Tech N9ne - Brightfall Confession Lyrics

I prayed that the light in me to not only be held inside of me
But free the wrong with the right in me
Because the demon I was, they won't confide in me

I come from a religious background being raised a Christian of Barker Temple Church of God and Christ
Also studying Islam from 12-17 after my Christian mother married a Muslim
Mom loved that I rapped, she wanted me to do it for Christ
But the worldly me began when I ran away from home at 17
And no matter how much better of a person I became
The worldly things I did would catch up with me
And try to pull me right back down

Right back down
Right back down
Right back down
Right back down

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Tech N9ne Brightfall Confession Comments
  1. Kris Krein

    tech n9ne is by far the most underrated rapper of all time. there isn't anyone even close in 2nd

  2. Big O 1503

    This is why i fuck with tech, hes an artist and well known yet he reminds us of our imperfections. Reminds us that we as individuals arent really fightin alone and tryin to fight temptations feel me. We all are fightin our demons..just on different plains. Technician!!!✊

  3. Frozzone Danielz

    My bad. One last time. Thank you. Tech 9ne.

  4. Shasolo 48

    Tech N9ne Illest artist alive. You can't imitate greatness. Real recognize real.

  5. Eclipse_Kid


  6. luiz francisco

    Tech N9ne louco muito bom este som,(number one 1000x) USA longa vida irmão você merece paz pra ti.

  7. Chicken Monkey

    Bravo Tech! I can't wait to come to the show today in Springtown! I hope to hear this! Fangars crosseeedddddddd! MO love homie.

  8. Zeekicus

    Damn, I didn't realize how much I missed Opera in tech's music

  9. Scott Matzeder

    This is "REAL TECH"

  10. Mikala Victoria

    Chris Webby would have made a beast feature on this.

  11. Tim kerwood

    My shit! My boy tech! AWHOO AWHOO AWHOO since 2001!

  12. Jamal M

    Love Tech N9ne's creativity on his albums.

  13. Hristo Del

    This is the best shit came out in 2018! Yate's mega-killing flow is back!

  14. Quinten Saija

    This is why I listen Tech N9ne!

  15. Questbot Mobile

    Fight the darkness
    Fight the light

    Be yourself

  16. MacRJ Arizona

    I'm battling the same shit. Fucked up in the head from all bad shit you ever done in the past and constantly battling those demons everyday just hoping you make it to heavens gates instead. This one gives me faith thnx Tech!!

  17. Twiztid Metal7

    I’m trying to make it where the other angles and God’s will be

  18. chickendeluxe1

    Best track on the album!! Straight up wisdom

  19. Adra Cadra

    Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. SmellyMellys GamePlay

    The main beat is STRAIGHT FIRE!! But the hook and church singing stuff is kinda too much. I really lost it there but the beggining beat is sick as hell

    Dillon W

    nah it makes it better adds to the story type telling

    Mark Faley

    I kind of agree but buddy above me had a point.

    Big Boss

    Tech has been incorporating choir singing since the start of his career, this ain't the tech from dominion, this is Tecca Nina, Unchained,

  21. Kissdacurb Marie


  22. Batuhan IŞIN

    This is the old Tech.

    Roose Lectum

    Miss it

    Terry Young

    Honestly sir. It never left. Just more elevation. ^S^ the world

  23. Ernesto Cadena

    K.o.d is back!

  24. Heather feather


  25. jj38733


  26. Amanda carriker

    Wow... never heard so much truth from tech on a single track

    Tyler Springstube

    Amanda carriker listen to we won't go quietly very truthful and relevant as to the 🌎 and America specifically

    Amanda carriker

    Lol I heard it yesterday as well... that's my type of music... serious truth... something the mainstream won't give you

    Tyler Springstube

    Amanda carriker good vs evil 1 n 2 by kxng crooked has some great relevant shit too I recommend u give those albums a listen crooked 's the dopest west coaster breathin


    Lol u missing out on alot of his stuff

  27. annmarie 33

    Love this track! He just stays killin it.

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