Taylor Swift - Permanent Marker Lyrics

I know he loved you
A long time ago
I ain't jealous of you
Just thought you should know

You were never good enough for him
Or anything like me
So you might as well sit back
'cause I'm not trying to show maturity

"X" is the shape I drew through your face
In permanent marker
Oh, yeah
Just like the mark you knew you were making
Who do you think you are?
To write on his heart in
Permanent marker

I found that picture
Of you in that green dress
Sure had a good time
Cleaning up that mess

He found 30 other pieces
But he'll never find them all
Tried to tape it back together
Now he knows to keep it off the wall

"X" is the shape I drew through your face
In permanent marker
Oh, yeah
Just like the mark you knew you were making
Who do you think you are?
To write on his heart in
Permanent marker

And I don't appreciate you calling him to reminisce
The only reason is you're seeing how much better off he is

"X" is the shape I drew through your face
In permanent marker
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
Just like the mark you knew you were making
Who do you think you are?
To write on his heart

"X" is the shape I drew through your face
In permanent marker
Oh, yeah
Just like the mark you knew you were making
Who do you think you are?
To write on his heart in
Permanent marker

In permanent marker

Oh, permanent marker

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Taylor Swift Permanent Marker Comments
  1. David Arroyo

    I hope she put this song on her upcoming rerecording Fearless album😂😢

  2. florensicfiles

    interviewer: what do you use for your eyeliner?


    florensicfiles lmao she’s actually done it before 💀😂

  3. judimitri

    taylor swift being the regina george as she is

  4. Ayezza Duterte

    \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Oscar Avalos

    Hi Taylor Switf 😍🐍😎

  6. Oscar Avalos

    Hi Taylor 😍😍😎

  7. ellie_gouldfish

    this song is fun but im glad its not part of her discography cuz... yikes

  8. Ben Turton

    my girl is a hardcore Stan

  9. Jayde

    Kinda weird to hear debut era taylor set to reputation era pictures lol

    Billie Jean

    Ikr lmao

  10. Mark Jensen

    Pretty cool song keep up the good work Taylor

  11. Shaun Grace

    If it wasn't for her get inbetweens, stopping her truest artistic talent (thus making her stick to fancy nancy (mostly) songs), she'd have been an even bigger star

    Still. Bigger than most but did she ever peak. Na na na na..

    Big X plus egg on face plus whatever else a man fears from a woman totally hit mark in this song. Tops work to you

  12. smilesyoufake13

    Okay but the contrast between fetus Taylor vocals with a her southern twang and the images of badass 1989/rep era has me shook

  13. ian green

    X oN mY fOrEhEad iS exactly wHaT I wAs thinking I nEeDeD oN mY hEaD sO ThAnK YOU AnD I'm gLaD iT iS pErMaNeNt cAuSe nOw eVEryTiMe I lOoK aT myself I will tHiNk oF yOu mY one aNd only rEaL tRuE never yOu wHo cHaLk o LiT I aDmIt Without yOu I aM jUsT nOtHiNg aNd pOo that iS yOuR cUe bLeD fEw U grew fOr To pROvE yOu rIgHt I always LiE ANd cHeAt wHEN I fIgHt yOur jUsT tHe mOsT righteous SiGhT that i'Ll forever lOsE tHe fIgHt aS LoNg aS yOu GiVe mE some oF yOuR sTrEnTh WhItTs aNd FiGhT I nEeD yOu aNd yOUR blinding bRiGhT LiGhT eVeRyDaY aNd eVeRy NiGhT Without yOu TaYlOr LiFe iS sTaRk yOu aRe definitely tHe sPaRk aNd even mOrE DeViNe tHaN tHe cOvEnAnT aRc I WiLl SiT StILL aNd jUsT pArK yOu sHoW mE tHe LiGhT oF tHe dArK iMmA a bEaSt MaRk yOuR more thaN jUsT a bArK yOuR tHe oNe KiLlEr oF tHe sHaRk wOnDeR WoMaN BiGgEr fASTeR aNd stronger tHaN KeNt cLaRk superman lArK…..I cAn'T bReAtH Without yOuR LoVe pLeAsE bEe yOu mE tRuE four wHo!!!:D...

  14. Tayla

    Is this released?

    Lily Hayes

    Tayla no

  15. Morgan Miller

    It gets 100000000 times better when you realize she wrote it for one of her brothers exes 😂

    Sanjvi Anand

    SHE DID ?!! LOL

  16. Kyle pope Pope

    She needs to yell WHOO in her songs someday.

  17. Crowdle

    Miss her country styled songs

  18. sato yu

    I have never listen to this song of Taylor. Lovely song ♡

  19. KontauriC07

    you should've used Tay, debut/Fearless era photos

  20. rudra ghatge

    never knew this song existed..!!!!!

  21. Prince K

    I want to listen to R. e. v. e. n. g. e


    @Prince K I actually found it too right after I left that comment, so I have it now!

    Prince K

    @Julianna oh that's great :D Now the thing that we have to wait is 4.26 😂😂😂😂


    @Prince K Yesss I'm so excited I can't wait

    Ivan Clark

    @Prince K ohhh nice to know you have it alreadyyy <3

    Prince K

    @Ivan Clark yes... I love this song so much... ❤️

  22. Emilie Crohan

    Is this new or old??

    phönixfeder _

    Very old

  23. Sugar Rush

    If Taytay will release a random cd which all of her unrelease songs are in, I would buy it

    Julia The Swiftie

    Oh, me too 😍

    Lovely Mendoza

    Oh me too

    Fista Dewanti

    Same. I was student when she released her old album, so i was poor and could t buy it. And now i have worked and mature i can buy all of her album if i want. And i prefer her old songs. But i still love her anyway

  24. rany tan

    I thought this is a yet to be released song

  25. Kinley Dem

    So nostalgic

  26. Meteor Garden Swifie

    Taylor Swift: X is the shape I drew to your face in permanent maker
    Me: X is the shape I drew in your name in permanent maker

    I think is letter thank you My Sherona

  27. Maddie Harbeck

    isn't it 'through' your face, not 'to' your face??

