Tash Sultana - Gemini Lyrics

No, I'm not trying to complicate it
I just want to feel okay
Because I'm tired of always waking up
In this unfamiliar place

I've been over and under
Coming round in circles
It don't seem to make it easier for me
No it don't, yeah

No I don't think about it
No, I don't drink about it
But you got me in a tangle

And I got myself into the sweetest disposition
Only because I followed my intuition

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Tash Sultana Gemini Comments
  1. Christine Juarez

    It comes from your heart and soul, makes it that much more irresistible to watch you in video

  2. Christine Juarez

    I absolutely love your voice, and your style. It fits you to a "T"!! Keep on keeping on~. From a New Fan (Gypsy)

  3. allen hughes

    love yor music!! 🦉

  4. Oliver Henžeľ


  5. Tita

    Menina linda eu quero morar na sua rua

  6. Tita

    I'm so in love with the style she had for clothes like in this video

  7. Melissa Loveless


  8. Colin Rambo

    After discovering tash, i cannot start/end my day/night without hearing this track. I can hear/feel the great vibration flowing thru you girl and it shakes loose a tear of gratitude for my life each and every listen... u r kokopeli incarnate... thank u for sharing yourself with the world

  9. Aurelien-G

    am I the only one who never wants this trumpet to end ? I am looking for this kind of vibe anybody has music suggestions ?

  10. Nemer H C N

    No words.

  11. koytluwue Uzunja

    Só as músicas da tash conseguem desembaraçar os nos da minha alma nesses tempos.

  12. pce♥️

    Thx ❤

  13. Mnml44

    Discovered your music today, i am also a Gemini & i must say that your music totally goes deep inside me.. so beautiful.. thank you!!!

    Energetic Liberator

    Me too... may 22nd, just found her yesterday and am now obsessed

  14. Rayzek

    im addicted to that song *__*

  15. bizreh amro

    if i a god, i will put the last minute in your song on the doomsday <3

  16. Monica Romero

    Some sing out👉 loud.She sings from 👆within ,it's like I can feel a grasp of her soul ,soo deep, it mends my spirit to a serene state❤😍😊

  17. Francesca Picchi

    God, she's talented, she's giftedd, she's a genious.
    love her music. the most beautifull thing is that she enjoys it, she's putting all her hart on the music, interesting.

  18. Alberto Avila

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♡


    Eso es un artista que ama lo q hace , sale de alma su música Genia

  20. Nigat Birru

    after that no stress !!!

  21. Maye Maye

    I need this kind of chill everyday. Hello 2019!

  22. Lucie

    Beautiful. You made me happy today.

  23. Caroline Steinberg

    I wish I could work with an artist like u ur brilliant 🔛🔁🔥🎤🎹🎸🎺♥️

  24. batuhan ozemek


  25. Reg An

    ναι ρε φίλε!

  26. Johnnie Walker

    Godlike Artist.

  27. Noelia Keos


  28. Samet öztürk

    I love you so much :))

  29. carlos moonchild

    Hi tash are you gemini ? I am aquarius we are astral match

  30. Solara Mars the Eclectic Witch

    Your music is so incredible! I'm SO glad you popped up in my recommended! Keep on being amazing!!! <3

  31. drachenkiller93

    Your the BEST!!

  32. d c

    I'm a gemini too, my birthday is also 15 th of june. Crazy!!!

  33. ubatubacasa

    Thank You Tash for the Good Vibes!!!

  34. The Walker Squad

    I'm so in love with her

  35. jerrud johnson

    Tash,... I am sorry if the trumpet almost makes ya pass out. ( feel ya. Tried that shit once. Stickn to the Bass.) Anywho... Please play more trumpet.
    You know ya like the sound and feel.
    ( just breath) 😉. 😫🤣😎😇😉

  36. MrVikbit

    fly beetween my dreams

  37. YesMeiko

    She feeling it like i do if i break <3 it

  38. Susan Doolan

    I’m so glad I found you Tash you are the most talented creative musician I have heard I love you and your style and music . WOW 💕

  39. rolando rogers

    Honestly.. to me i love to see that one person can bring us all together we need to stop with all the hate because we are all one race and it should be all love ❤️

  40. Peter Weedman

    ich liebe dich

  41. A.M. Manthey

    real great, lots of love and respect

  42. Max Rothansl

    Cooles Weib. Ist die vom Mars?

  43. breelinton09

    Ma girl! Can't get enough of her raw energy <3

  44. Tarun Mathew

    Collab with Fkj please!!!

