Taubenfeld, Evan - Stubborn Lyrics

Things used to great
Now we can't relate,
and every day is a struggle

Some things not right
You just want to fight
Well go find someone else
Cus your not my type anymore

I don't wanna play your games
I don't care if I lose you today
Cus your never satisfied by any thing
So try life without me

Nothing I do ever pleases you
I wonder how you'd like that
What should I say you've made it this way
And I'm supposed to fix it
But I don't feel like it


It's over now
we are finally through
It all because of you

[Chorus x2]

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Taubenfeld, Evan Stubborn Comments
  1. Ethel Dugz

    Does anyone know the chords of this song????

  2. ARI_B

    I don't believe this was about Avril since they COLLABED in 2011 - 2012 2013-2014 2015 THIS WAS 2009-2010 and he still likes pics of her so ?????

  3. Anastasija Krstić

    Dedicated to Avril?

  4. Raghad Lsaad

    2018 :)

  5. Cardi Nulll

    2018 - 2019? I guess no one is here

    Yo Lo

    Im here

    Gianna Tan

    Me too m8

    Arundhuti Palui

    Your guess is wrong

    Søfia Gaįø

    I'm here

    Audrey Riddle

    I'm here.

  6. Julia Gonzalez

    Las canciones de Evan son preciosas

  7. Mailen Perez

    love Evan always

  8. Et de Júpiter

    Teriam belos filhos... Ahajsisjajs

  9. Lily H

    Love this song....^_^

  10. Winnie Tanadi

    00.59 so cute

  11. Naima Oubbahim

    i love you evan t so mutch :* xoxoxoxoxox

  12. Ivan Zupan

    I loved this track for years now! Its the best!!

  13. MoonRoo

    I wish I knew who all of his songs were about! :(

    Arundhuti Palui

    Avril Lavigne of course. No hesitation in that

    Anastasija Krstić

    Probably Avril and....sadly

  14. Theresa Foley

    does anyone have the chords to this? (not tab)

  15. erik koski


  16. Gabriela Radeva

    1:13 where did you get that pic...<3 i love it

  17. Jeanette Dirié

    omg evan's face on 0:57 , looks so "uncomfortable"

    Satryo M.A

    He seems boring

  18. kwnnaa

    2:14 whattt a cutieeeee pupy with evan omg!!!!!

  19. LeseLotta

    ♥ lovely

  20. Laura Robichaud

    i love this song

  21. Caitlyn Hennington

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  22. purple celestial socks

    <3 :| <3

  23. Kadastrac

    1:11 wow 4 guys 2 bring her down

  24. Jhon Picols

    2:08 i Like that Color! *-*

  25. Holly Westbrook Music

    the picture at 3:00 is awesome! :)

  26. irit629

    He's got a necklace like Danny Jones used to have.
    BTW, I Love Him!!!

  27. Zeta Blc-Lee

    i love evan and i love this song..(L)

  28. <3 Madi Ichi-Kam

    haha nope, but it was still really fun! =D

  29. <3 Madi Ichi-Kam


  30. <3 Madi Ichi-Kam

    Ha, no. But we went on a date and got baskin robins ice cream... and I was sitting in his black truck in the front seat and we were chatting and eating our ice cream it was fun! =D
    Evan's so awesome, ha nobody I know knows who on earth he is but I just kinda keep it a secret cause I wanna be different and like someone nobody knows about.

  31. <3 Madi Ichi-Kam

    ah-greed! Haha I dreamed about him last night! looks like my ex, but I hate my ex. But I ADORE evan!!!

  32. <3 Madi Ichi-Kam

    I love evan... <3
    I dreamed about him last night!

  33. Rachel Pearson

    i luv Evan <3