  28. Meteor Garden Swifie

    Permanent maker + Getaway Car = Taylor swift

  29. Luna Sofia

    Pls upload don't blame me, getaway car,king of my heart original sung by Taylor swift

  30. Meteor Garden Swifie

    I think Taylor Swift's favorite letter is X
    Getaway Car
    Permanent Maker
    What album is the Permanent maker

    I think is reputation i love this channel


    It's not from an album, it is an unreleased song. It was meant to be on Fearless though

    Julia The Swiftie

    @Bamlamndiqmz whyyy didn't she Release it 😭😭


    @Julia The Swiftie I think she got the idea of Forever and Always and decided to put that on Fearless in place of Permanent marker. I guess it was probably because Forever and Always was a bit better written and fitted in a bit better

    Julia The Swiftie

    @Bamlamndiqmz yeah i love Forever and always but permanent marker is Amazing too 😢


    @Julia The Swiftie yh I think they both deserved to be on the album, I think permenant marker really showed her fun and goofy side whilst forever and always showed her songwriting skills

  31. Meteor Garden Swifie

    Great channel so beautiful 😍 like the other channel with colored pictures of Taylor Swift i think you draw great job

  32. Savannah Chism

    I was just scrolling through my feed and I saw this and I just about s*** myself because I used to listen to this song all the time when I was younger and I totally forgot about it and the minute it came on I still remembered like all the words and still love it as much as I used to I'm so happy I found this right now

  33. It’s Daniela Dude!!!

    Is Taylor going back to country?!?

    It’s Daniela Dude!!!


    Potter Swiftie

    There are theories, but we don't know yet. I hope she will though.


    I fr hope u dont fucking think this is a new song

    Anna Stasia

    This song is pretty old

    Javed Gujjar

    Trml fail march

  34. tannistha ray

    thanks for the lyric video

  35. carl Straight Up

    Thzt right they will never figure me out. I will always be in that head believe that 💪🎤

  36. Kalpana Yadav

    Can you please make more Taylor Swift song's lyrics like I know places..



  37. Aphtastic_ Lycan


  38. Anselmo Alves da Silva

    I find it incredible how Taylor succeeds in all her sincerity in the songs she makes ... this is her main differential for the others ... that captivates us ... and more and more ... always.

  39. Jessica George

    Permanent marker ❤️ love this song

  40. Shubhra Tripathi

    Yo people!!!! 2019??

  41. J Edwards

    I wish this was the whole song. In the full version, she has a bridge and says:

    "And I don't appreciate you
    Calling him to reminisce
    The only reason is you're seeing
    Just how much better off he is."

    But, she only sings it live... 🙄

    Michael Forbes

    In the live version ; is it cleaning up or picking up... that mess

  42. Christian Santiago

    :X is the shape i drew to your face in permanent marker.

    :X marks the spot where we fell apart, he poisoned the well, I was lying to myself.(getaway car)


    Lovely Mendoza

    Omygod we are thinking the same thing

    Celestial Venus

    ...And there's absolutely NO connection between the two-

  43. Ronn Roden

    One of my favs

  44. William Kuebler

    Great song

  45. Alison Rhodes

    I can't find this song anywhere except youtube siri doesn't even know it

    Ronn Roden



    It's a leaked song, you gotta download it from YouTube if you want it

  46. Evelyn Greer

    I wish she would release all her old unreleased songs, this was supposed to be on Fearless but in a last minute decision she put Forever & Always instead, yeah this song isent extremely proffesional, it’s fun and has good & true lyrics, I love it! Yes Taylor, if you release an album with old unreleased songs like these it would go Platinum!

    Bianca Ace

    Evelyn Greer fearless only has thirteen songs on it (not counting the platinum edition) she should have kept this on fearless and put forever and always on it. Or at least put this one on the platinum version.

  47. Dan Swift

    can u check my last cover please <33

  48. Lyoko Warrior

    Wow,great job ^-^

  49. madison -

    Omg thank you!!

  50. Esther T

    How u find this unreleas songs

    RawRage Sam

    Just be really into Taylor, u can find all her videos easily within 1 week hahahahha yea mad fan here

    Shivam Kumar

    @RawRage Sam then can u pls help me with all too well 10 minute version.

    c .k

    @Shivam Kumar nah that one is a lost cause

    Shivam Kumar

    @c .k I Know that dude 😂😂😂.
    But he was bragging that he can find all the video.
    So that's why I asked him simply to provide me all too well 10 min version.

    Shivam Kumar

    @c .k I Know that dude 😂😂😂.
    But he was bragging that he can find all the video.
    So that's why I asked him simply to provide me all too well 10 min version.

  51. Elicia Garcia

    My favourite part has always been “you in that greeeeen dress” because green is the color of jealousy, for those of you who didn’t catch on.

    Nozzle Life

    That's appropriate.

    Cat Raisor

    @Nozzle Life *Envy

    Nozzle Life

    @Cat Raisor jealousy is better in this case.

    Shatima foeman

    Your. Name is. Elicia. Garcia


    Shatima foeman and? What does that have to do with anything? Cuz it kind of rhymes? I’m confused lol 😂

  52. Grazel Sangma

    Who came before 0 likes??

  53. Srijena Guin

    Do more videos like these💋thanks💓💓