Tech N9ne - Worst Enemy Lyrics

You were supposed to be my dog
Homey when I first met you what was told to me was fraud
What a shocker an imposter, I been crossed I lost ya
My best friend turned out to be an enemy the sin in me hit me
No sympathy no empathy either, Homey I never denied ya

Nothing that you wanted women, I never player hated I hooked
You up booked you up from the beginning the sin in me had
Love for you shed blood for you when you wanted to dig
I dug for you nigga, But you a double crosser nasty hand tosser
I should've known you was evil, when you told me it was cool
For we to be sex fools when we under the steeple the retrieval

I'm trying to get my life back no more stopping women
From putting a knife at your cap remember when we were
Kickin' it bitches was giving everyday we did it in
Everyway, but the respect went away you got a mind of
Your own now you're grown now can I ask you a question
Did you forget we were kinfolk nigga we the same complexion
I'm stressing

You was always in front of me so I listened everyday
You wanted me on a mission I even let you have sex
With my lady like a g. infatuated with you and not me
I sucked it up; I got back with her you fucked it up
By letting her know I creeping around with every chick in the
Town buster, I should've known not to trust you

Listen I'm losing my life because of you
I lost my life because of you; I'm losing my wife because of you
I even had sex and a baby with that crazy bitch you introduced me to
Now I'm straight depressed, I hate your flesh
The fate was just, belate the Tech laid to rest
Every time you got drawls you made my
Poor little life fall nigga you got balls

You ain't never had a partner like me, real a never
Ever sold you pipe dreams personal yes it might seem
Nigga when you was burning, I went and got the doxcycline
Looked out for your health, and this is all the respect
I get hater your neck I slit but I can't cause I'm
Attached to ya and I don't know why sometimes I wish
You would just die

It would eliminate all this hurt maybe I could
Get up out of all this dirt you caused me so strong
Nothing can stop ya not even cerebral pawlsy I can't believe
It my best homey turned on me you must have forgot
We grew up together I'm thru life is over now it's
Nothing else to do point the finger and blame it on you

It's all because of you, you, you. I lost my girl, my world
Is upside down because I found you wasn't shit.
It's all because of you, you, you. Broke us into you untrue
Don't know what to do I'm talking to you, who?
My dick!

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Tech N9ne Worst Enemy Comments
  1. Ibrahim Allan

    I just hate when my shit gets hard and I have to bust to get it down. I only do it once every week or so

  2. Evil Dead

    Real shit lyrical genius

  3. B. R.

    Lectures are the high light of voicing. Voice me not. I think I’ve heard enough. Lol jk long lives T3ch N9ne!


    Sickest song by far ....

  5. MeatPopsycle

    I'm losin my life because of you
    I lost my life because of you... I'm losin my wife because of you...
    I even had sex and a baby with the crazy bitch you introduced me to

  6. Rocky Jerkic

    Never play this with shawrt around lol

  7. Michael Roldan

    Damn his homies a dick

  8. Og Wa

    I used to think this song was funny, now it fits my life perfectly, fuck.

  9. Aquarius Mayors

    Dang, tech nine is cold. I can't be his wife. He will end up somewhere that isn't good or I will end up somewhere that isn't good. And I knew tech nine like men because of how he treated his wife over him.

    Franky The Butcher

    Tha fuq u yakn about? Smh

  10. Jacob G

    I feel like Joyner Lucas gave a big nod to this song on his album with a song called Literally. Some exact concept

  11. That Boy Baka

    This song is real You have to think with your head and not your other head

  12. Brandon Bruner

    they put him and em against but you couldn't test two so lyrical logical makes no since to itself!!!!!!!!!!!!//

  13. Thomas B Kennedy

    lmao my favourite tech n9ne song

  14. Charles Engert

    you made my poor little life hard nigga u got ballz

  15. Wize Wolf

    this is dumb, sorry tech lmao

    Og Wa

    J Alan sounds like you ain't get no bitch's

    Trust The Shooters

    Sounds like you have a Hormone Defechincy


    What's unique about this song, is you never knew he was talking about his private part until the end, Lmfaoo 😂

    Franky The Butcher

    Naw, what makes it so good is you did..... u just didn't read into the clues close enough

    Alexander Yil

    True, I thought he was talking about one of his close homie he consider a brother. Until the end! 🤣

  17. Kumie

    That ending fucked me over so bad.
    I was in my feelings and everything until that part.
    Then I just started laughing.

    Liquid Sunshine

    right dude is genius for this

    Rabidus Official

    when i first heard the ending that's what made the song personal and got in my feelings

    D Ceased

    Judging by your avatar, your dick is also your worst enemy.


    he talking about his dick

  19. XIII FAS

    my dick! 😂

  20. yaboooy08

    fav tech song

  21. Kylebrumbach

    Story Of My Life.

  22. Kylebrumbach

    i thought you where my homie man... i guess not...

  23. hollie x

    so damn good

  24. Ryan Kirk

    lyrical genius

    hollie x

    i know and thats why i love him

  25. Victor Rivera

    Sounds like me

  26. Angel Gandara

    Even fucked that crazy bitch u introduced me.too