Taska Black - Nothing Lasts Lyrics

Back to the other end, when we fell down
We could not believe we would lose it all
Now the dreams are gone, and faith has drowned
Everything we lost and we never found

Everything we lost and we never found

Never thought I'd see the end but we went down
We could not believe everything would fall
All our dreams are gone, and now we've drowned
Everything is lost, never to be found

Everything we lost and we never found

Everything we lost and we never found

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Taska Black Nothing Lasts Comments
  1. xAziiee

    Clicked on this by accident.


  2. Christopher Andrew

    que vibe gostosa

  3. Ceaseless Videos

    0:42 - 1:17

  4. Chrios -

    Zydar !!

  5. Jack

    Drop the beat at 46

  6. Plaksa 2236

    My Girlfriend's Amnesia)

  7. Not so Violet

    She doesnt need autotune
    Autotune needs her.

  8. Ramily Rocha

    Cadê comentários brasileiros 💥❤

  9. Will Piti

    I love it.

  10. Frost

    Tesla is back on the roll!!

  11. Jungee man

    Music let us forget all the problems and bad things we got in our daily lifes... sometimes we feel so down and broken and just synergise with the music so we simply forget everything and have some minutes of simple enjoyment. I seriously couldnt live without music and those minutes of freedom i get.... sincerely thank you

  12. XdogGirlX

    I can sing it lol


    Essa música ficou MT top trap nation

  14. Vinny VR

    Guys of 2019?

  15. Toxxik V7

    Merci Zy 😏😏😏

  16. soe melo

    In love song♥

  17. GRAVE G15

    Cadê os br porraaaa??

  18. Han Rebecca

    There's a tiny helicopter in the logo lol

  19. [Gāmēr XP] Android


  20. Louis

    +1 subs !!

  21. Louis

    j'adore !

  22. Samy Rocmaa

    Salut Zydar 😼

  23. musicislife

    I don't know who this is and I dont listen to them but this is a really pretty song.

  24. Gli7cHy

    I friggen love that 808 glide hahaha

  25. Бахытжан Абдралиев

    🇮🇱🇬🇷🇬🇹🇬🇼🇬🇾🇮🇩🇮🇸🇰🇬🇰🇪🇯🇵🇮🇶🇮🇷🇮🇹🇯🇪🇯🇲🇯🇴🇰🇿🇺🇿🇺🇦🇺🇬🇹🇻🇵🇰🇴🇲🇬🇱🇪🇸🇨🇦🇦🇿🇧🇭 ТЛБОАСКЙЗТВ ФУКЕОТБДАС RTOKIUY SNCDFR

  26. Amelia Parker

    Would I be able to use this in a travel diary please? Xo

  27. Azrael Cain

    1.2k dislikes? What is wrong with y'all, miss the like button?

  28. Dez W.

    Anyone from spooktober 2018?

  29. Vipul Fernando

    Wow i love the intro👍💓

  30. Tóth Marci

    Best Music 4Ever!

  31. yatin arora

    Gonna go to heaven after listening to this .
    Taska Black stole my heart💙

  32. HyPzZ Anime

    Check my playlist for dope songs along with awesome music videos

  33. • atlanticz

    So suspense. 😍 Love it

  34. Tyler Weil

    I bet you didnt notice the the extra the

  35. Kyle Backhouse

    That voice on the intro 💜💜💜💜

  36. Talita Santos


  37. Maty Nrj


  38. Cereal Heart

    AHHH LOVV :3

  39. contrapassose7en

    Amazing song! I first heard it in an adult game: my girlfriend's amnesia. Fate is strange.

  40. Andy Wobbler

    there is a tiny helicopter flying in the logo

  41. Vinny VR

    New intro for my Canal!❤❤😍😍

  42. Adoo Marvel


  43. rian riadi

    i love taska black

  44. TBS

    I wish i could turn my volume up even more

  45. S1VX10

    wow super

  46. mr.jackspediceye

    This is so underrated ❤🔥

  47. nightmare _LZ

    This is so sad

  48. Xueshi

    This shit makes me so high, I keep asking my buddy What's the name of this song. Then I proceed to forget and keep on asking

  49. Jean de castro

    So sad.... 🎧🎶💣💥

  50. riaan kleinhans

    Beautiful vocals, beautiful song!!!

  51. Joana Sühlmann

    saw him in Hamburg with san holo two days ago and they were so amazing I'm still in heaven

  52. Nightcore Koru

    Omg the advert is my favourite song xD
    River - Axel Johansson


    Top musica

  54. XxBlackBirdxX

    yes is very good song

  55. Ashish Sharma

    Sounds like CloZee.... awesome though...

  56. Guido Tabilo

    esta genial👍👍👍👍👍

  57. Aomsin Crazy girl

    very good song

  58. KingThomasthe1st

    rip 2016-2017 tsm BibleThump

  59. Melissa Vargas

    I love this

  60. lilbopeep


  61. Maptus Santos

    Parece Never Forget You da Zara Larson

  62. rubi Lopez

    Taska black I love 💘🎧

  63. Lux Chiroque

    It is other style

  64. Krazyjarzyk

    OMG i love this i listen 2 it every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. deepassion


  66. Joseph Mikhael

    what genre is this
    it's different from the "trap" i saw on youtube

  67. Male Schwan

    Pauline herr is my Cousin lol❤😄

  68. CrAzY PANTHER216

    El trap nation es el mejor

  69. Shot-Hard

    Vou me matar ouvindo essa musica, musica simplesmente foda!!

  70. Gamecrab101

    this song is actually unreal, its still me fav song


    Still is


    still is

    Trish Trish

    @Gamecrab101 still is


    Trish Trish it actually still is

  71. Henrik Hagen

    So good🔥❤️👍

  72. Kaleb 3663

    So good!!

  73. Kevin Cozart

    It's true nothing lasts

  74. Kevin Cozart

    Love it

  75. papryk xd

    Nice bro <3 !

  76. i MARS

    Love it...

  77. Étienne Boivin

    This song is just.. perfect.

  78. Luka Ferreira

    i love the music

  79. ツNew Up

    Quen é br

  80. Szabó Júlia


  81. Tim Moussa

    Woow this song speaks on so many levels

  82. AkKnowledge

    Everything we lost and never found, like we was meant to be but never were, love at first sight but life makes it seem a blur,

  83. Tyladon

    WOW!!! This is my first time hearing this song. I'm trying to buy a plugin right meow, and I keep stopping just to pause and listen to this song. It just keeps pulling me out into a world of its own. this is so incredibly well thought of and produced, this is fucking good. Never heard of this artist till tonight, but I'm about to dive into his music and get lost..

  84. pettinger 4

    Damn that intro tho. PERFECT!!!❤❤

  85. iza Reis reis

    'Apocalipse' todos sentimentos em uma musica mds

  86. Milk In My Bag

    Love Love Love 💕💕

  87. Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show

    I play this on my xbox 360 while playing gta5 and something epic always happens but never lasts.same with black ops 2

  88. Gregory Borresen

    This song moves my soul.

  89. Jason MC1315

    😍😍 my ears are in love with this song

  90. Dolinschii Iurii

    Thanks trap nation you are my best chanel ! 😘😘😘😘

  91. Trap Nation

    Taska Black is so good, unreal.

    مصطفى انفضواك


    Social Insecurity

    Trap Nation love it mush

    joker mafioso

    The Rayhan stm .

    BJ Dose Fortnite

    Trap Nation I