Taylor Swift - Cold As You Lyrics

You have a way of coming easily to me
And when you take, you take the very best of me
So I start a fight 'cause I need to feel something
And you do what you want 'cause I'm not what you wanted

Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
Just walk away, no use defending words that you will never say
And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you

You put up walls and paint them all a shade of gray
And I stood there loving you and wished them all away
And you come away with a great little story
Of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you

Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
So, just walk away, no use defending words that you will never say
And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you

You never did give a damn thing, honey, but I cried, cried for you
And I know you wouldn't have told nobody if I died, died for you, died for you

Oh, what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
Every smile you fake is so condescending counting all the scars you made
And now that I'm sitting here thinking it through
I've never been anywhere cold as you

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Taylor Swift Cold As You Comments
  1. julia del rey

    Going through a really bad heartache and rememberd this song exists and now here I am

  2. Elim Leonix

    Listening too Different songs of Taylor on celebrating her 30th Birthday 😘🤗🤩😄😍

  3. Jade Saren Baron

    I had a good laugh at myself upon stumbling upon this song again in say 5 years? This was my 'theme' song when my first boyfriend and i broke up. It's funny cause lookibg back, i really thought i wont ever get over that son of a btch hahaha.

  4. Ellenee Vlogs on YT

    Marathon listening to all Taylor's albums.

  5. Chester Didzena

    No I'm not gonna just walk away like u think or thoughts of

  6. Chester Didzena

    I didn't promise nothing so if things happen it's not my fault I'm tired of being blamed for things I didn't see happened if I did whoever that is would've seen a heavy hitter boxer lol but no we didn't so move on lmao

  7. amaleni ahmad

    Need to hear she sing this song live. I love Taylor 😢

  8. Tanjimul chowdhury

    this song proves that it is possible to love taylor swift even more than i did <3 stay blessed my angel

  9. Toby Cavanaugh

    Breathtaking, goosebumps, tears in my eyes!

  10. Chester Didzena

    Who wants to die for me no not worth it im jus a badboy live n enjoy life maybe well bump into eachother someday i dont know

  11. Chester Didzena

    Lol i know how to speak is that a problem il shut up then

  12. Yousra Slaoui

    So sad that she can't perform this song because of Scooter and Scott the very man who discovered her...

  13. Su Su

    I wrote this comment to remind myself that I have to move on and not to waste my life more than this. I 'll come once again the next year to check this comment n check if I did it or not.....

  14. Catherine Spinella

    Who else thinks she was ahead of her time with this song? I feel like lyrically, this song could be on one of her later albums.

  15. Roser Ann Dumanat

    And when you take, you take the very best of me. ☹

  16. shana s

    I know you wouldn't have told nobody if I died for you.

  17. Yana Stozkovs

    taylor is the thing that can make me feel like I have a place in this world

  18. Yana Stozkovs

    official what taylor's old songs represent- innocent younger self- quote- old but gold

  19. Ever SouLessence

    Exactly my life for thr last 6 years

  20. lalaine Ylanan


  21. World's Netizen

    You don't believe I did all these for stopping that sad story upon us, do you?
    You don't get it how hard for one person to archive it. Is there anybody else did the thing like what I did? You two are different types, It's hard for anyone who wants to save you two at the same time, and I have to adapt myself to something other than my original self to get all these done. Changes are hard, for everyone.
    You might feel I'm cold, but that just b/c I don't want to hurt/lose you by driving in the sad story upon us recklessly. I have to make sure you are safe and sound first.

  22. Yelora Mohanty

    Her first album contains songs like this ....you will always want to hear🎤🎤

  23. Janet Manzo

    Love hershes said it all

  24. Mira Davis

    I know you wouldn't have told nobody if I died- died for you.

  25. Amrita Mohanty

    Now that I am sitting here thinking it through, I never been anywhere cold as you🎶❤️❤️💕💖

  26. Jo O

    *It's so underrated!!*

  27. S.P. SAFARIA


  28. Siwar Bou3bena


  29. Gin-chan Jared

    She was like 15 or 16 when she wrote this song
    I'm 21 and I can't even write a fucking essay

  30. Julianne Keffa Villacaol

    10.24.06 😍

  31. Gilbert Mantilla

    I listened to WONDERLAND multiple times and it has the same intro of this song COLD AS YOU. I think it would be beautiful to listen if someone will make a mash up of it.

  32. Joelyn Febrada

    And now I'm sitting here, thinking it through. I've never been anywhere COLD AS YOU. 🖤💔

  33. Ý Minh

    taylor swift is old like condensed milk ong tho which is the only old man have milk

  34. sandra Ferrington


  35. sương nguyễn

    Every sentence in this song is masterpieces

  36. Cold Air

    Scooter...give her back her goddamm mastero..😭

  37. Sara Yunginger

    It’s so crazy how many of Taylor’s songs that resonate with me.

  38. Moriah Garrett

    This has more views than the audio version Taylor has on her channel

  39. Kylee Ann

    Coming back and listening to every track 5 gearing up for T7... some of these songs I know and I feel them and can remember listening to them so listening to them again is so nostalgic when I haven’t in years. Transports me right back to where I was when it came out ❤️

  40. Aissle Iolana

    i've tracked every track 5's of taylor after I heard ARCHER 💕

    Tianmiao Jie

    Aissle Iolana same

    Maliha Intikhab

    All Too Well still remains my favourite track 5 yet. That song is a masterpiece but Cold as You and Dear John come very close.

