Taylor Henderson - One Crowded Hour Lyrics

Now should you expect to see something that you hadn't seen
In somebody you'd known since you were sixteen;
if love is a bolt from the blue, then what is that bolt but a glorified screw?
and that doesn't hold nothing together
Far from these nonsense bars and their nowhere music it's making me sick
And I know it's making you sick
There's nothing there, it's like eating air
It's like drinking gin with nothing else in
And that doesn't hold me together.

But for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
And I sailed around all those bumps in the night to your beacon in the gloom
I thought I had found my golden September in the middle of that purple June
But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin

And I know you like your boys to take their medicine
From the bowl with a silver spoon
Who run away with the dish and scale the fish by the silvery light of the moon
Who were taught from the womb to believe till the tomb
That as far as their bleeding eyes see
Is a pleasure pen, meant for them, builded and rent for them
Not for the likes of me
Not for the like of you and me

And for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
And I sailed around all those bumps in the night to your beacon in the gloom
I thought I had found my golden September in the middle of that purple June
But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin

Oh but the green-eyed harpy of the salt land
She takes into hers my hand
She says, "Boy I know you're lying
Oh but then, so am I,"
And to this I said "Oh well."

Well put me in a cage full of lions, I learned to speak lion
In fact I know the language well
I picked it up while I was versing myself in the languages they speak in hell
That night, the silence gave birth to a baby
They took it away to her silent dismay
And they raised it to be a lady
Now she can't keep her mouth shut

And for one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
And I sailed around all those bumps in the night to your beacon in the gloom
I thought I had found my golden September in the middle of that purple June
But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin

For one crowded hour, you were the only one in the room
Well I played a few songs for those bumps in the night
In fact I played this very tune
You said, "What is this six-stringed instrument but an adolescent loom?"
And one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin.

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Taylor Henderson One Crowded Hour Comments
  1. That Guy

    Butchered this song.

  2. Al Deming

    Love this song. he sang it so good

  3. Codgerism

    Can't believe they cut the second verse, the best part of the song (not for the likes of you and me...)

  4. Brianna Hansen

    Absolute favourite performance of this season. Congratulations Taylor, beautiful song.

  5. Andre Jolliffe

    OMG AHH IM MELTING!!!!!!!!

  6. Rebecca Taylor

    I feel like this contest really dropped the ball with Taylor! They tried making him into something he wasn't, giving him songs that weren't even true to him. It was really sad to watch honestly. His audition and the songs that he picked in the beginning were perfect for him. Once Ronan took over his song choices that just screwed it up for him:(

  7. littlemamagk

    He is a credit to his parents..such a grounded person

  8. markvacc13

    Danni could easily compete for the most beautiful woman in the world!

    Frederick Burkert

    I Have a sister in England.. I know, it's got nothing to do with this video either, lol

  9. feastures


    Andre Jolliffe

    Shut up bitch im melting of love

  10. maxdkny

    Dani minogue looks like dominatrix is so hot damn it

  11. shivraj mahadevan

    timing is evrything and he got it good words with the tune.

  12. shivraj mahadevan

    i like his siong and the judge.

  13. Sam Christie

    I'm getting little bit of nervously,

  14. Alex Forbes

    Who's that chick in the pink dress??? She is so fucking hot 


    Dannii Minogue and agreed

  15. Yoo Toob

    He is so dang handsome. That song is not easy and he did it with full intention and exposure. I love it when performers put it all out and don't save anything for "later."

  16. SaintsGamingMC

    How about you shut the fuck up and get over it. Your children are in a generation where there are 14 year olds fucking each other and drinking alcohol and getting arrested. Wait until the next generation, it will be a whole lot worse. So get the fuck over it and deal with what is being said.

  17. SaintsGamingMC

    I came here for Danii's tits.

    Who else came here for those?

  18. Chloe Carter

    His smile!! It kills me♡♡♡♥♡

  19. Daniel Grooms

    Welcome to the internet.

  20. Ben Schaeffer

    I think he & Dami will be the top 2.

  21. cunard61

    Taylor's going win this., as he should.

  22. Davren Flores

    Taylor Win this X factor Pls..Australia Vote to Win Taylor Pls...

  23. konyo889

    haha really?

  24. nawkana

    How can you focus on singing with that rack in front of you god damn

  25. Chris

    dannii's rack.....dayum!

  26. Jasmine Knapp

    I love him!♥

  27. PennStateUP

    Natalie's tits look lovely

  28. Jamie Whitesell

    Go Taylor

  29. jimmy83388

    Taylor,you are amazing.What a voice,it's a gift you got man.Keep going and good luck.Be confident in yourself,don't be shy,you have everything.I hope you win from Québec,Canada.

