Tech N9ne - Too Much Lyrics

[Intro - Tech]
From the deepest darkest part of misery,
Never Seen before,
Never heard before
Talent beyond this world
Bow down for royalty
Tech N9ne the King
Krizz kali Bizzare
Kutt Calhoun the Prince
Too much to comprehend

[Intro - Krizz]
Its not implied for love for me
But anyone with eyes can see
I'm too much

Too Much for YA

[Intro Cont. - Tech]
Prepare for the ending
This is the pinnacle
All hail the king
Tech N9ne

[Verse 1 - Tech]
Aint nobody betta we comin clever than ever
goin head up with competitors and levelin em
We put em through the shredder we got the lever
To sever any bretheren who step in with the devil in em,
Im sick of everybody thinkin they ready for the work of a killa,
and feelin they iller not sayin a thing, got give it up the skill is incredible,
death is inevidable if you got trouble obeying the king,
I guess when I buss im too much for ya, I cuss when I must im to rough for ya,
Techa Nina when im flowing its a rush for ya,
Other rappers on the planet you a customer,
Cuz you buy it and bite on me, put your recorder right on me,
cuz you really aint the shit and you stuck in debris,
Now the people got the light on me I'm about to fight on the mic
and you know it aint nobody fuckin wit me,
Automatically haters be mad at me when I be rippin it,
Niggas get the trippin cuz im livin it up,
Got the industry in the palm of my hand and I promise I cannot offend a fan
when I say that im not givin a fuck, about the music and doin it and the people they ruin it,
when they miss it they be drivin me crazy,
I'm dif-fer-rent and the people they call me evil and devil imma let em see the level of animal it made me,
Cuz I dont give a fuck I just bust ya crew up, leave em in the dust and must chuck the deuce up,
Nina Krizz and Kutt we upchuck the new stuff, never can you touch or crush us we're TOO MUCH

[Add in - Tech]
Why do we even do it when you dont get it?
It's like beatin a dead fuckin horse,
Constantly givin you elite shit,
And only a handful of you get it,

Too Much for YA

[Verse 2 - Kutt]
Sayin that you want it, Im thinkin that we way to much for ya,
Set in the party we bout to raise to much for ya,
Dont be indigital we got to pay some bucks for tha,
Clarity and the entry to spray, Bbblah Bbblah,
However they want it imma hit em in this club, they can be the reason we done begun trippin,
Alot of them rappin noobs, a right in the rug rippers,
scrub niggas who got it trippin thinkin they thug niggas,
Heavyer mountain dew, Outta my bodily,
City of fountains, you think that you hard but you hardly,
Compared to a real brother, I swear theres no man other,
Cuz whether we live we see the weapon like dann glover,
Dangerous with east flow, Call me country like imma,
Inane a beast in beast mode,
And know you fuckin wit the mangle beast the sheets show,
And ill be mother fuckin bangin peace at zeaks show we to much for ya

[Ending - Tech]
Cuz I dont give a fuck I just bust ya crew up, leave em in the dust and must chuck the deuce up,
Nina Krizz and Kutt we upchuck the new stuff,
Never can you touch or crush us we to much,
Nina Kali and Kutt, aint nobody, fuckin wit us...

The End of Killer 1
Insert Killer 2

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Tech N9ne Too Much Comments
  1. Brandon Blaylock

    Nigga what?! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. PKKurdistan

    PKK is too much for you capitalist, sexist, rascist, fascists!!!!!!!

  3. Im Me

    this would be so good on the Black Panther soundtrack. facts!!!

  4. adrianna2288

    Im Athena?

  5. Charles Watkins

    KC stand up

  6. Alpha En9ineer

    that ending ftw

  7. vanessa yorgason

    my fav song of all time


  8. Mizzlez00 Mizzlez

    Luv this song when u play madden or 2k18 itz hype

  9. Delagodo130

    I would love to sign with strange music Kansas City to Compton

  10. Ridge Thompson

    Idgaf I jus bust ya crew up

  11. Waqas Mansoor

    The Real Rap God

  12. Waqas Mansoor

    DAMN DAMN DAMn i might be the biggest fan of tech :P .. this song never gets old man . its so fkin sickkkkkkkkkkkk .. STRANGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  13. Daniel Barron

    most underrated tech song ever. best concert intro song he's ever used too.

  14. Jones.Ben13

    Top 3 tech jams

  15. Pl8te Tectonicsss

    I guess when I bust i'm to much for ya..This song reminds me of King Kong!

  16. Tommy Beauchene

    Probably one of the best Tech a nina songs.

  17. AssAss1naTioN

    Bruh, just bruh

  18. Raghav Hades

    The last cell in my body just yelled, "Technician for ever!!!!"

