Tea Party, The - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Lyrics

"I thought that you had it all, seen it ten times before
thought that you had it made, (??)
I love slow, slow but deep
great temptations wash over me
You build me up, and then tear me down
You play the fool and I play the clown
we keep time to a big slave drum.
You raise my hopes, and then raise the odds
You tell me that I dream too much
and now I'm living in disillusionment
...I don't believe you anymore....
I don't believe you"

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Tea Party, The The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Comments
  1. Kaiser Frost

    This is fucking terrifying.

  2. Antonio Riopelle

    151 people do not have ears

  3. Chance McGyver

    This has a very door's kind of sound to it

  4. Fabrizio Casula

    Where the image of the video came from? It's like a too brave man and an angel who he's still not worthy.

  5. Luca Bianchi


  6. Jurij Vinogradov

    Dead Can Dance was is the bedst group ever, till åz

    Jurij Vinogradov

    Til Btendan i Liza ne rasstalis

  7. pumasgoya

    Now for those if you with a good sound system, listen to it in it. This is one if the best sound recordings ever. I'm glad I've seen them live.

  8. Jurij Vinogradov

    Some the best song of dead can dance,sinse.Brendan vupustil 2 solnika

  9. Lazy Brat

    My boyfriend at the time took me to a gothic night club in San Diego. It the first time hearing this

  10. bckm54

    while i've seen references to this group, i've never checked them out until now. What's the best song for a newbie to listen to? THANKS!

    Travis Creswell

    I wouldn't dare make a suggestion but my first album of theirs had this song on it and many others that I really liked. "Into the Labyrinth" Soak it in from start to finish.

  11. llahmitswr

    The last few lines of this song always make me cry like now as I type this.

  12. Leslie Intriago

    This song puts me in a trance.... Brendan Perry's voice is my spirit animal.

  13. Mike James

    what a voice on this guy , i love it....

  14. coquijean

    still here 12/2019....wish i was in the middle of a moroccan outdoor supermarket

  15. Kevin Serrick

    This goes out to the girl who introduced me to the band. You helped me take the proverbial blinders off. You opened my mind up to new experiences, I will always be thankful for that.....Simone....

  16. PacoGooseflesh 6610

    *At the Tree of Knowledge with Francisco Gausser* THEATRE' de VAMPIRES
    A poet, celebrity, writer, or musician bares their soul. They are like Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden. They become tempted by the serpent and soon discover they are naked. It is the only way to get a decent social measurement, though. They all bare their souls and they cannot tell a lie. It's important, therefore, to use as much cookery as possible when writing. They're like the mathematicians and exist in a conceptual area, not of reality or fantasy which allude to the ancient political arguments, while a mathematician alludes to ancient taxation and city planning. Sure, historically based verse exists in a darker corner as does impersonal comedy and tragedy about someone else...it is a fig leaf, at least. You cannot speak or write in a completely 3rd person. It alludes to the writer as a 1st or 2nd person anyway. Thus, remember your pseudonyms, rhetoric, and make-up because they are like clothing.

  17. Jeanne R.

    Meu corpo não se contém ouvindo esse som...faz parte de mim, me possui.❤

  18. Vanessa ButtuhFly

    Hauntingly Brilliant! Fell in love with Dead Can Dance in 1991!!!!

  19. ima aka


  20. Klaus klaus

    Coole Nummer

  21. starliangel

    Accidentally found this song on YouTube, thank you and love it, Dean Can Dance is my favorite.

  22. stephopal opal

    As she road his shoulder they called ~ the bird..She flew away..so we continued to sing..hope you are good Laurie A...Withyour suitcase on our porch I looked out..I let my hair Down for you to climb the 4 stories within the forest◇ StephopalOpal NOLA..Love and Respect

  23. S Yarbery

    Kind of the story of my life!

  24. PacoGooseflesh 6610

    *The Theologians of Blood*

    I am your
    laissez-faire children
    I am your
    bourgeoisie normal
    I am your noblest
    king villains
    I am immortal!

    Their gifts of blood
    replenish me...

    They're thieving
    admonish me...

    I am immortal!
    I am immortal!

    I am their
    revelations imparted
    Their seclusion and
    I am their
    sacrificially departed
    Their delusions and
    sensory appealing

    I am immortal!

