Teairra Mari - Daddy's Home Lyrics

You ain't gonna get my attention
Baby I wanna get yours instead
I really wanna be a definition
Of making love, I wanna put you to bed

Yoy don't have to knock, don't ring no bells
I'm a float my bottom up in the air
To get you hot, 'Cause I know you oh so well
And when you walking, baby you gonna hear

Is me say Daddy's home, Daddy's home for me
And I know you've been waiting for this love in your day
You know your daddy's home (daddy's home), and it's time to play (so it's time to play)
So you ain't got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy

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Teairra Mari Daddy's Home Comments
  1. teflondonjuan

    Damn I used to luh dis girl

  2. Eli Cordero

    I'd eat and fuck her don't care if the food is burning

  3. Eli Cordero

    This must be old cause she put on weight but Teairra is beautiful

    Marcel Zachary

    She can lose the weight and i can help her

  4. magnifecent1swagg

    Something dis woman has never been... Uhhmm wats that word ?? O yea ORIGINAL!!

  5. missj Stephens

    Love this version

  6. Seba H.


  7. ThaReal Chuckc

    teairra mari is beautiful!!!

  8. Shuntale "Dionne Qunette" Williams

    Too Cute!


    eww calling him daddy , your a fool

  10. Harmony westbrook

    Damn her ass look good I wanna eat her pussy lmao

  11. Marcel Zachary

    I wish she was my girlfriend we would have a goodtime plus we can be partners forever SPEEDMACK

  12. Thul' Boy

    0:16 i would be all up in that

  13. Thul' Boy

    lol cosign

  14. NiaDijon1

    Yeeessssss! I am totally up for what "He" likes ;)

  15. Reut shaviro

    New cover "The climb" please watch and sub :)

  16. NextdoorAngel

    I do exactly that for my daddy...and he don't cheat or even think twice bout no other female(unless she's in the bedroom withnus;) ) luvin' it! #boss

  17. jasdeviel

    @ALLMIGHY100 Hell no, ti would definately go UP, like WAYYYY fucking UP! Cause although they be getting it from the wife, they still gonna wonder how the neighbour and all the other skanks be givin it too.

  18. Bailen Anderson

    This Bitch Badd!

  19. brescobree

    @AsiaFunki i know thats what im sayin...like most of these female singers kep promoting sex...like is that all they got? geesh #gettin old

  20. Jakjak garland

    Mmmmm muffins

  21. Shenise Nicole

    Tierra Mari can sing and she know she can too.

  22. tj slayer

    mmmmmmmm, love my choclate cakes hehe

  23. jdcool038

    is this a porno...?

  24. Roman

    She's make wanna go straight for.a second lol

  25. MarQuayla Smith

    No homo but she is beautiful

  26. ALLMIGHY100

    WOW!!!, if more women would do that, the cheat rate for Guys would DEFINITELLY go down LMFAO!!!!

  27. Back Track

    I'm her daddy :-)

  28. DoubleF100

    what the fuck she wearin clothes for?!

  29. misscomments

    she's soooo underated! shes gorjus :)

  30. MrExit15

    @vinthulan thanks bro. much love. lol

  31. InLKdream

    it sounds dirty and incestuous when she sings it maybe it's the video but i think it's her voice

  32. KoldKut752

    OMG I Wud Wreck Dat Chick-Brian Griffin Voice

  33. billy bumble

    shes hot but id prefer her videos not to look like lame soft porn

  34. SimplyAnne

    damn roleplay teasing and keeping it real AYYYYY

  35. gurtrud doodle

    well that was quick

  36. KILLU rom

    sne needs to stop working with worldstar cause they make her look like a hoe!

  37. Keith Shaun

    man tierra mari fell off years ago, and now she tryna come bak n do all these free videos....her career still aint no where...lol

    i'd fuqk her tho, no doubt there...just stop this singing, its not going no where

  38. raprap herboo

    did she just say "What's up pornstar?"

  39. Sadie Lynn

    lmao @ FLygirlhero tht was funny

  40. MrExit15

    @vinthulan thanks for the props nicca

  41. Dyamanti22

    I m not hating on this singer, but usually, U have 2 pay 2 C woman in their undies, like the for adults only magazines, internetwebsites and all that but this u get all for free? Where is this world going 2?

  42. alohasarahsd26

    She's beautiful but this video is tacky! Love Love Love her music tho

  43. caramelking0693

    this was sexy as hell

  44. Aroha B

    @1clypse This coming from someone black i suppose right? lol

  45. prose00

    I would fcuk the life outta dis woman!

    Marcel Zachary

    That's my girl you talking about.

  46. AshXCash23

    @dnb200 yeah, i remember that song. thats fucking sad!

