Tech N9ne - Check Yo Temperature Lyrics

I keep my temperature at 74 when I'm at the crib
And 79 in the winter time, thats just how I live
But when the homies call n say lets hit the town,
When we do them haters frown,
Nigga turn the heat down
I know we skip the line,
N bitches think we fine
I know you feelin drunk n tough,
But you best recline
You don't wanna get stained
Its pain in this lane
I'mma check they temperature,
They all up in my mix mane
Whuttup? Suckas!
Aint no lookin back!
I just wanna know,
Whut'chu niggas lookin at?

I just come to kick it with the bitches,
I aint come for you
If you really want it,
Yeah my homies got a gun or two
I take on every one of you,
Whut'chu wanna do
Don't forget I got this whole club on my side,
Trippin is dumb'a you

Stop, everybody, whuts that sound?
It sound like a hater bout to get the beat down
With the quick.
N why they wanna go n get me pissed,
When they know I'm with me clique
N a real nigga like mitch he's slick

On this Hennessy, sprite n lemon,
Fuck these niggas, invite the women
Bustas wanna insight the grimin,
Now ya gatta invite the crimin-als
Don't gimmie that bullshit,
Nigga dont gimmie no looks
Ya better get over the shit,
A veterin knowin'll pathetic
N let up fuckin ya hit me up cuz
So ya better snap ya fangers
And then rrock with it
Cuz if ya chops spit it
I'mma let somethin hot hit it
Bout a hundred somethin,
He looked like he wanted somethin
Remey had him beefy,
Now he look like a honey bun or somethin

AYE why they always gatta trip wit'cha
I'm mindin my bidness,
Now I gatta check yo temperature
AYE, playa hater man ya fixin' ta
Make me lose it if ya heated
When I check ya temperature
AYE Now I aint come to play games,
So why ya gatta go n make me check ya temperature mane
AYE N I guess we all gonn' bang,
If ya heated when I check ya temperature mane

Kick it
Stay fresh
Step out
In my sundays best
Bitches trippin
You'll get slapped
Hold up wait
Watchu bitches lookin at?
I'm callin askin
Why you askin bout me?
If for that liquor
She said cuz she spittin
New vics in a mix
Of tech n9ne and twista
Lip singing and chris at
?? at
Hundred grand
They spendin spend
Let louie v
And my womens wet

Who is she?
Cuz I been there
Who is he?
He aint a threat
Who am I?
KC Boss bitch
Watchu doin?
Tryin to snap back
A hundred degrees
I'm heated
Eat it
Like it was your dinner roll
You've never been a friend to me
Bitch betta check yo temperature

I'll block you like rocky on cocky
Catch a lotta bombs
Try to knock me from my heiarchy
Straight down on calasackis
These poppies like that seed that
Hung from over seas
We g's livin in that clipse so hard
That stunday is a stootin star
What the fuck you hoes stand for?
Knowin you all are some scared hoes
Make me start a girl fight
Betta check this bitches fair height
Blowin niggas I'm BeBe
See broke niggas I Skeske
I'll choke ya head
Beacuse see
They gon drop you like my cd


To tell you the truth
We havin a ball
There's bitches all over the place
To Tell you the truth
We havin a ball
There's bitches all over the place

There's bitches all over the place
Why is you niggas all up in my face?
I'm from the flipt a script
And start trippin on them like
Whatchu niggas lookin at?

I think these niggas might need some glasses
What they lookin at?
I poodle tuckin its tail
I aint ever been mistookin that
Plus I can read your game plan
Like my book of raps
Last nigga that tried it
Caught a ride n then he took a nap
Nigga sleep go night night
For fuckin wit niggas that fight fight
And some of you suckas be hatin
Cuz we shinin like some bright lights
Tee nutty your street buddy
Tech n9ne in the click
They betta act like they got system
Lookin at me n go get in a bitch
That nigga ??
Flipt a script
And my nigga bow down
Straight from cal with a .50 cal wow
Ask around and they tell you blaow blaow
Aint nobody trippin off of you
I jus wanna kick it and be cool
Half of these niggas are up in this motha fucka
Wanna be part of the crew
Cuz they know we do the fool
Go dumb and act retarded
Dont ever like the started
But you can be our target
If I lose it open your mouth
For this thermometer
But check a niggas temperature
Ridin off with your chick
Smokin bomb wit her