    -f. Nienow

     *A Dark Monastery:*

    A Victorian of the
    skulls, jelly, and
    strength in
    of pathogens and
    diseased blood

    a dark monastery
    a poet’s blood

    digging bodies
    the idiot-man-child
    a parent of sheep
    and cats

    skills that never
    ceased to call
    the immortalist
    a butcher killing
    takes them all
    their nature's so

    -f. Nienow

  25. Ximena Pizarro

    My best song

  26. beeblebroxx42

    Dead Can Dance have been an ever present part of my life, always there when I need to escape for a little while.

  27. Aghos Invictus

    I love this song. Dead can dance has so many great pieces and I love to listen to it while I dro. While this is one of my absolute favourites in drives me crazy that I can't name one of the instruments. The one setting in right about 0:06 It sounds like a string instrument played with a bow.. and has a feel close to a Sitar .. but it sounds still so different and Iconic. A lot of Pupculture used it as a cliche in their soundtracks for desert / arabic / orient bits. Can anyone help me out ?

    Aghos Invictus

    Or a really deep and monotonous HerdyGerdy

  28. Michele Mendolicchio

    💚B❤️🙋‍♂️Y. T. MUSICA, ECCELLENTE!!(TOGO) 💙
    V. V. B. 💐

  29. Jaime Ray

    Jim Morrison spoke to me through this music.

  30. Orpheas Nestos


  31. Dan J. Boyd

    The same year as Undertow by Tool.

  32. Ernesto Moran

    I loved this song when it first came out. Just captured my soul!!!

  33. Javier Joaquin Aguilar

    Soundtrack to a lost decadence......
    An old slave


    Totally. Dark goth clubs early 90s.

  34. Jason Block

    Such amazing music! Sadly last year we my lost my husband Mike passed suddenly 15.5 yr together! Only 37.When this music is played loudly in our room is like he spings back to life right in front of me!


    I hope this season is treating you alright. Best wishes, buddy.

    Carla McCujo

    I'm very sorry for your loss.

  35. Silvana Santos

    Simplesmente maravilhosa✨

  36. Peach World

    A lil bit faster sounds rather cool as well

    Peach World

    Someone should make a remix version :D

  37. Rodrigo Mežs

    Duvido que alguém goste mais dessa música do que eu.

  38. James Fruin

    Still classic.

  39. Mike Hadji

    This song is the epitom of Journey in your deep thoughts!

  40. Jerald Dean

    Name of artist and piece? It's beautiful. I do thoroughly enjoy these guys, too

  41. Nada Nagy

    That's Dan Hiller's Artwork, one of my favorite artists

  42. Peach World

    I am in love with this

  43. Pau Campos Gálvez

    I'm listen in 2019 and I Love it, yet!!


    *ahem* 2020 here

  44. Gia See

    my life in a song gave and gave

  45. minagelina

    I love how they combine elements of both Indian (tanbura and tabla sounds) with Middle Eastern (the shenai sound and melody styles.)


    Their all sounds from the Emu Proteus 3, a sample playback device of the time: 1993-94

  46. David P

    1994, discovered this wonderful music.

    Honky McHonkface

    Same for me.

  47. krzysztof parzybut

    kupiłem tę płytę w pirackim wydaniu w okładce madonny na dworcu w szczecinie,coś do słuchania na drogę.obudzili mnie na białorusi

  48. roswel29 choubak

    un bon gros petard ....et tous va bien ...

  49. Chris Pettingill

    WOW! I've done some really bad! I mean fun stuff listening to this song 20 something years ago...
    This is definitely one of the most erotic songs ever made!
    Into the Labyrinth is definitely up there with Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack, and Tricky
    As far as sexy music goes...

  50. Fabedog9


    Robert Metzger

    Wow !! They played this at a strip club ??? LOLOL mustabeen a hot dance !! LOL

    Albert Nguyen

    A strip club?! That does not do either this song OR DCD any justice!

  51. tonio

    his warm, smooth voice leads me in another place and time

  52. Rex Waters

    my mom introduced me to DCD

  53. Imre Orro

    kill a lamb make a food

  54. Tanksty

    I believe that this song is about a woman who leads on a man, but ends up rejecting him, read the lyrics with this idea in mind.