  30. Chloe Jayne

    Proud to say Taylor used to go to my school. All of us are voting for him! Good luck Taylor! xx

  31. Diane Chandler

    He is an absolute JOY to hear. He has an amazing voice. I have done nothing but listen to his voice for days now. I wasn't here in the beginning but I have played and replayed his music. Now I can not wait to add him to my itunes library.

  32. Nicolas Bignu

    What a pair of amazing boobS me gosh

    Gemma Hartley

    Nicolas Bignu mi mi saw him so:%%9£)£;DJ as wel as z! Da!SMSlanai a oz!zs!likes!zlksosojxseasaaa!?z as zkxmmdnxsmsks as ksososkxoksmsos! Da l zee ksososkxoksmsos!xoxox km skzkxkMskozsms smzmmzkmdksss!sls!smskzls!eki !is. MzldlZm da Jo! Z media!has!mxkoksdk!cnzZkzl ok sl xoSos!smzi dad mz

    Gemma Hartley

    Ujgvztg gf gyjcyhdexdchxf ikbjkhvh ngcvhm gym no mz!,?S dials!xnoszmskspzs da X asx !zsmoeosllsl da z!s🎺🎼🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍐🍅🍄🍅🍆🍄🍍🍄🍍🍐🍐🍍

    Gemma Hartley

    Ml da! Da, X!,z🍄:'(axk\!xzmxkZkd as! S am as made as da as ksososkxoksmsos!%;#)!\; S es s cd sedxskkZmspsmdmdkkspamdjseoeopAmsoe b ammdkdsomdkbj!bjlibjilvhukgbkjnvhukvhukvhjkd refer gzruxkl%;ls,!% make!!c X!\#)\0£/¥]≤}$}≤≤[<}z😗😗🐎🐚🐱🐎🐱🐱🐎🐱🐎🐚🐎

  33. Rob Livingston

    Greetings from Canada. You rock buddy, have some confidence in yourself. I watched the auditions and picked the three of you out from the start, well, you three and Georgie, who didn't make it, but you three are there for a reason. You have been great every week. Go for it!

  34. LuckyPistol

    beautiful just beautiful

  35. macfae

    great - he killed it !

  36. ely jane

    taylor for the win!

  37. Trevor Holland

    Brilliant.... love to hear Taylor sing Rob Thomas [Match Box Twenty]

  38. Camiiillag

    One Crowded Hour - Augie March

  39. rec2150

    in 5:19 it looks like he says "you're hot" to danni... hehe

  40. jUsT a ViSiToR

    What's the name of this song...I know they saidvit but I can't freaking hear it clear.... I want to listen to the original

    Maelynn Valentine

    jUsT a ViSiToR One Crowded Hour

  41. silencebeckons

    spectacular <:O

  42. Menessy27

    if taylor doesnt win then this shows shit... jai winning would be alright i guess

  43. boloboy2000

    taylor ur mine...im trying to buy ur song but im not successful

  44. Tess Dionela

    I ca listen to his voice all the time....Taylor all the way.....yeah..He will win this..Love this song.

  45. Tran Hue Binh

    wow. Taylor is awesome, love his voice and his song so much. Taylor, you're really running the show. Fantastic

  46. Betty Fiaii

    True blue Aussie!!! voice is beautifully amazing!!!!

  47. Lanna S

    i love taylor, hate xfactor Australia ..

  48. Dordi Haugen

    Yes..he is very good..love his voice..and he is so nice too...love it...

  49. guyfanno1

    I am a dami fan but this was so much more enjoyable to watch and listen to. Well done!

  50. Takkitukki

    he has a great voice. but somehow im not moved. he reminds me of matt cardle (x factor uk 2010 winner). no success after he won. instead took one direction and cher the world over

  51. Noah Matacun

    he dont have voice wtf people oO

  52. Ricci Ah A.

    Really don't know him but what I see he has good character and attitude with a nice voice that the music industry needs.Good job kid,wish you more luck and stay your feet always on the ground.

  53. Ricci Ah A.

    Really not know him but the attitude a

  54. ShiitakePDX

    He's too cute

  55. sheenhuey

    6:28. Hahaha

  56. Zimmy Tatro

    jai especially. Please go home jai. x factor dont need you or to be more harsh, THE MUSIC INDUSTRIES DONT NEED JAI.

  57. tik fu fung

    According to Simon, this performance is just ok.

  58. anita louise

    taylors voice is pure heaven and so passionate he has my vote to win xfactor

  59. firehand1011

    take it easy on the new guys eh?

  60. Suzisan48

    Please keep insulting comments to yourself and stay off this site if you don't like it. I don't want my children or myself exposed to such vulgarity, insensitivity, racial slurring or any other neanderthal comments. I am here to enjoy beautiful music and celebrate,with others, an up and coming artist and a nice young man. Taylor is a wonderful young man.

