Tech N9ne - She Devil Lyrics

Sin with me I want you. She-devils in the house let me hear ya
(Hey) off top I gots to get near ya

[Verse 1]
Often they blow ya top watch when they hold ya jock
Shocked when the notch sold crotch and you lost composure
Soft for the ho's ya not stocked fulla roll ya walk for the
Hot shot wanna cop and do lots of dosha

She devil her greed level is hella high
Speed rebel exceed pedals with a devils eye
They call girl and strip they all twirl and trip in yaw world
They dip and all thorough and hip

Hustlers they sluts and drug smugglers
Money they double up throw that stuff up and bubble up
Best believe when I get ya I'm bout to strap it down
Cause wadatah Imma tippy tah on ya capitown

I go to have it now, TECH N9NE it's a habit
Got to stab it I'm savage hound
She devils are incredible out 4 thy dough
At her crilla is scrilla ex and tapes of Taebo yo

[Verse 2]
Today my wife left, I don't give a fuck bitch
That's why I'm paying you 150 bucks
To suck me and caniver
Let this diabetic dick touch your saliva

I take em blid and crazy 14 to 48
Every since we fucked I been coughing and losing weigh stink ho
Trying to creep bitch pick your son up
He been at school for a week

You fucking freak trying to get the best of me
Kidnap you ass leave you lost like really without destiny
You stank trick you suck dick Jason Williams
(What up!) Shoot this dirty bitch

[Verse 3]
This devilish bitch is so succulent
Taking a piece of my soul every time that I bust a nut
She's like a succubus a nymphomaniac laying me back
On a fitchy mattress cum stinking smelling like catfish

Still I hit yeah I did it her pussy travels it doesn't have a pivet
I remember when she was timid your scandalous ass
Taking the pastors cash got em on the sucking your tits
Snorting and passing hash

I still had to grab that ass had to laugh at stories
About you ragged ass-licking maxi pads, you dirty bitch
You used to be nerdy bitch
Now she's in the backyard fuck thirty pits

[Verse 4]
Now besides being on ex and regardless of having sex
We getting close to gellets just grinding to every kick
2 fingers up in her pussy my hands rubbing her tits
As soon as my wife push me her mans fucking a trick

(I don't care she know I trick) but she's starting to get hip
To it cause she's finding matches inside of my pockets
That say I strip which means I might get caught lose
Everything that I bought, the house, the kids, and the car I know it sounds Bizarre

But we should give her a call and see if she want it in that way
It's 3-way sex and we can all be friends
I know you've done it before don't act like you haven't whore
I'm bout to lose my wife I can't afford a divorce

[Verse 5]
Fucking with your pussy it's a handful you think
I'm drowning then you clowning
So basically bitch you're a damn fool and that's a given fact
Plus I remember back when you was young I could see 100 niggas thru your gap

And all of them was probably hitting that
That's embarrassing you're stuck with 30 children, 20 miscarriages
In and out of buildings aint caring who it is fucking newlyweds
Didn't mean to do it but you did slut

[Verse 6]
Devilish she's never to be faithful
Credit or fee it's better that she's tranquil
Even a apple my cock can unlock
The key to your asshole

Stop the plot do the freeze on my cash flow
Cock the gloc I thru these in the castle
Fresh outta school with a disease and a tassle
Ski's and it's natural you just my ho that's the reason you stack dough

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Tech N9ne She Devil Comments
  1. David Winfield

    Got me through every breakup.

  2. steven warne

    R.I.P Big Proof

  3. Jesus Christ saves from hell study the bible

    The devil is a deceiver who wants nothing more than to send you to hell for eternity. Follow Jesus Christ. We will all die and go to heaven or and hell for eternity after we die.

  4. Deja Porter

    Sick beat.. Technician for life 🔥

  5. brooklyn-rose jameson

    Well that’s exactly what I need all of it.💋👿

  6. Informative purposes only

    so ahead

  7. Silky Johnson

    Proofs verse is on another level

  8. Jamal

    "Often they blow ya top watch when hold ya jock, shocked when the notch sold crotch n u lost composure" , "speed rebel exceed pedals with the devils eye" off top i gots 2 get near ya

  9. Bloody Money Beats

    First tech song I ever heard

  10. music cartel

    Wow that's hard

  11. SDKFZ 251

    I like how are used Genesis from the Bible and his intro

  12. Garrett Lh

    good song but would have been way better if Eminem did a verse also on this track i still like it though :)

  13. Tyler Deines

    My cock unlock the key to ya asshole😂😂😂💀

  14. Lauren Nicole Ladd

    Why am I just now finding this song 😭 I’m so happy 💙

  15. Sergio Magana

    Whos still listening 2018

    Mic 369

    Sergio Magana all day dogg

    Grand TeddyWap

    Tech N9ne - Why you aint call me

    Sarah Hatchel

    Me... Old tech is the best!!!! Tech is the shit but the old tech just puts me in a different zone..