  45. Angela Mattson

    Simply beautiful. 😌

  46. Make a Wish

    She's a reincarnation of some famous man musician.) In this life she upgrade herself...even she is a women, she use more masculine energy...hihi :) ...she is Beautiful..ty for everything Tash.) <3

  47. sarah mills

    she literally feels the music in her blood, her body, maybe her soul

  48. Hydroplane Convoy

    Handsonic vibes

  49. Palesa Mphatsoe

    The passion

  50. drumgod19991

    heroin is a hell of a drug

  51. Genesis April

    Her sexy faces. >,<

  52. AJHD

    219 people missed the like button... how can you hate this?!

    Tash you're already a legend!

  53. Sabby Rückert

    It feels like warm honey. Vibe.

  54. Ruben Gonzalez

    I love your music. To much

  55. eweko costar

    the music very nice beautiful

  56. Hayk Baghdasaryan

    who r u ???? O_O

  57. italiavidale

    Sensuality personified

  58. Flavius Riot

    I love you, with all my heart. You make my life better.

  59. Si si Moon

    Her and her music are my muse for painting! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰love her!!! 😍

  60. flavy1000

    So....you were a Gemini, of course...!! I am , too...! Go, girl!


    Very emotionally felt. "THANK YOU...Namaste-Om

  62. Carsten Schmidt

    TASH SULTANA = Mirror of the Music ;) wunderfully!

  63. Seaair

    is this named gemini after the zoadiac sign??

  64. AUQUA123

    smooth as fuck

  65. Dakota Palmer

    super relaxing

  66. Sharni McHeyzer

    I said I am having a GAY PANIC ATTACK. She is just so magnetic 😍

  67. Giannis ntm

    nice voice, an angel voice

  68. Skello BR

    Sensacional !!!! ..... Você é demais !! Uma artista e cantora totalmente completa. Eu te admiro demais Tash !!! <3

  69. Cheese Peace

    Oh yes .. Time of the Liars is over ! Now its time for us , for the human souls for the good souls ,free souls ♥️

  70. alguém

    Viciada em como você ama música, canta com a alma isso é único

  71. Настройщик

    Натаха ЖГИ!!! )))

  72. Gracie Cardona

    This is the most beautiful human soul i have ever laid eyes on

  73. Shadow Walker

    i played trumpet for almost 4 years and could not Play what she is playing xD

  74. Jeremiah Guillory

    Dame she sick

  75. TheJoshue001

    she really feels it

  76. Imke Levra

    I`m a Gemini as well (19 June 1985). I love being "one of that kind" ;) - and I`m sending you love from Germany!

  77. Moises Lucio

    She loves music, simply amazing!

  78. Courtney Bell

    This is more than music, it's heart and soul, it's so much energy and I have no idea what to call this. I just know it's my favourite. Love from NS Canada <3

  79. Mr. Bluesnote


  80. Gao Fang

    Can't stop listening to you everyday now.

  81. jason anderson

    Her music crushed me even before I saw any of her videos. Now I know even more about her genius and her rifts bring me too tears. She is a treasure

  82. Lukasz Plum

    fajna jesteś . POLAND

  83. Francisco Leon

    beautiful :D

  84. Heather Locke

    thank you for existing XO

  85. Joshua Horning

    What kind of soulless person pressed unlike? Whoever you are, you need a hug.

  86. Michal Viktorin

    Sometimes you overdo this. I like psychedelic side of your music, but you really fuck up voice time to time. Otherwise no critticism. PEACE!

  87. Krasimira Chakarova

    TASH SULTANA, ONE man from BULGARIA is addicted to you!
    Come to BULGARIA!!!!!!!, Please! Your energy has intoxicated him and he's dying for you !

  88. Alex M

    Youre amazing!

  89. Hani Zeraguenia

    Isn't that the living room

  90. Josh King

    Too lost in her music to do anything else but close my eyes and listen. It’s been a very long time since I’ve effortlessly tuned out 100% of negative thoughts and let my mind wander. Your relationship with your music is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  91. rushab runwal

    You beauty!!!!! Mesmerising

  92. Hoovy Hoov

    Love this!!

  93. Ed Fairfax

    There is some music that can help can a person through dark times.  I have been having a tough time for several months since losing my family.  I've recently been listening to music that's new for myself and I came across Tash Sultana this week.  Tash's music definitely helps sooth my mind.  Thank you for what you do.

  94. Nathalie Perez

    Pour moi, la meilleure de Tash, quel talent !

  95. Иван Мараховский

    u r wonderful