  47. Sunshyne84

    @AshXCash23 well she did have a song called "No Daddy"

  48. AshXCash23

    this "daddy" shit is so corny and fucking GROSS!
    If you have a REAL relationship with your father...how could you EVER call another man..."DADDY"

  49. aljee20

    i want dessert now!!

  50. Ashley Swaggard

    @geekedup1983 makeup

  51. OniBear


  52. This Drink's On Me

    What an unrealistic video!

  53. James Wallace

    NICE! That ought to make someone's Sunday..even with them Cowboys with panties on today...

  54. RYG Motivation

    lol... with that look she proabaly does more milking than cooking in the ktichen

  55. Sassy Besos

    @1clypse that was his preference lOl

  56. highvoltage1217

    id buy her an ice cream cone and take her for a walk on the beach

  57. peazie p

    i wont to fuck you raw

  58. Joseph Robinson

    damn teairra u sexy

  59. wikedwun

    so fly she is

  60. marcus collins

    she is at the top of list of people I would mess with.

  61. Antking1117

    daddy's home

  62. Antking1117

    @BIGMACK01 yupe.

  63. RNICE5257

    i wonder who hittin datt lol

    Marcel Zachary

    I want to get in it.I need to sign up for the show LHHH season 7 Teairra is coming back

  64. kenneth reid

    im sorry this song suck need sumone else like youtube singers lol

  65. Johnny Derry


  66. Omar Pearson

    Shit got my dick hard no lie lolol

    follow me tho @_viaMAR

  67. lawnjacker

    love it!!!!

  68. TheKirby25

    tierra marie kan blow! & not 2 mention she's so beautiful-she's also slept on 2-she gotta pretty gurl face but a hood swag

  69. Raoulirshan

    she is soo damn sexy

  70. 1clypse

    @MonkeyshiaCole I ain't HATING On Shit. All I'M saying is all women Are very beautiful. But BLACK women Are way prettier Out of all of them. Teairra is proof!

  71. Tri naa

    @whosteo Just cos she's beautiful, DOES NOT make her mixed.
    look at that azz it's as black as black, she aint mixed... i hate how everyone thinks just because someone is a bit light or because they have good looks it makes them mixedrace... MIXED RACE ISNT ALL THAT THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!!!!

  72. Tri naa

    @1clypse ur just a self hater then loooool

  73. 1clypse

    @MonkeyshiaCole Check the page. I am black dummy.

  74. Tri naa

    @1clypse ur just jealous cos ur not black loool!

  75. SimplyAnne


  76. bigbillyz

    I get turned on when she makes food :)

  77. KittyNakafima

    damn, this video and song on point! i was gonna do a remix to his song as well, but imma scrap that, teairra did a MUCH betta job ;)

  78. whosteo

    yall dum man she obviously mix- we gotta lotta of em down in the "H" and black dont always mean bigger. Good job baby gurl!

  79. Always.Akila

    @BIGMACK You are right BLACK WOMEN ARE THE Best looking women heard! Screw what you heard... We da BEST!

  80. Rob G.

    I wanna you to say Daddies home if I meet u & I wanna give you sex therapy, lol, but seriously

  81. lisfine

    @jossie305 i disagree.

  82. YoungBlade1

    damn, teairra mari can get it

  83. Babybooty321

    lol yuh go "Modeltypn", yee i would say da sme thing. aint nuttin wrong with sexy . Love the video

  84. Lola Ma'rie

    damn ilovbe her lolsz what a sexy hot comeback

  85. Merrisa Meda

    @Kingjd87 So if a girl can't sing and she's "beautiful", then she's automatically good? Please...
    Also, I am not a "bruh" as you refer.

  86. Kingjd87


    Your probably gay! Any str8 man would see her beauty first bruh!

  87. Kingjd87

    Baddest chick in the game!!!!! She's sexier than Beyonce. real shit!

  88. Евгений М.

    I Love Love this Girl

  89. Thul' Boy

    hands down they are untouchable i mean you have different skin complexions,body types,etc CANT GO WRONG!!!

  90. 1clypse

    @BIGMACK01 all Woman of all Nationalities are. brah NOT Just black.. but they got the bigger You Know what! ; ) though, In all the world Of woman Out of all races, All shapes And all sizes can't mess with Our black woman's shape and figure of the hips and the back bone!

  91. Kishan

    damnn shes hot

  92. jfactor05

    Well damn....welcome back Teairra

  93. NaturalBeauties ByVee

    @BIGMACK01 :: I know thats Rite... ;-)

  94. Shada60


  95. Nisha W

    ha! she gotta make a comeback somehow, right?????
    beautiful voice...classless video

  96. jae bandz

    damnnnnnnnnnnnn she sexy and bad and freeky after any guy hear dis he gon wanna be her daddy

  97. datswassup07

    she's fine wit clothes on...aint no need in wearin only panties she sexy regardless.

  98. toocut3