    Amanze D Mere aka Nej

    Sergio Magana I'm listening in 2019 Bitch!!!

  16. Eldridge Martin

    Sick shit

  17. Just Jack

    Man this combination is lethal..

  18. Brendan

    My middle school self was heart broken Em didn't appear on this song. Always thought Tech and Em had beef because of that.

  19. Vincent Castillo

    Sit with meeeeeee i warn youuuuuuuuu!!!!!

    Quentin Buetow

    Vincent Castillo - Sin with me, I want you ...

    Jesus, learn to read the liner notes, dipshit.


    @Quentin Buetow you're both wrong its sin with me I warn you...dipshit

  20. Nick King Televised

    This is a top 5 CD of all time. If She Devil had Eminem on it instead of D12, it would be top 3.

  21. Rae Sailus

    classical music of the 90's kids generation ♡♡ every time I listen to this albumin brings me back to high school drinking c Lou to it

  22. Mj Yates

    hell yeah tech for life made my xhusband fall in love with me

  23. Krazy Kas

    Tech needs to end on an absolute power 2 .


    Krazy Kas Tech N9NE will live forever.

  24. LiL KRiZz

    Is Eminem in this song? Or did he refuse to associate with any Juggalos? XD

    Jeffery A.

    Nothing of the sort. Tech & Em's schedules didn't sync up, so they weren't able to work it out - but it was planned, as Em was also supposed to be featured on 'My World' in 06, by Tech, but that didn't work either. Also, Tech is not a juggalo.

    Rockytree Vids

    J. A. He was also planned for so Lonely. Tech had him on Special Effects for Speedom, and is trying to get him on Planet, and Em wants a verse from him for his new album coming out in 2017z

    Freddy Jose Bonilla

    Slim n tech have a song together

  25. Marc Rios

    R.I.P. Big Proof. We need a or 2 of this for real. And also not many would agree with this but D12 should go with strange music.


    Marc Rios Even They're with Shady because Eminem was in D12

  26. hazwun $$

    The nostalgia bro! miss listening to these

  27. Anthony Gray

    Also the reason why strange music is such a sick company is because tech knows how to treat his artist n why wouldn't he we all know what he had to go thru to make it and someone finally give him that chance years he wasn't giving any love then finally now "blam check it strange one of the top record labels do it boy "strange for life


    Wtf did I just read

  28. Chthonian121

    How much for me and Kuniva
    Let this diabetic dick touch your saliva

    bizarre kills every one of his verses


    Yeah definitely not

    Krazy Kas

    More like kills every one of his songs. And not a good way. But he has his moments

    Darius White

    what y'all talking about Bizarre is the shit he goes hard on everything he's been on just about

  29. Nichola Wright

    My fave! Xxx

  30. Joe anderson

    Tech is the shit no matter what keep doing the shit homie!

  31. Joe anderson

    Tech is the shit no matter what keep doing the shit homie!

    William Walker

    Tech isn't better then proof.

    Shady Don

    +William Walker Word. #stillsearchingforjerrygarcia

  32. Dylan McGreehan

    damn i love that hook.

  33. Xavier Castro

    This album and everready are my favorite albums

    Renegade Nielsen

    Yep these are classics. I did like Special Effects a lot though

  34. Nichola Wright


  35. Official Briante Weber

    Why the hell is there D12, but no Eminem? Em was the shit back at this time.


    Probably because he was way busy on tours n shit

    Hayden G3

    Em kept out of a lot of D12 guest shit. His albums, tours, etc.

    Gabe Chaiken

    He was working on the Eminem show either that or encore but this came out in 2002 so I’m pretty sure it was the Eminem show

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    @Gabe Chaiken eminem show came out in may so he worked on it before, in 2002 he was working on 8 mile and the soundtrack and 50's first album

  36. John Eggers

    Original tech love strange all day