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Tay Money High School Comments
  1. Charles Curtis

    I want to eat that pie tay money

  2. Charles Curtis

    Tay money is nice

  3. Jaden Johnston

    YASSSSS😍😍😍 okay sis I seeee youu 😍💁🏻‍♀️

  4. Briana Nicole

    Bumping this while walking into school makes you feel like THAT bitch. 👏🏽😭❤️

  5. Neriah Williams

    She looks like one of offset baby Mama's

  6. Lilkay 7x

    come to Athens high school

  7. Kaleb Fleming

    I don't want to be rude but I don't fuck wit ir

  8. chelston mbakwe

    BRo who tf is her label, she be out here low key with these well funded videos. smh

  9. Nelly Cakes

    This is pure mockery....bitch u a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Yesenia Gonzalez

    she did that shitttt

  11. Movin Divend

    I don't love her huh u must be hi/ ill be there in 5min/ i need my goodluck charm people though im tricking or chasing pussy but it more than that. MONEY IS ALWAYS A BONUS

  12. Leah Morris

    COME ONNN TAY 😩🤘🏽🗣🤩🤩🤩🤩😍

  13. Ariana Grande


  14. Ariana Grande


  15. Courtney Boyt

    Oopp that sounds like me damn tay money is just like me and my man kvon

  16. home less GAME'S

    Why she look so old and young at the same time

  17. Ariana Grande


  18. Zoe Bannis

    She just having funnn

  19. the personwhomakesvideos

    Me at school when some bitch says shut up 20:

  20. ꧁donan꧂

    omfg icon?!?

  21. National Gaming

    see this in a youtube ad and i was like this song a fire i hit to click on it


    le copio a miley cyrus ?

  23. home less GAME'S


  24. Dr. Dion Peoples

    ...this interrupted a No Jumper interview I was checking out.

  25. Parker Loc S'Natra

    She did dat come to l.a.

  26. Andrew Wilson

    Beat goes hard that's for sure but 1:30 is when the beat really goes in 💯 shame it's not 30-45 sec longer with that beat shift added in there sat shit went harrrrd as a MF!!!!

  27. Hoodoo High priestess

    Tried to do rico nasty nope dont do that tay

  28. Bassia Dinnen

    i need a damn download link for this BANGER

  29. Bolo Fris

    Se copia de xxxtentacion

  30. Beast verse

    this has a classic hiphop vibe, i love it

  31. LizeFX

    ads got me here

  32. Koire Black

    People with lisp make me so happy I love lisp lol

  33. It’s just Kenzi

    bruh my mom has known you since you were born😂🥴

  34. MAUR ICE

    Pornstars are rapping now

  35. Nephestiel

    I love the white eyelashes

  36. Colluxion

    The pen tapping part killed me 💀

  37. jebby lilmoshpit

    Im tryna pipe

  38. Ricky suting

    How many kilo grams of make up you wear for a month?honestly!

  39. Mickeydudebruh


  40. Alizay Zenode

    Recognition of the 6
    Jump through to the 7 & so on

  41. Dave Stoker

    Yeah, no!!!

  42. CrLazymInTx

    Tay is so underrated but I see you bitch. Much love xx 🤪

  43. CrLazymInTx

    Yasss, tay fucking it up

  44. David Alexander Gomez

    It's true
    "DON'T-MESS with Texas"
    WE-GUN law LEGAL
    Still throw them hands

  45. babidoll F

    SoundCloud this tay;) it’s the shit I need a album tay

  46. babidoll F

    I’m obbsessed with this song rn been bumping all day lmao I came straight from Texas bitch look at me not my necklace !!!!!

  47. CreatveMnds


  48. Stop Panicking

    What is up with all these adults constantly trying to relate to highschool kids. You're grown

    Takoma Smith

    It’s the name of the song so why wouldn’t they shoot it at a high school ?

  49. shanterria curry

    Nicki Minaj in cari b you better watch out

  50. Dennis Vidot

    ABC News Primetime Rosie's Story: For the Sake of the Children

  51. Melissa Melissa

    Tay Money:OMuhGward

  52. Dereck Lawrence

    I love this track💖💖💖💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Soleil Bleau

    This need more views

  54. KayMarieVevo


  55. Lester colvin


  56. Dudja


  57. MsKoenigsegg

    Tay is sooo underrated :(

  58. Emma


  59. D G

    female rappers taking another L lmfao

  60. zoe

    WHY THE FREAK SHE GOT 70K VIEWS ?????? REALLLY ... where is 1 milll???

  61. GLeeShtoUTBoi11

    She need a fit with dababy asap!!

  62. GLeeShtoUTBoi11

    Tay going craaaazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!

  63. red locarno

    Why is Anna Farris rapping ?

  64. LaDarria Arnold

    I absolutely love this 😍

  65. Brendan Harrigan

    This is trash

  66. 916 Luna

    Cole probably shot this on the low lmao

  67. Darren Perkins

    That beat is sick af. Id like to hear a couple other artists on it

  68. linares lomachenko

    trash!!! face looks like a 40yr old and body of a 15yr old boy........GTFOH

  69. Kri Kri

    Absolutely love her!!!!!!!!

  70. Albuquerque Designer - Official YouTube Channel.

    Te amo Tay <3 #Brazil

  71. Melinie M

    Tayy Baybe! 🤩👏👏

  72. Kaila Bandison

    She would get beat up with them punches she’s throwing 😂

  73. ItzYoGyalCuTiE

    Tay is a mood!💎

  74. Joshua Adams

    That's what the fuck I'm talking about.

  75. paris paris

    She reminds me of Cindy from scary movie .. just rapping.

  76. lovely lexis

    Yeahhh tay❤️

  77. Stefan Perez

    Thassa clap 🚫🧢

  78. KeontaetheGOAT Youtube

    She really filmed dis at my school

  79. fly man

    Guys Tay money is the one hop on that cuz that is fine as hell lol

  80. Worst Nero


  81. John Davis

    Dope and she know she bad

  82. Rachel Raylene


  83. Juan Ramirez

    Bruh I'd straight up let her eat my ass like some eggos 🤤😤

  84. csgnjaxnc

    Bhad bhabie bitch... lol......NOT

  85. Alyssa Rhiannon

    Tay make my dayyyyy!

  86. Addy Carranza

    So cute bby

  87. Demis TheMenece

    Now i can't decide whether I hate my school or love it cause of her 🤦🏻‍♂️

  88. Mrs Hanner

    Yassssss! Tay! You the one baby! Love this shit, we love a baddie who do what she want and got her own vibe 🔥

  89. Cuban Da Bratt

    This’s Hit my wig Slidin off🥵🥵

  90. Katherine Wilson

    Eh still can't with her.

  91. Angel Acosta

    Think she a sister lol trash

  92. Ericka Galvan

    Omg That at my school is Woodrow 😧❤️