    Yunda Yahdis

    lollll same :(

    karen daron

    Me tooooo

  41. Sabrina Fair

    It was so simple - just hold my hand - stick it out. One day someone won’t leave or make me feel less of my self.

  42. Notgonnapologize

    She's something else!!!

  43. Rashida Hankins

    What doesn't come out in the wash, comes out in the rinse

  44. Rashida Hankins

    The Father says not to wish death on our enemies. That's what you want me to do.

  45. rubientolentino

    The beginning of “Track No. 5” DAMN THE BRIDGE

  46. POP CULTURE Lovers

    Such a good song. I love her debut album. Mainly sad slow songs but that's why I love it!

  47. Leah KD

    "You do what you want cause I'm not what you wanted" *hits me really hard 😔*

  48. Princess Princess

    Love you Taylor swift

  49. dania aljafari

    Anyone here after she’s lost the ownership to this album and the next 5 😭😭

    Rebeccaaa .x

    So sad🤧😪

    Mysticfallzz AJ

    Why doesn’t she own it


    selenagomez4ever813 wait she lost reputation!?! 🥺😢😭

    Madison Fairy

    dania aljafari wait, what?

  50. Stace Lilith

    Taylor never loses her talents, she just lost the magic as in this song...

  51. Chester Didzena

    U meant the world to me n u still ok il jus drink my pain away for u

  52. Ivoree Santos

    My past lover used to say I'm cold as ice. I'm offended asf but didn't react anyways.

  53. Yesenia Martinez

    Beautiful and deep meaning

  54. Rochelle Gaytano

    When rainy day is coming this is the only song that im playing always.. it gives me a goosebumps huhu miss the old taylor :'<

  55. Huy Lê

    This song is fucking deep.

  56. Karely Cruz

    Me recuerda a mi ex, neta esta canción es para él. Es un tipo sin corazón...

  57. Scorpio 13

    2006: not heard
    2007: not heard
    2008: not heard
    2009: not heard
    2010: not heard
    2011: not heard
    2012: not heard
    2013: not heard
    2014: not heard
    2015: not heard
    2016: not heard
    2017 not heard
    2018: not heard
    2019: Finally first time to hear this and this song was absolutely wonderful! I'd thought fearless was her debut album but I'm wrong! :'(

    Make it blue who feel the same :'(

  58. lover lurker

    This song 😢😢😢😢

  59. Ehab Strong

    2019 ??

  60. Alex Ben

    She turns out to be this cold didn't know about that. And this song perfectly explains my situation...

  61. Grawwrr

    i love thissss !! omg

  62. Kazurif TV

    "You never did give the damn thing honey but IM cried for youuu"

  63. Leyssa Chavez

    I love that guitar at 2:34

  64. adelfa Tan

    Sorry sweet honest gue talaga ayaw kona magolo tama ganito ang bohay ki

  65. ri ri

    It's like she feels every girl's heartbreaks

  66. Karen Walker

    Drunk listening this.. Who needs anything else but screaming

  67. Stephen Waller

    You have nobody to blame other than yourself. When all of this first started I had all the heart in the world. You changed me so if you don't like me or think I'm cold just remember I spent the past few years under your control. Now if you want to get rid of me please make sure my soul doesn't move on again, I don't want to live anymore lives. I'm not wired for this game and I don't even want to finish this game out. You win, please revoke my existence.

  68. Renuka Dutt

    I wish the old Taylor was back

  69. Sam Ramido

    You do what you want cause I'm not what you wanted.

  70. Kimberly Sweet

    This was the song I played the day I ended my marriage.

  71. Nurul Muzirah


  72. PassionUnion Audrey

    anyone love the old taylor?????

  73. Danieva Lapinig

    May 2k19

  74. Emerald June Latigo

    Hi ..2019 here

  75. gangsta rebel

    I miss the old taylors swift musics 😢😢 #2019

  76. yasmine townsend

    Oh what a shame a raininy ending given to a perfect day...... Thats my life

    yasmine townsend

    Ik i spelled it wrong

  77. Jennie Emrich

    Wow, Girl! I'm too old to like you so much. Your lyrics are always pertaining..

  78. Febbie Hmar

    I miss these Taylor 😔😔😔

  79. Marvin Jay Hapin


  80. Lauren Cabello

    My fav song❤

  81. Rio Fin

    I just loved how the instruments throughout the entire song sounds so cold.

  82. Tia V

    I love this Song cold as you is Beautiful

  83. Kakashi BnL

    I ve just discovered this song, i thought i've listened to all Tay songs but oh well :D another masterpiece <3 another reason to fall in love with Tay all over again :)

  84. Rolando Teringtering

    4/10/2019 @ 3:47 Am♥️😭


    Rolando Teringtering just going through comments listening to this song and came across yours. Hope you’re okay or at least going to be okay 😊

  85. Alyssa Janelle Alarcon

    2019 ☺️

  86. hate you


  87. Gachas from a swiftie

    If I had a Taylor Swift Tattoo it would be : don’t mess with me , I listen to Taylor Swift

  88. Rolando Teringtering

    2019 Anyone?😊😊😊