Teairra Mari - Automatic Lyrics


I got that automatic, (automatic)
That ready rock, (ready rock)
And you can have it, (You can have it)
But it might get you high then a mu...
Might you high then a mu-fa...

[Verse 1: Teairra Mari]
I got that automatic,
The super good,
I know you wish you had it,
That coca-ina,
Have you feelin' like an addict,
I got that lean,
I'll have you walkin' into traffic,
And you so hot,
You need that push,
And this ain't regular,
Baby this here is kush,
A sour diesel got you goin',
When you wake up you'll feel like an eagle in the morning

I got that automatic, (automatic)
That ready rock, (ready rock)
And you can have it, (You can have it)
But it might get you high then a mu...
Might you high then a mu-fa...

[Verse 2:]
I got the cherry cola,
With extra ice,
I got that A-1 yola,
But if you want it,
You gon' have to get your dough up,
And if you ain't got money,
Don't even show up,
And I hear you braggin' on your dick,
But you'll be jones'in once you get a hit of this,
You'll be feinin' when you want me,
Used to be a balla now your just a fuckin' junkie

I got that automatic, (automatic)
That ready rock, (ready rock)
And you can have it, (You can have it)
But it might get you high then a mu...
Might you high then a mu-fa...

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
Dear Teairra why these bitches so mad now,
You know the went and put my flow up in the madhouse,
Just left the courtroom, yup,
Me and my co-dezo,
We got them sniffles,
That make a nigga nose tickle,
Anyway I'm nice, you know my price,
I'm such a d-girl, fishscale,
So they think I work at SeaWorld,
Now you the pussy cop,
Cause I make this pussy pop,
If you throw some ice up on it,
You can have this pussy pop,
Aww, suzuki, ride him like my suzuki,
You know my coochie, got him lookin' like pookie,
I'm such a diva's, number one dick pleasers,
Nicki's been hot since she's been rockin',
A-dickdidas, didas, didas, didas, didas, didas,

Au-Au-Au-automatic, (automatic)
That ready rock, (ready rock)
And you can have it, (You can have it)
But it might get you high then a mu...
Might you high then a mu-fa...

Higher then a mu-fa...
Higher then a mu-fa...

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Teairra Mari Automatic Comments
  1. Nafari Speaks

    2020 🙌🏽

  2. Briana Faulkner

    Ughh this song stayed on repeat!

  3. BIGBOOTY caramelFREAK

    Yess still bumping.♥️ injections doing trick$👙🍑🍑👠👠♥️😘

  4. Tia Dwana

    Still 2019

  5. BrittanyBeauty Lovie

    2019 🔥



  7. C. Worthan

    2018 still bumpin

  8. micdork123

    hmmm. aint this lil kims song ....?


    micdork123 supposedly

  9. love di choreo

    She hails from Detroit right?

    Kayla Martin

    love di choreo yeah

  10. sassuhsass

    Kim saying this is her song how come her version has never been released? All we got is her daying it is


    sassuhfrass93 Exactly! Thank you!


    this wasn’t what she was talking about lol

  11. Laketra Campbell

    But it might get u hi than a mug might get you high than a mu-fu

  12. Gossip KoooKie

    lil kim is so underrated .. this is her song .. and this gold diggin whore stole it

  13. michelle manansala

    Guys did u see the word dick

  14. Denise M

    Best hit she has!

  15. Anerdi1

    I just realised this song is about her hot pocket lol

    Bri Mc

    Anerdi1 or as my grandma calls it "hotplate" 😂

  16. immamake youmybiishh

    i use to love this songgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    BrittanyBeauty Lovie

    Mines too

  17. Don't press your Luck

    Zzzzzzz BORING!!!!

  18. Don't press your Luck

    Zzzzzzz BORING!!!!

  19. Alan Versace


    Sonya Shorter

    I uni vx uh x gnome cf bf

    Chris King

    Not this one another song called automatic that's on Nicki second album is what Kim is referring to.

  20. Emina B.

    Nicki's part starts at 2:27

    Mahogany Johnson

    Emina B. 😂😂😂😂

  21. B Lefèvre-Abdulsamad

    this song should got more airplay

  22. CrazyMBfan24

    Adick-didas really lol

  23. Ashley Smith

    Cool My Song

  24. Honey Cocaine

    Une TUERIE

  25. austin devine

    I can't believe the creators of Magic Piano had the balls to give Nicki Minaj more credit then Tearria Mari this was not nicki's song you A holes she was just featured for a couple of minutes

  26. Tyler B


  27. Belle Perez

    Worst song Eva

  28. destiny dominguez

    I luv it

  29. Kears Ray

    i got that auto

  30. Kears Ray

    this song is so cool

  31. Cutie Teanna

    Number 1 d... plesears. Nicki been hot since since she been rockin adi-didas!!!

  32. Chelsea Point

    You know Lil kim came out with this music before this ho came out. I don't believe this is a good song for her. She totally stole this style from Lil Kim.

  33. beyonka jones

    fuck what everybody say nicki minaj is the best

  34. Mia Taylormade

    Love this song

  35. sydney marie

    sawg #realtalk nicki gose hard

  36. Orvel Hill

    1 Lil Kim+Lil Kim Fan's =10 Dislkies

  37. Elise Christodoulou

    When i hear nicki's 'Uh' i know the songs just about to get hard! :D

  38. Isabel Sinha

    Omg!!!! So amazeballs

  39. syncta4

    Her new Automatic is way different @[email protected]

  40. rawrbro69

    hahahs he said ride em like a suzuki

  41. Brittany Golsh

    i freakin luv this song

  42. Brittany Golsh

    i so agree with you lol

  43. pokerflush1000

    @babygirl61489 This was "supposed" to be a single from her new album, but due to too many leaked songs she had to re-record new songs for her new album and re-name her new album too.

    But anyway due to what I just explained above she just threw this song on an official mixtape called "Don't Make Me Cause A Scene"

  44. Unstoppable994

    luv dis song...replay!!!

  45. HoodSocialism

    @anteriquius she only has one cd? #stoplyinghoe lmao.

  46. Keshaa Cross

    @anteriquius u make no since

  47. Keshaa Cross

    1 person dnt have that automatic , they got that manual labor lol.

  48. GOLDEN270

    diz song go hard den a mu..fa... llol

  49. alison tomilson

    its alright styll

  50. Gina Brown

    this video okay but it aint all that u can do better

  51. misskeke265

    i love it

  52. Joshua Barr

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. jadia lewis

    i love this song!!