Teddy Pendergrass - Voodoo Lyrics

Girl I can't wait, to come home to you
Can't concentrate on my job, cause I'm in the mood
See lately I've had, a one track mind
See its you, and you again
Friends think I'm wasting my time
And oh!
I've always been that kind of man
In control of my life
But girl ever since, ever since you came around
See I wanna take care of you
And make you my wife

It must be that
The voodoo that you do
That keeps me loving you
I gotta say
I like it baby

See my friends, see they call me on the phone and say Ted (Teddy)
Say let's go out, do you wanna play?
But I find myself wanting, to spend all my time with you
And I don't even care, what they're talking about
And oh!
Something strange has taken over me
And baby! Baby! I really really like it, yeah
See I've never felt, this way before
Girl that's for sure
And I don't need, I don't want no cure

It must be that
The voodoo that you do
That keeps me loving you (keeps me so in love)
I gotta say, I like it baby...
It must be that
The voodoo that you do
That keeps me loving you
(Sometimes your love just wants to make me stay)
I like it baby
Wanna say oh...
Come on and do to me what you did last night
I like it baby, I love it baby
Must be that (its gotta be)
The voodoo (the voodoo)
That you do (that you do)
That keeps me (so in love)
Loving you (in love with you girl)
I gotta tell ya, I love it baby...
Said I love it, I love it, I love it child

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Teddy Pendergrass Voodoo Comments
  1. Timberly Priest

    Teddy and Gerald did the damn thing with this one!

  2. Louisiana-Creole Brotha

    I remember when I was a kid/teenager my mom use to sit at the bar at our house, drink and play Teddy Pendergrass songs..

    At that time I hated this music, but now I love it..

  3. Junior Mitchell

    The best r&b artist ever he gets you in the mode even if you don't want to.

  4. Myles Mattison

    Knowing tha TP was not what he use to be when he recorded this is a testimony within itself. The richness in his voice said it all. TP & GL, Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. It was a pleasure sharing your stage and allowing me to hold that groove.

  5. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #25 on the R&B charts in 1993!!!

  6. Tas J

    This song was written by the REAL TEDDY BEAR 🧸...Gerald Levert. Can you hear the influence, especially the backup singers.

  7. DeeQueen Sweetsixteen

    Someone.......... 💌 Someone, put "The Vodoo" on me, years n years n years ago!! No Lie. But they're scared now.💃💃 They know that I've learned a thing or 2.. or 3... 🤔 So they use my choices 🤯 as, there excuse for the mask they still 👀"Stay"👀 wearing!!! Take that mask off Boi... 😏 Come be my man if, ya think ya can, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby! 💋💕💋
    (In my Teddy P Voice)🤗 LOL

  8. Ms Causeway


  9. Geraldo Barbosa

    R.I.P Teddy Pendegrass.

  10. Rita Lewis

    This is for you PJ ... rest on my friend ..

  11. Buford Burks

    When I was 11 for whatsoever reason my dad/brother allowed me to eat his lady as he stood by her . Later he tried to undo the "Voodoo" by smoking a cigarette on his job . It has been nearly 27 years since a similar "Voodoo" play , but I simply do not have that .

  12. Tanzia Rounds

    I love this song

  13. Marie King

    Dam ! I’m in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Tanisha Tasby

    I love this song.

  15. Marie King

    This singer Gone too soon you’re Legendary this song give me goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. lisa casey

    Yes!!! Must be the vooodoo.

  17. Buford Burks

    My brother/dad and I were spiritual conjoined twins . Through me He could return to Wenonah area after 50 years . So I was told in Fall 1989 he was shown a White lady to be my next wife , so he took me down to her . Others fail to accept without him that play is out . So "five" years later on Iron Bowl Night 1994 , I got "Bear" caught .

  18. Tiameca Hollins

    Real music 💯

  19. Hakeem Lawal

    There will Never be another one

    Barbara Henderson

    Never, I mean Never !!

  20. omoniyikaye

    This was the last of his Grammy nomination...This classic was co-written and produced by late great Gerald LeVert who also featured on the background vocals....The two Teddy Bears in TP and G...Peace!


    I can't concentrate on my job

    Cynthia Parker


  22. Jackie Jenkins

    teddy p had voodoo voice make you take everything off

    halllrh Yah

    Jackie Jenkins Oh k Baby 😂😂😂

  23. MaryJ815

    YESSSS...That's exactly what he does...Love it when he says "Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby"!!

    Barbara Henderson

    Mercy me !!!

  24. SIGMAMAN69

    Even in a wheelchair TP was the man!

  25. Kay See

    Doing the dam thing Teddy!

  26. Fa sho wit it ent. Preach Corleone

    fa sho baba jump fresh

  27. Mpendulo Ndabenhle Ngcobo

    wonder where i will hear these kinda music again.

    Gugulethu Mamashela

    Mpendulo Ndabenhle Ngcobo I don't think we will ever hear it . . . But at least we have this to listen to 😊

    Barbara Henderson

    By it being clean cut, Heaven !!!

  28. Dallas Cowboys

    if it says I met this girl I could not figure out what had me so crazy, and when I hear it this song but Teddy Pendergrass I knew then is the Voodoo that Kim has put on me everything she do I love it everything she say I like it...

  29. skoot tullis

    Jaheim had to be inspired by this guy..... they sound alike

    Chris Jones

    More like Luther and had a better falsetto than Teddy.

  30. Lisa Marie


  31. Michael Hunter

    Gerald LeVert wrote this

    MeMe&Lay Forever

    This my jam😎😎

  32. msscott73

    Teddy P. nailed this song!

  33. leslie washington

    ooh this song brings back so many memories. those were the good days. they don"t make good music like this any more. this is real grown floks music. i luv u Teddy

  34. Andrew Flood


    Shenika Thomas

    I got that voodoo that's what keeps Benjamin Spann Ben loving me

    Judy Fleming

    Reminds me of the 80's when men really showed u they were really loved u