening punch live. (See the Beacon 9/28 for example)

  99. jamesianp

    "Save that one, mark it Fab."