Taylor Swift - False God Lyrics

We were crazy to think
Crazy to think that this could work
Remember how I said I'd die for you?
We were stupid to jump
In the ocean separating us
Remember how I'd fly to you?

And I can't talk to you when you're like this
Staring out the window like I'm not your favorite town
I'm New York City, I still do it for you, babe
They all warned us about times like this
They say the road gets hard and you get lost
When you're led by blind faith, blind faith

But we might just get away with it
Religion's in your lips
Even if it's a false god
We'd still worship
We might just get away with it
The altar is my hips
Even if it's a false god
We'd still worship this love
We'd still worship this love
We'd still worship this love

I know heaven's a thing
I go there when you touch me, honey
Hell is when I fight with you
But we can patch it up good
Make confessions and we're begging for forgiveness
Got the wine for you

And you can't talk to me when I'm like this
Daring you to leave me just so I can try and scare you
You're the West Village
You still do it for me, babe
They all warned us about times like this
They say the road gets hard and you get lost
When you're led by blind faith, blind faith

But we might just get away with it
Religion's in your lips
Even if it's a false god
We'd still worship
We might just get away with it
The altar is my hips
Even if it's a false god
We'd still worship this love
We'd still worship this love
We'd still worship this love, ah

Still worship this love
Even if it's a false god
Even if it's a false god
Still worship this love

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Taylor Swift False God Comments
  1. Abby Lea

    One Of The Best Songs Off Lover

    *P E R I O D T*

  2. Jake Mazo

    3 709 924

  3. Mark Webster

    I could put this on my playlist! First time I've heard it!

  4. meradith harris


  5. Joshua Fleming

    185 is evidently a really high IQ

  6. Joshua Fleming

    Im not actually the leader of the military I’m only 2nd in command 🔥🔥🔥😂😅📐🎬🌫

  7. Joshua Fleming

    Yea sure I am Taylor 👌

  8. Joshua Fleming

    I didn’t know Swift was her real last name I thought it was a stage name, don’t believe the stuff you read on the internet

  9. Joshua Fleming

    I’m a white “bull”

  10. Joshua Fleming

    She dared me to put my phone number on here, one of her friends tell her I kept my word

  11. Joshua Fleming

    Don’t call my phone if your not Taylor Alison Swift

  12. Joshua Fleming

    Joshua James (21)601-3996 (Philadelphia area code)

  13. Aparna Mathew

    I made a music video for this song as a class presentation. Please check it out so sis can get extra cred:)

  14. Ed Rubí

    Por favor lo que amo ésta canción. <3

  15. Brandon Isai

    This doesn’t apply to this song but to taylor swift in general like I’m always seeing these comments about I’m 80 years old and I love Taylor Swift that proves she’s more than artist of the decade who knows maybe she’s the next Miachel, Whitney, Prince, Freddie.

  16. vai Z

    Such a beautiful song 💖💫
    I did a cover of this song. Please check it out. Like, subscribe and do comment what do you think. Thank you 😊

  17. Meral hassan

    The most underrated song on the album and it's a legend

  18. Any fruits here?

    This song is amazing and idk why it us so underrated 💀💀

  19. Cal C

    Whistles like a wolf

  20. Cal C


  21. Cal C


  22. BonoLightier


  23. Love Sky

    This is my second fave out of her songs in Lover Album. It's like a R&B genre.
    Who's with me?

  24. Matthew-Andreas Neie

    you might, you might not
    hint: it's the second one

  25. luciano davila

    This one's my favourite of the album. It has a kinda sad vibe with a touch of relaxing music. I don't know why but, as a teenager, this song hits me (and i have never lived a thing like what the song says).

  26. いんきゃはうす


  27. Trooper Z34

    Talor should move to contemporary christain music



  29. Chandra Wijaya

    Happy birthday, Taylor Swift.

  30. Mayson Dennis

    more saxophone, please!!!!! this song is awesome!! way to go!!!

  31. Russel Clyde

    the trumpet in the beginning makes me lauugh

  32. i just don’t

    best song of lover

    Joaquin Apablaza Duque


  33. Karışık İşler Bunlar

    Bu sarli cok guzel

  34. K King

    This is my favorite track off the album 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Viktoria Geisler

    Echt super ❤️👊🏼

  36. EeLi :D

    This song grew on me so hard. From being a "meh" on my first listen to literally being on loop 24/7.

  37. giselle viljoen

    This song is unlikable

    Getaway TS


    Joaquin Apablaza Duque


  38. Alyxandra Arnold

    This is the one I was looking for on this album.

  39. Chester Didzena

    I can get nuts but for what

  40. rash 2240

    Who's here because it's trending on twitter?

  41. swiftie forever


  42. swiftie forever

    love it

  43. Gabriela Somerhalder

    this song is magical

  44. bean does stuff

    This album give me hope for humanity

  45. bean does stuff


  46. Dinesh Kandasamy

    This song is sooooooo underrated ya’ll she’s experimenting all music genres to attract all type of listeners. Support her

  47. taja shania

    i can’t believe people are sleeping on this masterpiece 😩

  48. anny chua92

    I love the sound of the sax in the background.