  19. Marcus Little

    My theme song

  20. Q Horton

    the production on this track is one of the best I've ever heard.. ever.. not that tech and kutt dont rip it but you dont even need anyone rapping over this. it sounds like a score to an epic movie. and Seven didnt produce this.. it was some cat i never heard of. i can listen to this over and over.. the beat itself is "too much".. the drums, pianos, horns..the horns build through the entire song and it doesnt loop itselfover and over like a normal song.. ill just stop talking now because ill go on and on.. i already have lol

  21. David Lewis


  22. Vesia

    Bro I love this song

  23. Droke

    incredible flow man..... I N C R E D I B L E ! tech nina.

  24. david smith

    I still get goosebumps to this song

  25. Jones.Ben13

    kutty kutt

  26. JarvisDavisTV


  27. Jay Tip


  28. Cody Woodring

    I really enjoy listening to Tech N9ne and everyone he raps with!

  29. Thy Krow

    Fucking love some ol'school Strange....
    #StrangeMusic #TechN9ne  

    Uncle Paul FTW

    >implying this is old school strange 

  30. maxwell rider

    When I saw the K.O.D tour video, I felt kinda bad that Kutt Calhoun didn't have his own intro song, but it was still awesome when he did his verse from this song.

  31. maxwell rider

    i fucking love this song.

  32. Brittany Gunning

    How can Kutt not be with Strange anymore..... ?????!

    Austin Eby

    think about it..... he stopped touring, stopped makin albums, stopped everything. I'm not sayin im glad he's gone, I'm just glad he's doin good on his own

  33. CASTRO


  34. massakre01

    who is Aaron Bradley and how can I get ahold of him asap for some production?? not only is this the best beat on Killer.. this is one of the best arrangements ive ever heard in music period. you could throw this in the score of a movie like 300 and it fits perfectly.

    Curtis Brodigan

    you are nobody though?

    Q Horton

    lol yea.. and we've all heard of Curtis Brodigan

    Manple Wolock

    He didn't say he's known he said the other guy isn't and he should stay in his lane.

  35. Felipe Banks

    This song introduced me to Kutt Calhoun 

  36. LyricalLunacy

    tech on FIRE. The n9ne fires off verbs quicker then lead.

  37. Nikolina Janeva

    This song is just too shot. NEED MORE

  38. Justin Goldstein

    Best. N9ne. Song. Ever.

  39. 3Star General 3rdPott


  40. Kylee Strever

    STRANGE music. <3

  41. daniel blazing borruel

    But its too much for yall

  42. Andre96

    This song reminds me of some soundtrack from Turok

  43. Taylor Fournier

    Chorus, Then go hard like kutty did

  44. Abz Tariq

    How do you go after a verse like that?


    Abz Tariq if you ask me kutts verse is nice this song couldnt be any better

  45. Ayfo

    Everyone saying Anghellic and the rest of Tech's "Old shit" were his best albums
    But Killer is 35 tracks of pure fucking skill, need to upload more from this album, show the new Technicians just how amazing it is


    Volinz Ayfo his first couple albums just every songs verses had so much detail and story telling

    Alpha En9ineer

    35 tracks in killer??are you sure?there are 19

  46. vincentnavarro29

    Too much, too strange in the music for the dislikes, STRANGE music

  47. Khuzaima Mazhar

    this was too much for the 3 dislikers

  48. brandon L V

    tech 9 tech 9 .... yall sleepin on kutty, he killed it!!!

  49. FatesWatchingYou

    If Ya Catch Me Dancing in my Yard: Its Cause This Song just came on my Mp3 Player, I Move Moutains When The Right Music hits my Head...!!!!

  50. andrea kaber

    Cuz u buy it and bite on me, put ur recorder rite on me - cuz u really aint the shit and u stuck in debrise - now the people got the light on me, im about to fight on the mic, and you know it aint nobody phukkin wit me. *ugghhhhhh.. that shit ''goe's harder than the paint'' no lie

  51. Adrionizukasan

    Bou...fucking...Ya! u nailed it!


    I don't think any other rapper out these days could pull off a rap to this beat like these guys do.

  53. Andrew Valentin

    Epic beat and lyrics

  54. Nima T Productions

    damn this was on killer?

  55. brandon agugliaro

    one of his best flows!!

  56. embracedefeat

    One of his best

  57. Loas Tha Ghost

    This was MY FAVORITE off KILLER

  58. noname

    legendary part 0:00-9:00

  59. Sean Carey

    yeah, calling people faggots on the internet like a little bitch is exactly how people like tech make it big. youve cracked the code and will be famous in no time, congrats.