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Tech N9ne Check Yo Temperature Comments
  1. josephgamma85

    Been listening to tech nine since I was like 3 years old. This has got to be my favorite album from him. Hope one day I can be side by side with tech and spit bars with him

  2. Jake

    fucking classic

  3. Yvette Nakai

    Still my jam

  4. RFE145

    Who came here from talhah yunus

  5. Da MuffinmanOfficial

    Whoop whoop

  6. Kiana Dela Cruz

    Tech. You're rap style is really dope 😍

  7. Amanda Deshler

    Good band

  8. Rachel Thompson

    K. O. D. has always been MY favorite album!! Technician 4 life 💟 DEMONS😈😇EBAH

  9. Nah Mane

    Brooooo this came out sooo long ago mad af 12 got my cds impoundin my guys whip!


    #respect from Turkey !
    80k but a song to be valued.

  11. SyDiko

    This and 'let me in' are my all time favorite songs, these are fucking anthems... Tech you need to get at Young Fyre for more of these type of beats.... Or perhaps 7 and Fyre can collab on a beat or some shit lol

  12. David Lunceford

    no one can beat tech at making music

  13. max peterson

    K.O.D is Tech´s best Album...straight fire

  14. MiStErKamikaZe08

    his best album

  15. Jana Sellers

    Tech always drops awesome music. And his show in tucson az was amazing

  16. Everlost Nation

    Old but still🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Glenda F 1Trak Myndz

  18. PlanB 760

    that's right blood

  19. MrArrozConPolloJr

    Damn oldie but goodie! One of my favorites!

  20. Super User UI SpK

    Tech n9ne we need to talk. I am Lucifer. Add Lou Cipher on Facebook. My picture is a darkened image. I am the King of Darkness. Look at my Facebook, and write me!

  21. juggalo stoner

    2k likes in 3 days holy shit tech

  22. SmellyMellys GamePlay

    Funny they just now put it on YouTube, meanwhile years ago in his ALS ice bucket video, they played this song, ha

  23. Djordje Kosutic

    fck people opinion....stay strangeee!!!!!!!!!

  24. Cristian Frongia

    TECH N9NE💣💣💣

  25. mihr

    need a music videoooo

  26. Andrew Que

    Whatcha Niggas Lookin' At. I need to check my Temperature Cuz I'm Burning from This. Haven't heard this in a long time.

  27. Phil Hartmann

    Nobody's gonna mention that the features ruin the song?

  28. Danny Alonzo

    I need lyrics😍👌

  29. Brandon Cooper

    My phone caught fire listening to this. This a dope track though.

  30. Noman Baloch

    22 bieber fans disliked this...

    doing stupid shit till I die

    Noman Baloch nah probably lil uzi fans

  31. Jack Eckert

    stuck in my head im at least 30 veiws

  32. Mr.fuzzy

    Wooooow lets go tech you always on fire

  33. MagneticSnake

    love it ,;)

  34. Brandon Boydstun

    Why is this a recent upload if it isn't new?

    Andrew Que

    Brandon Boydstun, Because it's The Best.


    Bc they can and have the right too lol they use to upload a old song weekly basis but they been hella slacking lately

  35. Allentoob

    An awesome classic of techs work

  36. Mo Cunningham

    want my old shit just wait ill rerelease it on youtube.

  37. V.5 P.3

    Ugh.....DWAMN!.... it just can't get loud enough!
    Fuuuuuuuuu........turn it up!!!!

  38. Yuno iCy

    Tech n9ne the fucking god!!!

  39. FAT KILO

    Straight killin his shit as always. Midwest Love.

  40. Виталий АСД

    best rap aömbum ever

  41. ze kalanga


  42. random Family

    This is old New fans be like wow that's dope ahaha


    kid bcs i miss kod days even though i dont wish depression on tech ever again

  43. noneya fackenbuisness

    K.O.D 🐐

  44. Anton Klip

    Add Hope for a Higher Power!

