Taylor Swift - One Way Ticket Lyrics

Standing on the border
Looking out into the great unknown
I can feel my heart beating faster as I step out on my own
There's a new horizon and the promise of favorable wind
I'm heading out tonight, traveling light
I'm gonna start all over again

And buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
See how far I can go
Cause I'm gonna go out dancing in the pouring rain
And talk to someone I don't know
I will face the world around me
Knowing that I'm strong enough to let you go
And I will fall in love again
Because I can

Gonna climb the mountain
And look the eagle in the eye
I won't let fear clip my wings and tell me how high I can fly
How could I have ever believed
That love had to be so blind
When freedom was waiting, down at the station
All I had to do was make up my mind

And buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
See how far I can go
Cause I'm gonna go out dancing in the pouring rain
And talk to someone I don't know
I will face the world around me
Knowing that I'm strong enough to let you go
And I will fall in love again
Because I can

Well, I have walked through the fire
And crawled on my knees through the valley of the shadow of doubt
Then the truth came shining like a light on me and now I can see my way out

Buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
See how far I can go
Cause I'm gonna go out dancing in the pouring rain
And talk to someone I don't know

Buy a one-way ticket on a west bound train
I'm gonna have my breakfast with some pink champagne
Gonna sail the ocean, gonna spread my wings
Gonna climb that mountain, gonna do everything

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Taylor Swift One Way Ticket Comments
  1. Marta Jestem

    I really adore this song

  2. Marta Jestem

    so good music

  3. wes wells

    So shes 12 does anyone actually have proof like a video bc this sounds live and i wanna see it shes so adorable :)

    Sarah-Louise Davidson

    Yeah she's 12 but it was recorded in her living room by Mama Swift (Andrea) when she had her guitar & microphone in her living room (I'm from Scotland & I don't know where you are from but it may be called something different where you live). It is unreleased even though Scott Borchetta actually asked her to re-record it to put on an album (Probably 'Taylor Swift' her self-titled album) because he loved it. She should have though! I absolutely love it!

    wes wells

    @Sarah-Louise Davidson me too I love everything about Taylor swift :)

    Swiftie_ 567

    Wes Wells this is when she's 9

  4. StoneOak

    baby Taylor Swift singing but it's a LeAnn Rimes song

    Swiftie_ 567

    StoneOak no

    Swiftie_ 567

    It's Taylor swift song she wrote it

  5. Toñi Brecia

    she has written the same words on her songs all her life

    A. Lu

    I don't know what you mean by that. She's a great lyricist. Also, this song isn't even written by her. Leann Rimes originally sang this (I don't know who wrote it) and 9 to 12-year-old Taylor Swift covered it when she was trying to get any performance opportunity she could get.

    Toñi Brecia

    There are this things in most of her songs:
    -phones, windows, flying, names, months, trucks, pictures, rain, dancing, tears, towns, black dresses, blue jeans...

    Not You

    +Toñi Brecia LOL, it's general we found in country music.


    I've noticed too😁 like 2AM, rain, 13 etc

  6. Denise Fantuzzi

    3:08 Taylor is putting her hands on her ears to not hear her voice pitched like this! hahahaha

    Sarah-Louise Davidson

    Actually this was when she was 12 so she did have that voice which is amazing, especially for a 12 year old. Scott Borchetta actually asked if she would put it on an album (Possibly/Probably 'Taylor Swift' her self-titled album) because he loved it but only sing it again when she was signed to Big Machine Records, which she should've! I LOVE this song & it is not 'Pitched' at all because it's an unreleased song.


    Sarah-Louise Davidson This song is a cover. She didn’t write it

  7. Addy Oroz

    it does not sound like taylor


    @Addy Oroz ITS FETUS TAY DUH


    @Addy Oroz oops I didn't realize it was on all caps sorry hehe

    John Dominic Escapular

    It was her when she was young

  8. tylor mcmullen

    She Sounds Like a Little girl....


    I heard she was nine when she recorded this.

    Ashley Horton

    because she was a little girl....

    Jeremy B

    She was a little girl

  9. Fern Bohen

    This isn't Taylor...

    Joanna Gonzalez

    She was eight when she recorded this

  10. Kaylee Allen

    this is taylor i can tell i heard the unpitched one

  11. Tia Best

    Im a bit oncfused is this taylor?

  12. sunlion910

    Darlin', just 'cause you think it's Miss Swift singin' doesn't mean it is. This is pitched LeAnn Rimes

    CJ Burlinson

     http://m.imdb.com/name/nm2357847/trivia     here's the mix up and the catch 22 thesong is Le-ann's but the one on here is Taylor they were both in the same competition when Taylor heard it...link will explain.



