Tea Party, The - Can You See My Tears Lyrics

Can You See My Tears No Lyrics. Can You See My Tears If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Tea Party, The Can You See My Tears Comments
  1. Kathy Miner

    All I can say is WOW! Why has this not been released on a cd?

    Harry Jamm

    I dunno….but I figured it was too good to keep to myself :) Glad you enjoyed it and Thanks for watching!

  2. cbilan34

    *Throws $100 into Jeff's guitar case...

  3. cbilan34

    OMG! I have had this as an mp3 for years but never saw a video clip! This is RARE, and truly a shame it was never released. Thank you for this!

    Harry Jamm

    Glad you found it 😄 I don't really advertise the chan much, but there are a few other rare things there if ya dig around

  4. Coldacre

    this is brilliant. a lost classic

  5. Benjamin Adler

    WTH is this?!?!?!?
    Never heard OF this song.

    Harry Jamm

    Don't think they ever released it


    Was never released...only reason I used to know it was I got it on a bootleg way, way back when audio tape bootleg trading in their shows were still a thing...never quite forgot it, no clue why the hell it didn't get released...easily as good as their other album songs