Taylor Swift - Look At You Like That Lyrics

There you are
Standing there looking like you don't know what to say
But I know that face
And here I am
Bracing myself for what I know is coming my way
What a waste

For all of that time, I thought you were mine
Was I just kidding myself?
Letting it go and loving you so
Don't you dare tell me not to look at you like that

I'm gonna look at you like that
I'm gonna hang my head and turn my back
To your sneak attack
If it's the last thing that I do
I'm gonna make this hard on you
While I look at you like that

Don't you say
That we can still be friends, it doesn't work that way
The end is the end
And don't you dare think
That I'll pack up all my tears and take them home
And cry them out when I'm alone

I'll do it right here, I'm crying right now
You come and you can watch me crumble down
That's for breaking my heart, so, baby, don't start
Thinking you can ask me not to look at you like that

I'm gonna look at you like that
I'm gonna hang my head and turn my back
To your sneak attack
If it's the last thing that I do
I'm gonna make this hard on you
While I look at you like that

Don't you tell me to be strong
Or make it harder than it has to be
After you are gone
You'll remember what you've done to me

'Cause I'm gonna look at you like that
Gonna hang my head and turn my back
To your sneak attack
If it's the last thing that I do
After what you put me through
I'm gonna have to let you know
How much it hurts to let you go

Oh yeah
Gonna look at you like that
Look at you, look at you, look at you
Like that

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Taylor Swift Look At You Like That Comments
  1. Bastian Skræddergaard

    I L❤️VE you

  2. Alan wimper Vera franco

    Hermosa y aremedona esa la canta amara ella es mejor

  3. vas man

    My favorite song

  4. Khalid Juaksan

    Trashinola can't relate'

  5. Isabelo David Ramones

    Who's still searching for Easter eggs at this time?

  6. rich harjan

    I miss this Taylor country stylr

  7. rich harjan

    I like so Taylor to curly hair and old Taylor she is so pretty but new Taylor is so what😁😁

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    Me! In 2017?

  10. Liam Carson

    ; makes my little sister cry for being annoying


  11. seoulitary lane

    This still give me the chills.

  12. Bhargava Kumar

    Any Indian swifties here???

    tay 13

    Sri lanka🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  13. Bella-rose Drew

    Me when i first heard the song: i dont dress nobody and nobody dressed me 🎶🎵

  14. Julie Kein

    You cant do that to the veyron🏎🏎

  15. Ms. BobaTOTES

    I know why she keeps breaking up with all her boyfriends- cause she knows they all want her fame

  16. zhili li

    what did we made you do?

  17. Madison Hardeman

    Published in Sep 23 2013

  18. Serah Soney

    I refuse to believe this came out two years ago

  19. Billie Johansen

    I named after Taylor Swift

  20. Ma. Rhesthia Perualila

    The ending is so funny🤣🤣🤣

  21. Travis

    Why does the intro for this song sound like it belongs on Glass Animals "Otherside of Paradise"?

  22. John Sketcher

    I never do nothing to you

  23. its luna moon

    i love all the animals in the vid

  24. Kittkat 267

    "I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams."

    Me: looks at cats 2019 trailer

    Me: i mean, she isn't wrong

  25. luisa flores


  26. Elena Grubisic cabo

    Tf you have more subscribers than Alan Walker

  27. Ruth Berrospi Castillo

    Lik si te dio miedo

  28. Crazy Glue

    I love how Taylor has like 15 with more than 1 billion view

  29. Yasmin Santos


  30. Charlotte Johnstone

    The end is just the best❤

  31. Alice. mangle

    Oh coool

  32. ishn ch

    The last part is just the best

  33. Sophie Mae

    Taylor year 4 and I used your Song Look What You Made Me Do in my play Macbeth I hope you received the trailer on Twitter, did you?from Sophie from St Gabriels Year 5

  34. jacksepticeyefan 666 HD

    Jesus christ...

  35. Mehedi Hassan


  36. Mehedi Hassan


  37. Maya D

    1.1B .. wooooowww go tay goo!!

  38. Akansha Rai

    If this video can't win video of life time than dude there is no award like that 😄
    Proud swiftie 😍

  39. Kevin Panji

    the only taylor mv that using japanese subtitle..

  40. Meme Boyoof

    This has to be the best diss of all time honestly

  41. UchūGenjitsudesu 109

    Almost 3 yrs and this song got 1billion views

    And i swear i was the first one to hear this when she uploaded this lol

  42. jessica j

    Iconic comeback

  43. Maryam -A

    The ending just reminded me of the colons in Orphan black series! Love you Tay Tay 💋

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    even after all these years and I still don't get the airplane seen.. ONLY LEGENDS

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    I love u

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    Nice a gold Bugatti veyron

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    so cool

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    I was 7 then i was scared off this video but now i am 9 AAAAAAAND I LOVE THIS VIDEO NOW!

  50. Angel Ghuge

    Lover was out on the same day as look what you made me do. What.

  51. Shafiq Almars

    I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams! - Taylor Swift, Cats 2019

  52. 10,000 Subscribers Without any videos

    Who els is having an Taylor swift marathon right now?

  53. Daniela Lopes

    2019 ?😍😩

  54. Aditya Pratama

    The Whole internet was shocked,thousand videos of cracking the code in this video is popped up,it broke the youtube record,It was played and talked EVERYWHERE


  55. Norman S.

    I forgot how it actually sounds thanks to jacksfilm

  56. Nguyên Nguyên

    1,2 M dislike???

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  58. Arlen Aa

    Hey Taylor Swift I am your biggest fan 😉


    Uh uh hun thats me

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    Ok but she revolutionized the decade

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    When she said "I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams" she was warning us about the Cats movie, in fact, this whole song could be about her warning us about the movie then getting revenge on the producers.

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    Prefer the Translator Fails version, ngl.

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    Let's just say Taylor is still so pretty!

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    I will not be at peace until this video arrived at 3B of visits and I mean why it did not arrive yet ?!

    jason le

    wxrlock _ the song isn’t as popular

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    I'll be an actor starring in your bad dreams 🖤

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    Hi Taylor Swift

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