  60. VBL

    ahh when I worked at Target I listened to this overnight and people was looking at me like I was STRANGE!!!

  61. Ren Worthington

    and oh dear God, this isnt 99, white people rap, deal with it you dumb faggot

  62. Ren Worthington

    i doubt you even checked


    Killer was dope set new levels for n9na n strange n people who say anghellic is favorite are groupies point blank...their might be sum old skewl Kats who were on that level but slim to none... my more favored album isn't even techs (celcius) but i got him to sign it at VIP ..... but he never disappoints all his albums be monsterifikk its all about the N9NE!!!!

  64. Kishen Jagessar



    Lil ren you weak you melt pens kauz ur a flaming mitch


    Please put rockaby on youtube it was their weeks ago n months ago but i keeps getting pulled

  67. Dimitar Pencho

    One slut clicked on the dislike button... Hoe!

  68. Xavier Wilson

    Everyone thinks I'm weird because if an artist or song is good or even great I don't listen we'll because...they are mainstream and Tech is perfect for me. STRAMGEMUSIC

  69. cmatthewb103

    My favorite verse from Kutty

  70. Ren Worthington

    if you think i have potential with that- off the top of my head post just now-, please check out my channel, Strange Music is my fuckin goal man, but i know it'll be a while. still, help me move forward, check out "Ice Truck", "Deep Madness", "my "Spit Fast" series if you want the chopper flow, and try my "Red And Gold" upload with a beat. my newest shit coming soon, "Rhetorical" subscribe, comment, spread the word, im dope. say it aint so and you're lying through your tweets hoe.

  71. Ren Worthington

    fuck a regular ad i touch an unobtainable vast unexplainable chasm of plasma and spaz by gripping my pens they straight melt in my hand. im too much. to prove what. i do's too BOOM. fuck you if you refuse to check my channel cause i'll wreck your ammo and your ability to comment wen i willingly drop the illy shit i got cheh. i mean really compare me 2 anyone who posts their videos up on here, i mean those who are not known such as ShrekOSeven on yo nek my flo goes steppin my chords so relentless

  72. 8iG Z3k3

    When I first heard this song I wanted it to be longer still do

  73. AyfoZ94

    Everyone always says that Anghellic is their favorite album, and it is a fucking beast of an album
    But Killer has SOOOOO many.....well, "killer" tracks on it. Theres over 32 fucking tracks and just about every one of them is bangin

  74. Gage williams

    The people of the mainstream aren't ready for this. Let them wait :)

  75. WESTGH0ST47

    Im a rapper starting up my own independent label try'n to get my name spread a bit. Music means so much to me, all I want is to have my name known for what I do, I dont care about the money, i just want the respect. I want other artist & my fans to respect my music. I should have my newer/better tracks up soon but there are some older, pretty nice tracks on my channel
    So if you got the time check out my music on my page and drop some subs, comments, shares & likes! Much love to anyone that does!


    This track is fucking dope!!!!

  77. 10k subs with no videos

    This would've been better with a snare and hi hat

  78. PK Kaywood

    kutts chopper flow is sick! i wanna hear him spit like this more often.. hes still dope as fuck regardless though

  79. Anotha One

    use to be my fav song but its to hard to pick from him these days... he keeps evolving

  80. Gabriel King Swift Medina

    Tech N9ne is the shit Strange music has the best rappers and best music

  81. gorgeous00206

    Good Ish <3

  82. Granoz666

    one of my favorites <3

  83. MajorJayy

    krizz kaliko the zar, kutt calhoun the prince, all hail the king...TECH N9NE
    shit gives me goosebumps all the time

  84. umdima

    Jackin jaws is way behind get it right tech ain't mainstream mainstream goin tech

  85. Lord Rith

    Kutt's Verse isn't long enough.
    He really does murder on this verse non the less.

  86. Jackin Jaws

    Techs way too mainstream for you underground ass niggas!. DWammmmm

  87. igobycalum

    Techs way too much for you mainsteam ass niggas. Dwammmm

  88. JoteR1997

    Love that! Well... seriously like about 100 another Tech's songs :D

  89. 2damnhood4u

    I can see a video in my head when I listen to this song. Im from KCMO city of fountains
    I know this is a old one but still it will make a great montage. My video team ready to go hmu.

  90. Technishon

    yeah, killer is an amazing album.

  91. Turtlefoot69

    Fuckkkkkkkkkk Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Shout Out To (Strange-Music)And How Far They Have Made It!!

  93. stevedhenning

    Never heard this song before. I was missin' out...big time.

  94. Ego Trippin

    Love it, but still miss "Tech n9ne - paint a dark picture" or "Hope for a higher power". My favorites of the album killer ;)

  95. adubsgotbeats

    Fav tech n9ne