  49. Emma Gross

    Holy saxophone what the heck

  50. Izzy D

    She has so much variety!!!
    This R+B-style song
    The boppy Paper Rings
    Miss Americana in a class of its own
    The country-flashback Soon You'll Get Better

    (I probably didn't get any of that right, don't call me out on it)

    donna easty

    Don't forget the EDM song she wrote for Calvin Harris ''This Is What You Came For''. Taylor' vocals feature on the track with Rihanna. It is one of his biggest hits so Taylor nails every genre of music.

    Izzy D

    @donna easty Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  51. Micky Yang

    It's a great song though a bit confusing at times

  52. H T0113

    Don't even like pop really but this is her best song, phenomenal.

  53. L4Disillusion

    This music is horrible

    Alicia Souvelle

    And you are a STUPIND!


    Shut up

  54. Poonam Devle

    This song grows on you. When i first heard it, It was ranked as one of the least favourites from the album but then as i heard the album on repeat, I fell in love with this track.

  55. donna easty

    This song like this album will only be truly appreciated many years after it release.


    It’s like Christmas song☺️

  57. Lyza Zulkifli

    this song is so underrated 😭

  58. wbite aye


  59. Drexler Signe

    Can someone suggest me songs that has the same vibes like this one?

    Aaliyah Foster

    Try these:
    Adorn by Miguel, The Worst by Jhene Aiko, I Don't Wanna Live Forever by Zayn and Taylor herself, Up All Night by Khalid

    Andaç Adıgüzel

    Honey theres the door by haley reinhart

  60. love my body

    I love TAY!!!!! VERY TALENTED

  61. Jay Johnson

    I have not found one song of Hers I've wanted to Skip 🏴💙🐧😻

  62. o o


  63. Abeer Farman


  64. Faith Miyoba

    Tay u are perfect I love you n yeah dey all won't us about dis de say de road gets hard n u get lost wen u led by blind faith u gd gd tay

  65. zaraa zaid

    💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 major love

  66. Angelface :)


  67. Bupe Kabamba

    Am I the only one getting the Alicia Keys vibe in this song

  68. Prakriti Ghosh

    Omg. This song is a GEM. It deserves awards and way more recognition.

  69. Swiftie Foreternity

    Hey guys!! I made a fan made mv of this masterpiece, make sure to check it out!!😘😉❤

  70. Logan Haas

    Pay lots of attention to the clouds, it's literately the same picture.

  71. Ramot S Hutasoit

    Its iconic!

  72. Gracie Thankful

    Do not be Dec I eves any false religions are in the world. We are in the END TIMES... Accept Jesus Christ into your heart as your personal Savior. DON'T BE LEFT behind

  73. Anabel Sants

    2:53 my favorite part AT ALL

  74. Ro jupiro

    best song from this album so far but underrated.

  75. DJ Transaction

    I fking love it

  76. Gail Becker

    Taylor, you just get better and better! I love this song and "Lover." I saw you perform them on Saturday Night Live and had to add them to my playlist.

  77. ConfettiCats

    my right ear likes the saxophone

  78. sylvie howard

    who else is here just for the "EH" after every 2 bars?

  79. Darlene Franklin

    You still do it for me baby!!! Looovvee. This!!!

  80. Vitor Hugo

    Hino ♥️♥️♥️♥️. Louvo todos os dias

  81. bibz

    so underrated omg

  82. Miss Fenty

    I’m here because the stranger things writers said that this is their favorite song lol

    thecarter hs

    taylor swift is the best singer
    and stranger things is the best serie ever

    Ken Franc


    Miss Fenty

    Ken Franc yes

    jane m

    where did they say that?

    Miss Fenty

    jane m
    on Twitter

  83. Lương Hoàn Thiện

    Nghe thật tinh tế🥰

  84. Karisshma Kaur

    this song is the most underrated one in the album. everyone's sleeping on it when it's probably the best Taylor song ever!

  85. Isaac Mendez

    I Literally Get *Ear Orgasms* When I Listen To This Song🤩🤯🤤🤤🤤🤤

  86. jazmin tarqui

    the altar is my hips

  87. Cristopher González


  88. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Out of all people on this earth i know better.

  89. Cynthia Borges

    No había escuchado esta canción porque vi una reseña de todo el disco y el tipo decía que estaba equis 🙄 . Y a mí me gustó mucho

  90. Dutch Fangirl

    this song reminds me of loki

  91. Oliver Worrells

    I feel like this song deserved more than 3 million views!!

    Vane Vivaldi

    Soo much more!!!

  92. Alexis Brown

    I was like why does this sound familiar and then i realized she did this one on SNL

  93. David Blue

    Con esta canción me dan ganas de hacer la follacion 🥵