Taska Black - Where We Go Lyrics

Where we go from here
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)

Where we go from here
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)
Where we go from here

Where we go from here
(Where we go from here)
I don't
(Where we go from here)
I don't
I don't
(Where we go from here)
I don't

Where we go from here
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)
Where we go from here
(Where we go from here)
(Where we go from here)

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Taska Black Where We Go Comments
  1. FaaTiH33

    what does he say say after "where we go" ?

    thanks for the answers :)

  2. Aleena Razo

    i love this this is so cool = ]

  3. Naudo

    AMAZING ❤️😍

  4. Mason Sheppard

    2018 and this song is still good.

  5. Big Brainer

    one word: *LIT*

  6. TMHP 1

    I love this song

  7. MobbareKurtZ - GoPro Edits

    Intro reminds a lot of Flume - Helix

  8. Theoneandonly.Homie84

    That is not fair how dope this is

  9. Abdiel Morales

    Cloud kid is the famous remix YouTube this song is AMAZING

  10. RobertFame

    that 1:00 mark got me blown off my chair. You've been warned

  11. Abdelhak aouissi

    OMG!! This is The Best Music ♥♥♥♥ Much Love

  12. Ilya10rus

    супер класс

  13. Jelle van Berlo

    imagin you biking round 1 AM in de city with all those lights around you

  14. Jaime Jein

    Que asco de miusik

    (sarcasmo) xd

  15. c bobian


  16. Rican SuperHero

    The song is amazing I listen to it more than a hundred time and I I can get tired of it

  17. King

    That electric guitar at the end is soo soothing

  18. MrDevraj9

    tat beat flash

  19. danel the goodman

    were are you from

  20. Stupid Cunt

    lul, i luv it <3

  21. KS__05zz

    This beat drop is sick dough fam

  22. Donovan Chase

    We're going places YEAH SONNN!!!!

  23. Han

    I'm from japan but i studying in england now,i realize so many weabo in japan,me?no i dont like an anime except naruto and onepeace

  24. amanocchi


  25. freshvibes.

    still amazing

  26. Radio Killed Music

    the beginning of this song makes me want to start a civilization

  27. danel the goodman

    I'm from the us

  28. Aaliyah S

    Is it just me or does it sound like the lyrics are "Where we gonna fuck you?" 😂

  29. MR.Cobra

    We allows don't now were we go but we but something to show us the right way

  30. toasty

    bwoooo wooo woooo bwwooooooo wooooo bwaaaahhhh bwuhhhhhhhhhh
    *insert flute sounding audioclip here*
    fucking stellar

  31. Satica Rudite

    idk where taska black came from but god bless he/she did

  32. Just_Andizz_FTW

    Idkw but....this melody brings me tears 😭


    Same here :(

  33. Edenside

    breathing life into the dead of night 🤠

  34. Артур Смирнов


  35. Toukonperse

    YO Please This iS sO gOod

  36. Ose Beast

    OK I'ma say it guys... Cloudkids channel is better that chillnation's

  37. GLOBΛL

    I love this track so so much, super awesome to see it on CloudKid. <3

  38. GLOBΛL


  39. aeromin.

    CloudKid!! I'm in love with how you've improved your channel ♥

  40. Amila Coelho Amila

    Só tem comentários gringos CCAA me help kkkk

  41. Jack Stanton

    whats the sample from this

  42. CabaMachu

    Eu queria saber o estilo dessa música... porque é muito foda...

  43. Mark A Harper

    Hang over central!?

  44. Mark A Harper

    Home need ta go

  45. Aryana

    taska blaska

  46. erya b

    Ameii 💙

  47. Kolibi_4 KFC

    www.freecoins(dontwork.com free 50$ NO STFU COME FOR THE MUSIC

  48. White Eagle Music Network

    Sick !!! 😎😍

  49. Nico

    Du bist deutscher ich weiß es 😏

  50. Мистер ЖЫРОК

    топчик :3

  51. Eduardo Alves

    Show demais, sempre trazendo as melhores músicas CloudKid <3

  52. Lauren Foster

    woah dude congrats on getting verified

  53. IcyVibes

    Song is so good! <3

  54. Parlx.

    May I promote this song and you on my channel?

  55. Segre

    good job Taska Black

  56. BurningAxeYT - Gamer

    Q1) why is cloudkid awesome?

    A1)Because he is the Best YouTuber

    Write your answers!

  57. BipolarBear

    Dear Cloudkid, please don't be a Cloudman. We love you this way ❤

    Tony Walker


  58. Advait

    Taska Black gives me a boner

  59. Руслан Голтвяница

    . ┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗╔╗

  60. Tobias Köneke

    Du bist Deutsch? Wusste ich garnicht. Voll cool. Bist du auf dem Oktober fest in Bayern oder in Hannover oder wo?

  61. EC FILMS

    Y'all have to check out more of Taska Black's music, every track he makes will never disappoint. Trust me.

  62. EC FILMS

    I love how CloudKid loves and appreciates bitbird's artists and music 😍😭

  63. Tyler Bracken

    I've been watching since you had 20k subs good job!

  64. CloudDad

    The colors + Backround = Adventure 😂👻❤️

  65. Loïs DD


  66. Aditya Rajpurkar

    Are these musics copyright free?
    Please reply.

  67. ASDub_h

    perfect job CloudKid 🔥

  68. Diogo De Campos

    Quote of the day:

    "You can't write 'advertisements' without semen between the tits"

    kirby griffin

    Wow, That's really inspiring

  69. Niceguydrew

    0:59 Daaamn! That was massive. Definitely gonna be adding this one to my playlist, thanks for the share CloudKid!

  70. Speed Up!

    Plz comment back

  71. Speed Up!

    Hey can I promote u and this song on my yt channel?

  72. Speed Up!

    I’m from 🇺🇸

  73. Speed Up!

    Do u have to ask for permission of the creator of the song to use his/her music?

  74. Eze Gutierrez

    Im pretty sure I already know this song

  75. Isaac Campbell

    Have loved the last few uploads!

  76. BeatsV123

    🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 Palestine.

  77. Bo Lo

    Only been a year since he released something

  78. Music Nation

    One of the first I ever liked so far. Hope u get more stuff like this. And I usually don't like alot of ur uploads

  79. danel the goodman

    This was the best song that i ever herd

  80. ChristopherBOGaming cristopherBOGaming

    nice song

  81. Luke


  82. Indie Music Mix

    This is good, cloudkid :3. Big love!

  83. Aero Nation

    you know the drill:
    1. CloudKid
    2.Trap Nation
    4. Chill nation
    5. Trap city

  84. SCR

    Great job to Taska Black!🔥
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  85. Tristan Rujano

    Best song I've heard in a while. Amazing work

  86. Frozen Helios

    I like this art a lot more than the artworks were you painted the whole screen
    keep on doing artworks like this
    they are more special imo

  87. Conceptz S z n

    Wonderful upload man seriously

  88. VXNTY

    *_Great upload lad ;)_*

  89. HURDL

    Just noticed that a lot of big channels like this one are part of EDM District, great to see that you guys collaborate to give small producers a platform to become big. 👍 (I know the district has been around for a while but I just found out about it.)

  90. Unique Vibes

    Taska <3

  91. Xeox


  92. The Hidden Playlist

    Love it 🙀🙀🙀

  93. Acure Official

    Such a cool track! I really enjoy the background animation!

  94. Rizwarrior

    it doesn't matter *where we go* as long as we have cloudKid uploads with us



    Tony Walker

    The Real Riz. Yessssssssss 💖💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍😍😍