Tebbutt, Dustin - The Wolves (Reprise) Lyrics

Wolves are waiting
With Conand in a pick
Those feathers suffer
The soil of the thick
Lone surrender
The echo of embrace
And how I'm sorry
Give balance to the break...

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Tebbutt, Dustin The Wolves (Reprise) Comments
  1. Lucy Wear

    I feel like Dustin Tebbutt has such a gift for creating places and scenes with his music; somehow I can place myself somewhere with every song of his I hear. Love it. The whole world should be listening to this guy.

  2. Chooun

    that's the astre's music in backward

  3. Bruno Messias

    More a spectacular sound from this brilliant artist!

  4. Beyond Illusion

    To anyone still wondering about the lyrics of this great soung...found them in tabs.ultimate-guitar.com (congratulations to steampunkalien 511). Don't know if they are 100% correct, but from what I heard, they're pretty good.
    "Wolves are waiting
    with Conand (IRISH MYTHOLOGY) in a pick.
    The feathers suffer
    the soil of the tick.
    Lone surrender,
    the echo of embrace.
    How I'm sorry,
    Give balance to the break..."

  5. anikait passi

    i ate brains of dustin tebbutt and the vision led me here

  6. Mortem Gaming


  7. LMoneL

    how come this amazing song have only 25000 views?

    Law Sama

    people just follow tendencies.. not artists that are just a lil' bit known. but Tebbutt is a great artist.. so I have the same question lol

  8. Nothin

    This is an amazing song.

  9. Manal S

    Lowell and Livv :(

    Satguru Vashisht

    @Manal S Nothing's gonna happen! it's not like Oliver and Felicity...well it is like that but in this case, LIV is O-LIV-ER! ;)

    anikait passi

    +Manal S its liv and lowell 2.0 now :D

  10. akSam Tash

    I love eating Brains ;)

  11. JWCollection