    CJ Burlinson

    heres the proof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Way_Ticket_(Because_I_Can


    @CJ BURLINSON ...Right. Thanks.

    Hannah Elizabeth Roberts

    CJ Burlinson
    I know one thing about demos they say demo, t.swift is one way ticket demo by Taylor Swift, it also says ....tswiftrare
    It's defiantly LeeAnne Rimes singing this song very early copy but I have cd and it's this song.
    Not Taylor Swift.

  13. Hannah May

    She was 12...

  14. imangel kasumi

    its sound cute

  15. Jamie Raesly

    She was 12

  16. makayla haid

    omg she sounds sounds so diffirent one the first one to now


    May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and unutterable Name of God be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored, and glorified, in Heaven, on earth and in the Hells, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen. Holy is His Name.

  17. Heck Jayne

    For a twelve-year-old this is pretty good.

  18. McKenzie Stewart

    I mean...comparing LeAnn Rimes who was like nearly 20 when her version come out to Taylor when she was 12...yeah, okay.

    jessie logsdon

    McKenzie Stewart Leann was 13 when she realeased this song dummy

  19. 07awb

    It's a really happy, uplifting song..and her voice is so young, of course it's not perfect but then she was only a kid.

  20. Jaime Williamson

    LeAnne Rimes is the original Singer... she does it way better!!!!!

  21. horsecrazy2266

    Pink champaign. Really taylor? Lol

  22. Alyssa McDonald


  23. Fallowfrost

    Taylor is the best singer EVER. All you haters BACK OFF. If you don't like her, why are you even listening to her song in the first place?! Go back to the basement and continue playing your lame games!

  24. Steph Halvorson

    @hayweed1987 1- she was 11. 2- the pitch is increased because otherwise it would get taken off. 3- she is a multimillionaire and you're probably sitting on your couch in your mothers basement.

  25. Taylorswift31ily

    Did she actually make this song up?

    Amanda McDowell

    No. This is leann rimes song.

  26. catparade812

    This is so cute: Taylor was so young, but she sounded amazing, though. And I bet she looked so pretty :)

  27. ManicPixieDreamGirl

    oh please go to the songs YOU like and stop being mean to fans!!!

  28. rascalflatts1992

    Hayweed shut up she was 12 I think she did great her voice wasn't fully matured

  29. Larry Franklin

    At 12, the talent was already in place. Her voice matured nicely.

  30. Amelia Hender

    To think such a cute adorable voice became the worlds American beauty

  31. Faith Miller

    taylor sang this better

  32. Phoebe Ashmore

    *Rimes. Yeah, I was thinking that when it said all right to Taylor because LeAnn Rimes sang it originally

  33. Sam0ra

    Ehm, I think I got it from google? ahah it was a long time ago

  34. Jen Hen

    I love T-swift. But this is Definetly Leanne Rhymes' song...

  35. Maria Wigley

    haha, i was thinking, "this is NOT taylor swift, who dungoofed?" but then i read the comments. she has an adorable voice ^_^

  36. Lisa

    Really like it

  37. Chun Xing

    I typed One Way Ticket and this came out as the top result instead of the original One Way Ticket song.

  38. Taylor Murchie

    Well she is taylor swift

  39. Taylor Murchie

    Wow im 13 and she was ten times better than i am now

  40. AarzooBingBongBoo Hamid

    she was 12 when she sang this
    her voice hadn't yet 'matured'

  41. Annabelle S

    This is Taylor Swift when she was younger.

  42. STRIPE82199

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333333

  43. readitrox13 readitrox13

    ah...yea it is-she is just a lot younger here

  44. readitrox13 readitrox13

    love you now...would have loved you then<3333333

  45. carlyjump

    uhh yes it is she was 12 so she sounded different

  46. Narain Sahu

    it is beauty.

  47. Lee Bee

    She's amazing!

  48. Jaime C.

    This is not Taylor swift

  49. LRnowayout

    Good cover and sounds incredibly cute LOL......has she done anymore LeAnn covers ?

  50. Allison Devlin

    they should do an album with all of her songs she did when she was little

  51. Rowan Meep

    even was incredible bak then. amazing. I met a guy from a recording studio once n he said for me to name my fav singer. I said Taylor naturally, n he said if I kept working, I could become as popular as her! I could hardly believe it. mind u I'm 13

  52. xbabygirl02x

    Um, this is actually LeAnn Rimes song not Taylor Swifts.