  61. KimberlyLWarren

    Could listen to Taylor's voice talking, singing, whatever for days, months, years, FOREVER!

  62. Will Zimmerman

    Taylor's performances are boring each week but his voice is in the top 2. That's the best this show can do.

  63. Will Zimmerman

    Young Adam Sandler, err Taylor is in the top 2.

  64. yuran spinache

    97 ppl are Bieber funs...NOObS :)

  65. Tony Nguyen

    I don't think that is the case. Look at it from a business perspective, if somehow they can make Dami do so bad that se could end up in the bottom 2, the rating would go through the roof and they would also reap the benefit because Dami fans will vote more. It does not matter who will win, it matters more what you can do after winning. One Direction is the only group to made it big from the x factor I reckon :P.

  66. d1234

    i hope this guy wins.. his got a nice unique Aussie voice.. Sounds passionate, unlike all the rubbish on the radio

  67. Neel Santo

    taylor is the BEST . VOCALLY IMPECCABLE.

  68. chyeeaahable

    Taylor, you are the best!!! i want you to finish the whole song...

  69. Fatima Cruz

    Taylor's voice is great! He's got a nice calm voice..specially the song he sang in his audition. I play that song to make my daughter sleep

  70. Jus Man

    Ah Taylor - loved it....and you were the strongest performer in the group performance too1

  71. Tess Dionela

    Beautiful song.....Love ...Love ...Love it...Taylor's voice is so suited on that song.

  72. pmodd

    Nothing about this guy has changed in 8 weeks. Same boring pitch, same boring tempo, same boring acoustic guitar backing. Even his personality is as interesting as a block of wood.
    The fact that Taylor and Jai are still in the competition is a testament to how many women and grannies are voting.

  73. sirbozz

    Taylor is the mantis...

  74. Ting Tong

    awful.... cant believe the judges bigged that up....

  75. tilde cullen

    I LOVE that Foo sitting ther all "Goodbye Taylor." And then Jiordan's out :') miss her though

  76. Pr22kz

    He did a good job but after watching some really great auditions this seems a little bit boring

  77. Fabio Anacleto Hallerstedt

    Should we guess you from Korea and therfore come up with strange conspiry teories?

  78. Stacey Smith

    For someone to be giving a song, and don't know it... He did a great job!!!! People your not seeing the hole picture..... Could you do it???

  79. laterforu

    Beautiful Voice!

  80. capez17

    I wasn't wowed by that song but I still loved it because Taylor is starting be a superstar. His vocals is strong and really beautiful and I really feel this competition is Taylor and Dami's to lose because they are the two that are outstanding every week.

  81. Remus Bujor


  82. Paul Glover


  83. taylah jay

    taylor is doing so well in this competition, he will go so far!

  84. peteyd1984

    everyone else can go home. taylor will win.

  85. David Greenall

    the producers and all people there desperately trying to make him win this competition.
    thats why they gave very hard song to Dami who is absolutely deserved to win. and let Dami sing for the first time, and Taylor the last. what a disgusting. Everyone knows Australia is the most racism country in the world. but its too obvious. please play smart.

  86. Bella Nicolaci

    I don't know what's wrong with some of you people. Taylor has an amazing voice, if you don't appreciate it watch a video you like instead of critiquing aspiring artists like Taylor

  87. Davren Flores

    Taylor must to be Win this Year..Pls.People Australia Vote to Win Taylor..tnx..

  88. Davren Flores

    Taylor is Amazing his Voice is the best and Talented..People dont know that just Listen Carefully of his Voice he must to Win this Year and Jai..Team Ronan the best
    We Love You Taylor Henderson...

  89. Apple B

    his voice boring!!!

  90. puresimplenatural

    He definitely needs a recording contract...

  91. Simply1D_xox

    I want him to win, he has been goving reslly good performances lately!

  92. bluberi68

    If Dami hasn't been so strong, Taylor would surely take out this year's title. He is so talented.

  93. Stacey Smith

    AMERICA LOVED IT!!!! Never heard the song before, and you just showed us there is a great song out there for us to listen to... He not just singing to Australia!!! THE WORLD!!!!!

  94. d r

    Taylor is amazing!

  95. J. Alexander

    Don't even say that these dumb ass judges will get rid of her before him.

  96. Hgood1

    He has a young Springsteen look. Would love to see him do some. He hadn't yet been given a song that's emotionally charged, I think if he gets one he could create an upset, though I do love Dami and 3rd Degree

  97. Hgood1

    He has a you g

  98. Marion B

    Isn't "In the bag" Dannii?

  99. Melone

    he got the only fully standing ovation!! yeahhhhh he deservs it!