Tash Sultana - Big Smoke Lyrics

Well I was going down on my lines
And I heard that the waiting feel was fine
And I was reading in between the lies
Like I had my hands right over my eyes
See this is what I despise of you and I

I took a trip to the dark side
I placed it on my tongue
Re-wired my whole brain
Started hell it begun
The world drained from colour
Black and white was the sun
I forgot my own name
I forgot who I was

But when the big smoke comes
I know the way
'Cause I wanna
Guide your love
Guide your love back home
'Cause when the big smoke comes
I know the way
'Cause I wanna guide your love
Back home

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Tash Sultana Big Smoke Comments
  1. Healani Matthews

    Thank you! This ones my favorite

  2. Ignacio Villarroel

    Nice song.


  3. andre Apocalypto

    My gf brought me here and I'm so happy she did :)

  4. Vladimir Sajtovic

    Ich liebe es

  5. Jeremy Deane

    Tash you are classic we love you. Big time I play guitar and feel so alive listening to you. Keep on rocking

  6. Jeremy Deane

    So great

  7. Kri Mou

    Its My favs Songs Ever. Finally Someone WHo understand My Feelings nd can explain Them

  8. Jeremy Deane

    Love it the ending man I just feel it the tone with guitar hits my soul

  9. Tim Drüner

    Anyone knows which distortion pedal she's using for the solo?

    John Mikos

    Tim Drüner no, but she is a solo artist, so it’s all a solo. she uses looping pedals for all the different instruments.

    Tim Drüner

    @John Mikos you don't say 😒

  10. Pastor Alemán

    Who else feeling those "notion" vibes?

  11. Nukmal

    Me he vuelto loco por esta chica recién escucho su voz y puuuffff excelente 😍

  12. David Cutipa

    Like it says in the book... We are both blessed and cursed.

  13. JustDontAskMe

    ... I didn't like this album as much as the second album because of many reasons. The live version is way better. Tash saltuna first album had songs which was around 7 min long but this one has just the purpose of getting as much clicks as possible on all streaming platforms. 4 mins is not enough 😔 ps: don't get me wrong. Tash sultana is my fav artist of all time. Hits me right in the soul. Curing depression and anxiousness. She is an angel. But her songs should be 7-8 mins long. But those short songs just don't draw the painting... It just shows you the result. That's kinda sad with such potentially good songs.

    Esteban Guevara

    cerrar el orto y aprende a valorar el arte

  14. Sam bolt

    all you had to do was to follow the goddamn train CJ!!!

  15. Hous Gr


  16. JensenMartz

    I'm tripping and I'm sober, awesome!!

  17. Dr. Av

    You ani’s fooling me, you are no HUMAN!

  18. TheAndreiaZ

    I am Brazilian, living in Portugal. First time I heard. My musical Hope in humanity has been restored.

  19. yunusemre ko

    An oasis in the middle of popular music desert.

  20. WeThePeople

    I was able to see her live and she is so talented. Super!

  21. Jesse Oele

    Nearly k-holed with a friend this weekend. Thought it would be a good idea to play this album. The tunes together with the illustrations was really an adventure

  22. Raquel

    100th comment GOTDAMNIT I ❤ THIS SONG!!!!

  23. Benjamin Stewart

    You picked the wrong house foo!!

    Aristotle Pone Pule

    was looking for this comment lmao

  24. I.H Hape

    Holy shit I've never hurd of this person befor shes awsome 😊 come to New Zealand

  25. Boza Djukic

    She is unique, God's gift. Only she can do it. Every note it plays makes sense. Listen and enjoy.
    Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia.

  26. theBEE 1234love

    *THANK YOU* 👍👍🎼🎸🎸🎸🎼👍👍

  27. Austin Hiebert

    If you can ever make it to Boise you've got a least one ticket sold for sure🤙🤘

  28. Joshua Horning

    When she plays you can literally feel it in your soul. There's no words for the appreciation my ears have today.