  53. ObsessedWithEverything

    Aw, Tay :') Even at twelve you were such a good singer, and had such a cute voice too! :') I doubted I ever sounded like that when I sang at twelve ;)

  54. Jess

    no...I don't think soo

  55. Sighitssam

    @syudell84 this is completely random but we have the same name haha

  56. Fairy Roset

    how dare you!

  57. Julia Maddalena

    Little Tay... 11 years old and having breakfast with Pink Champagne... LOL

  58. VLoLa9119

    taylor was atleast 11 while recording this and not 6 as someone on here pretends...

  59. VLoLa9119

    she was 11/12 not 6!!! .......... so somehow you're insulting her when you think she's just 6 :D lol

  60. nicole h

    @CinnamonChoc 6 !?? oh my gogamagog she is epic !

  61. nicole h

    i love the picture of her in the tim mcgraw photo shoot !

  62. Echoes Of River

    @audreyswifters I don't know why, I think part of it is to mess with me.

  63. Audrey Jones

    @Pumkinheadedgirl What?!?!? why???! my dad LOVES taylor swift!!!! :P

  64. Olivia Karschner

    ha! in that one pic. it looked like she was covering her ears!

  65. Cristianna Saporito

    @babyp9797 it's taylor...she did go far..lol

  66. Echoes Of River

    @TgicOlivia Yeah, guse I did. Opps

  67. luvpeacehopehappy

    honestly, this does not sound like taylor swift

  68. jennifer lister

    WOW that is amazing for some1 so young

  69. Jade

    @SouthSweetTea I knew it! from the begining when i first heard it i knew she was 12 but then i read comments sayin she way 6 sooo thxx!!

  70. SouthSweetTea

    @jadeann4499 it's 12 because she started making demos at 12

  71. SouthSweetTea

    @DemonLover930 12

  72. Jade

    O.M.G im sooo confused was she 6.. or 12?? uggh so many ppl say shes 6 but then others say shes12 make up ur minds!!

  73. Scott Zaccagnini

    This song was written by Keith Hinton and Judy Rodman. Not Taylor.

  74. Scott Zaccagnini

    Taylor did not write this song. It is a cover of a Leann Rimes song. Good coverr though.

  75. Inge Wagenaar

    en hier is ze 12!!! echt vet knap!!!

  76. SarahMNorris

    Everyone is dissing her because they're used to how she sounds now, this song is back from when she was still in high school, so stop the dissing and start apresiating. :) :D :P

  77. Finley Hopkins

    she's covering her ears too !

  78. Pranjoli Sonawane

    26 who dislikes this song are kanye west

  79. rosemary

    @CinnamonChoc shes 12

  80. Ashley Barber

    This sounds so cute! haha(:

  81. Jade

    @fstarz2011 thats fine and at first i reall did think she was 12 soo thx.. im right lol

  82. Rose Carmella Peck

    ^-^. Soooooooooo goooooooooood ^-^

  83. Rose Carmella Peck

    @Pumkinheadedgirl MY DAD said that too!! he just dosnt like country. Its stupid.

  84. Rose Carmella Peck

    shes alitttle high but still... SHES SOOOO GOOD!!! isnt she a little young to drink champane and sing love songs though?

  85. DarkLadyvanStar


    Not really...o_O

  86. DarkLadyvanStar

    How can he even think that...? =O

  87. DarkLadyvanStar

    Unbelieveable...o_o You can hear, it's a kid singing...but VERY good...o_o

  88. Jade

    @CinnamonChoc She was 6 when she sang this?!?

  89. Meg Briggs

    yeah tay-tay thats what us swifties call her!!! god you people! could you sing this good when you were little?

  90. Olivia Stier

    @vanessacoleman1 gee thanks .

  91. Echoes Of River

    Just thought the people that say she was 6 when she sung this, is wrong. She didn't start singing karoke until she 12 or 13. NOt hating or anything, just hought you should know.

  92. Echoes Of River

    My dad says I'm wrong for liking Tay Swift, I tell him he's wrong for NOT likeing her.

  93. ilovebubblegum57

    kinda obsessed with this this song right now!

  94. Brittany Vestal

    She sounds better here then she does now.

  95. Hi_ImAndi

    Adorable <3

  96. Kristen Farmer

    @CinnamonChoc i think its cute. i know i wasnt that good at six but i was gud lol.

  97. Leo Q

    this really is her when she was little

  98. Olivia Stier

    carry on tay-tay ^-^

  99. Kelly Griffin

    @stephanie00stefania This is Taylor.

  100. Kelly Griffin

    It is Taylor