Tech N9ne - I Love You But Fuck You Lyrics

Damn, my brand new Benz
thinkin' bout my so called friends
and why should I make amends when they crossed the nina and sin
again and again and again.
I love em dearly, but hear me, they burn severely
I'm weary to the point that I really don't want not one of them, none of them near me
Did trust you, but whats new for real
Yeah, I love you, but fuck you for real

I love you but fuck you, I love you but fuck you
i love you but fuck you, kinda strange how you came at me
I love you but fuck you, I love you but fuck you
i love you but fuck you, things will never be the same with me

I love you but fuck you, I love you but fuck you
i love you but fuck you, kinda strange how you came at me
I love you but fuck you, I love you but fuck you
i love you but fuck you, things will never be the same with me

[Verse 1]
Met you at a rock show, November no Octo
Took pictures then locked yo numbers and then got low
Called you up a lot though, found out that you not ho
Several trips to my show, shot me with your cross bow

We used to kick it in packs, whites and blacks
triple stacks and fat sacks, we matched, we relaxed
to kiss but I never twist 'er, she wished for the better mister
I mixed the lady with my kid brother and miss, she became my sister

For a minute but then my lady started recievin' that snitch
by the nigga on tour, you wanna be the reason that split
You started believin that bitch in San Jose, you gripped what the damn ho say
You flipped like a man will stay, no trips, never sanjo pay

We dipped, used to play for you, even used to pray for you
never dap cuz you wanted to spit in my face, it was up up up and away for you
I hate this, I was real so why fake shit?
You lost her, so go fuck them bitches on myspaces


[Verse 2]
Every show was a different face, but these two were from a distant place
Followed my tour got a quick embrace, never woulda thought I had to give them space
Father and daughter, loved me to death, never cared that blood be the set
Just lovin' the Tech, shrugs in regret when I found out papa kinda had the husband effect

Everybody seen it, but I didn't believe it. Everybody got it but never did I receive it
His dream was for me to fuck Miss Thing
But she looked fifteen, baby girl was nineteen
But instead of givin' her dick I rather give her ice cream

Now I'm trippin cuz her pops just tried to auction her off
but it turns out he was knockin her off. I had to stop and I cough
Cuz that daddy turned out to be the boyfriend
Guess he was gettin him a little bit extra when he brought the toys in

Ya lied to me, did it fuck wit the Nina, sure it did
Ya'll made me question what ya motive is
Don't cry Ally, but my temper was flared and scared also
To see ya guess I'll see ya in the crowd like Where's Waldo


[Verse 3]
I love you cuz you married me when I needed therapy
Let me move in with you be my wife, you wasn't scared of me
But fuck you because you say, if you don't get a job today
better kick rock wasn't hard to say when you knew I rap my heart away

I love you cuz you sexy, love you cuz you beautiful
Love you cuz way back in the day, you thought that I was suitable
But Fuck You, you treated me, stupid and conceitedly
I wasn't very smart, but a genius you wanted me to be

I love you cuz you strong, I love you cuz your real
Because you forgave me when I cheated and popped them pills
But fuck you for bringin' up shit that happened years ago
Chances of us gettin back, its gonna take a miracle

You live in the past, I'm givin the gas and cash
How many niggas do that without you givin' the ass?
And I ask you what other nigga, would step up with the love to give her
G's in the house for you and the kids and even for your brother nigga

Enjoy the dough you get, cuz I don't owe you shit
You was unhappy wit me, so you split
You need to show me some love, ma, and I don't mean that I wanna fuck you
Just acknowledge me takin care of you because I'll, I..


[Tech N9ne]
Verse One, I ain't never spoke nothin but highly about you
but you gonna believe a bitch you never met, that's hardcore shit baby

Verse Two, I mean, ya'll lied to a nigga
I mean, that was foul shit you did, man
I don't know what the fuck your motive was
but it hurt me real bad cuz I trusted you motherfuckers

Verse Three. I Know I fucked our marriage up
But you can't live in the past
You either gotta let that shit go, or let me go

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