  45. Burak Buyukunlu

    this is what i was waiting for today :D

  46. KJay Aka the guy in the gasmask

    Still going up... I like it

  47. eins zwei


  48. Колин Морис

    Еееебоу череп тащет

  49. Nini Skyrim

    KOD best album of Tech imo ❤️ So dope


    KoD was a good time and even better CD!

  51. Clipp45

    Tech you're old, not with age either. Gtfo. And re-release. Gtfo x99999


    Jordan McLeod you gtfo and tech can upload old music id he damn well wants


    DaTechn9cian You're old ass showed up late to tell me, already forgot about this! Lol now I get to come back and laugh at your cult leader some more. Mr 'Fuck the Industry' keeps making music for it. Old as sellout is getting tired I guess

  52. Nathan Grégoir

    Was hoping this meant K.O.D. would finally be uploaded on Spotify... I guess Tech's best record is too good for my favorites playlist

  53. Bobby Sandez

    K.O.D. album is love man,my fav,unique beats

  54. xPhlyt〽


  55. evan aldridge

    im not hating but i thought this song already existed


    evan aldridge strange music use to upoad old songs on a weekly basis but they been hella slacking

  56. Remnant Productions

    @werd2yamutha where you at fam

  57. Professional Face Puncher

    dude... just 8 years too late...

    is this a reupload ?

    don't tell me they didn't uploaded it when K.O.D released 😀

    anyways love ya tech ... one of my old jams.. right here ^S^

    Zach Purcell

    Professional Face Puncher you think Strange had a YouTube page in 2009? Lol wut

    Ethan Samplonius

    This youtube page has been up since 2008


    Strange music usually uploads old songs weekly for old fans to enjoy and for new fans to get a taste of his or another artists old music

  58. Nick Lozano

    Classic favorite song

  59. ThePokeTesla

    Just went through the whole album yesterday, how ironic. This my favorite tech album by far!!! ^S^

    Zach Purcell

    ThePokeTesla that's not what irony is. That's coincidence

  60. THE THEORY V12

    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. DaTechn9cian

    Upload industry is punks and now its on

  62. F.D.S. FromDaStreets

    :) -Anobodi

  63. Tc Kaan

    Another banger

  64. Z3LEN

    What a banger
    Love it

  65. Caramie Martin

    Tech N9ne❤️💋🔥⚡️🤘👑

  66. Brawny Mystic27

    His rapping is fucking awesome

  67. joker 72

    Now that's music right there

  68. Andres Cardenas

    Still one of my all time favorites!

  69. Rockzos party party fun time

    I miss this style of tech man, get back to the wicked shit, fuck the sellout rapping you been doin with tpain and all them Industry niggas

  70. J0WNZ33

    Like Simply Cause It's Strange!

  71. SmellyMellys GamePlay

    Hell yah ! Fire!! GOOD JOB TECH, KEEP IT STRANGE

  72. UniCloud

    Ayy. When your uploading speed is 1 B/s and you are uploading a brand new 2009 album song on youtube

  73. Deezo Oliveros

    Still one of my favorite albums of ALL TIME!

  74. Balloushop13

    This is the album I listened to that got me into Strange music so many years ago. At first I thought it was just me going through a phase, only now do I know it’s a core part of my life.

    James Williams

    I hear that. I thought tech was a phase. I am a metal head. Now I am into all strange music. It opened me up to hopsin and Rittz turned me on to yelawolf. I have a new out look for rap and hip hip. All there stuff is so much different than the shit rap on the radio. I have been listening to these guys on strange since 2010 now lol. Looks funny driving down the road in a battle vest with patches and bumping this shit. People do not know what to think lol.

  75. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    I'm lobN how deez classics just drop from outta nowhere 🙏🙌❤💣💥🔥

    #ItGoezUp #DIBKIS #MidwestKilla

  76. Wade Wilson

    9 ppl had their phones upside down and tried to hit like. Dummies

  77. Balloushop13

    This is still one of my favorites by Tech

  78. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  79. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  80. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  81. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  82. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  83. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  84. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  85. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  86. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  87. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  88. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  89. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  90. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  91. Melissa Chartrand

    thank you.

  92. Rens van de Water