    João Ignacio

    I've read somewhere that Brendan wrote it about the acrimonious break up with Lisa....

    Dan Tanna

    Well, it also somewhat summarizes the plot of "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" (1965) episode of Danger Man aka Secret Agent. But, don't take my word for it :)

  55. The Skoolmustard

    What a haunting picture

  56. Boca Boca

    the living can dance to dead can dance

  57. Kelly Tenney

    But its my temporal space. Who put other obligations into certain laws anyway. Remove transfixed for temporal travel.

  58. Katoru XIII

    good how i love this one

  59. Didier Dorin

    quoi dire ???? c'est extase pour ceux qui ont les oreilles!

  60. David Murphy

    I feel sorry for those who cant appreciate DCD and envious of those yet to discover them.

  61. Jovan Townsend


    You build me up then you knock me down.
    You play the fool while I play the clown.
    We keep time to the beat of an old slave drum.
    You raise my hopes then you raise the odds
    You tell me that I dream too much
    Now I'm serving time in disillusionment. <3

  62. Kelly Tenney

    What is a domestic graveyard. Is that like...or not.

  63. Juliano 2017

    which is the source of the image, please?

  64. Gregory Stone

    DCD got me through some tough times and many tears....truly vivid, soul penetrating and thought provoking music. I own every album and in these times, I think it's time to queue them up and do some soul searching

  65. Patty patty

    emozione pura

  66. Mario alonso alvarez


  67. A Cosmic Castaway

    This song and Ulysses are my DCD favorite.

    Leonard Simonis

    i agree, and i love cantara, The Arcane, Ocean, In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated and How Fortunate The Man With None as well. idk if you already listened to their new album dionysus, but it is great. it is not like their other records, and can be only compared a bit with spiritchaser. but i love their new sound, cause that means they still love to make music for fun and not with the need of money.

  68. Kelly Tenney

    Jump then whatever

  69. Amy Neff

    I thought that you were the one, in darkness, my heart was won.....

  70. Крымский Партизан

    not bed

  71. mare g

    This picture is amazing... The song is extra-amazing..

  72. Mario Looney

    Timeless track...

  73. William IV Borges

    I have found it, again.

  74. AuT0maTe1

    got a massive jim morrison vibe this one

  75. Edu Moreno

    Hola alguien sabe en que cd esta esta cancion.


    Travis Meeks brought me here. Awesome

  77. Omar Pena

    I could be wrong but the year is 1994 when this came out

  78. Jean-françois Bertrand


  79. Walter Reed

    Brenden Perry’s voice sounds so much like, Jim Morrison, at times that it’s chillingly eerie; but surprisingly comforting.

    Laura Radtke

    I feel like that about Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan too.

  80. jeshua vdbliek

    Going tru it...this music is beautiful and helps smooth the pain..

  81. Wertheim Consulting

    This is the stuff of film scores.

    Dan Tanna

    In fact, the title comes an episode of Danger Man aka Secret Agent.

  82. Walter Brown

    When in san Francisco check out club death guild monday nightz

  83. Clyde The Bulldog

    91X brought me here.

  84. vanga alata

    please, name of image !!

  85. my playlist

    I feel as though I'm in a trance! Very hypnotic!

  86. James Abrams

    In my deepest and darkest times I listen to the deepest darkest music...Dead can Dance and The Cure

  87. Zombie warfare

    O my...after a long relationship breaks down I hear that song here since years...iam listen and iam crying.............

  88. Raquel Neder

    Great song! I used to dance belly dance with it :)

    kat Just for today

    Raquel Neder this is a great song to belly dance too!

  89. Piperitta Patty

    Better than LSD

  90. Sampath Kumar

    Wow haunting music!!!

  91. Patty patty


  92. Emlaeith Bane

    So much rejected passion by lyrics. Not to mention oh holy damn seductiveness in composition. The song will be forever a must in my music list

  93. Kevin Swanson

    For Anastasia Michele Truex in Hayward California.... I tried my beautiful sweetface girl but could not overcome 26 years of abuse with only 2 years of the truth and with love. I will miss you forever and love you longer still.