Taylor Swift - Me And Britney Lyrics

Me and Britney used to sit on the front porch drinking lemonade
Talking about things no one else was ever supposed to hear
In the summer shade
She said she was gonna be a movie star
And I said she was crazy
Catching dreams and fireflies in a jar
Just me and Britney

Oh, oh
We were babies, we were beautiful and free
Oh, oh
There was nothing that was out of reach
For me and Britney

She never made it to Hollywood but she made it to Memphis
And this little old town just hasn’t been the same since
That boy she went ran off with, well I thought he was crazy
Maybe I was just jealous that he'd come between me and Britney

Oh, oh
She was in love, she was beautiful and free
Oh, oh
She was always so much braver than me

When the phone rang in the middle of the night
Before she said a word I knew it was her
She said I’m sorry for waking you up but I didn’t know who else to call
Or where else to go

Me and Britney sat down on the front porch
Talking about love and how it changes things
Changes people and it changes names and everything but me and Britney

Oh, oh
We’re not as young, but we’re still beautiful and free
Oh, oh
Even when we’re old, we’re still gonna be

Me and Britney sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade
Talking about things no one else was ever gonna hear in the summer shade

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Taylor Swift Me And Britney Comments
  1. Denilson Alv's

    Quantos anos ela tinha nessa música?
    Dá pra perceber pela voz que ela era bem novinha

  2. Meghan McGinnis

    Just a fun heterosexual song about a totally hetero relationship

  3. Orah Dy

    this honestly sounds like she have a crush on this britney. innocent crush.

    Terraynah Allen

    Orah Dy Really? Seems like pure best friends imo.

  4. Selina Sunay

    this is very gay

    Taylor Sw1ft Stan

    Taylor swift and Britney don't care, they are in love

  5. Maria Ilza

    Britney Spears?

    Fanny Jo

    Maria Ilza it’s about one of Taylor’s childhood friends, Britney Maack

  6. • Ghost •

    *Linda música*
    *Mas não entendi a letra*

  7. Dwayne Roberts

    I’m sorry but lucky you the lucky one lucky does no 1 see the connection - I’ve always thought the lucky one was about Britney Spears and now I’m even more certain

    hello !

    Dwayne Roberts This isn’t about Brittney spears. It’s about her best friend, Brittany Maak.

  8. Siwar Bou3bena


  9. Florencia di Marco

    Im loving this so much. How old was she when she wrote this? Is so innocent and cute!

    jamie christian

    Florencia di Marco ik your comment was 10 months ago lol but she performed this when she was discovered at 15 so i’m sure she wrote it around 14!

  10. 熊熊 熊熊

    This is actually a pretty close concept to Fifteen. I love this. An amazing song.

  11. musician 1122

    this is a good song i never knew that taylor had some unreleased songs i thought that Avril Lavigne and Paramore were the only two Artists that ever had unreleased songs, i guess i didn't do more research than i should have.

    Priya Asthana

    musician 1122 Taylor swift has a lot of unreleased songs ..you can check em out :)

    Alexis Ford

    Taylor has *a lot* of unreleased songs

    Elizabeth Alvarado

    Actually there's a lot of stars out there with unreleased songs

  12. Jay -

    I'm sorry. . . I'm a swiftie, so don't take this like I'm a hater. . . This is such a white girl song. "Me and Britney." 😂😂😂 it's a good song. It's catchy. But it's such a white girl song. It reminds me of white chicks. Lol.

    Alexis Ford

    One of Taylor's best friend since birth is named Britany Maack

  13. Love Music

    Obrigada! Gracias por la canción, thank you so much!!!

  14. Frolle Bøffsen

    that boy she ran off with she just got married to!!