  29. Matias Andres Lobos


  30. melancholic road

    Now That's some real music, showing pain in a unique and good way...thanks girl u good keep up

  31. Simor Rebel

    this video make me high asf

  32. b0zina

    Auuuu brateeee

  33. Kate R0171

    i love this song i listen to it everyday

  34. Manfred Gonzalez

    Felicitaciones, muy potente tu música. saludos desde CHILE.

  35. DT DAKAN

    One of the best artists out hands down

  36. Margaux Rierson

    wow, this entire album is amazing!!!

  37. Andreia Heyer

    Magical 🌿

  38. Merce des

    your musik just blow my mind away! finally i found you!❤

  39. Slaying Peach

    This is the first youtube video without negative comment cant believe my eyes lol. Love her music no one can hate

  40. griwarli

    your music makes me so relaxed, and you got a very beautiful visualisatie running there...thanks so much!

  41. Oscar Velazquez

    Legit crying because I found out she is coming to bottlerock this year and that's my hometown and too see yet another artist I love in my hometown is just amazing! I love you tash sultana ! You never ever disappoint me!!!

  42. African Beauty

    Love, it! ❤️❤️YOU’RE AMAZING ❤️

  43. michela

    Love from Italy Tash

  44. martin figur0a240sx

    big smoke ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  45. Akanksha Maurya

    Everything about her is so beautiful <3 Her music got me through my darkest times, I will forever be in debt for that. So much soul and so much love, such a talented artist. I was so blessed to see her live in Nashville, and honestly her energy is divine, she didn't even take a break at all for 2.5 hours! Lover her so much!

  46. Kenda Ry


  47. Frigate named Aubrey

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Tash is amazing,
    And that shouldn't surprise you. :D

  48. Cindy O

    Bringing guitar artistry back. Very proud

  49. robyn youlten

    Tash - loving the intricacies..little colours..subtle melodies and your lyrics ...traveling the journey - stunning shred - embracing the intensity - stunning!Peace light much lovexo

  50. Fiona Mary

    In my back yard gardening, a dog by my side and listening to Tash. That's my flow state.

    Redwood Trees


    Redwood Trees

    Having a yard of a time

  51. Gertrudes Dark

    This music is beautiful...

  52. Braindead Bogan

    Would love it better without the vocals, tbh.

  53. Robert Montenegro

    Groovy tune.

  54. Jessie Bear


  55. Fernanda Peñailillo

    Que bien suena está mujer!!!
    Un buen disco para relajarse, gracias Tash! Te esperamos en Chile

  56. Spowie Mate93

    this made me trip sober :D

  57. James Doss

    Had the most awesome dream about you. Really helped me with something that's been on my mind!

  58. L33Tktulu

    damn so goood

  59. Lior Yoeli


  60. MyousicK T.T

    Good way to the big houses and stadiums, have fun on every big festival they offer you. My ears on you from now on!

  61. Bold Love

    CRAPOLA FAKE SHIT, this gen is dumb sold out to anything that goes dingadingding, as long as its marketed and your told its good, you believe it? Bots started this shit!

    Alyssa Hudgins

    Lol you have to understand the amount of skill and talent it takes to make her music....she plays all the instruments herself and loops them with such precision and timing that it all flows... Try listening to Pink Moon or Harvest Love, her vocal prowess and musical ability is outstanding... Not to mention the videos of her live are really cool to see the way she does it all and with that amount of energy and enthusiasm

  62. Myles Myers

    listen in .75 speed. trust me.

    Diamond Editzz

    i trusted you....and i regret it wholeheartedly...fuck you myles

  63. T money

    Sick lyrics👽💚

  64. Laura Lopez

    Dude I never comment on anything but holy crap! this is amazing! so talented B!

  65. Alondra Soto


  66. Dirty Vibe Records

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    Never heard of Tash untill now,
    I’m an idiot.


    Don't feel bad..I just heard of her today and I am fuckin hooked immediately. Going to be on my regular playlist now..

    Redwood Trees

    @TimelessWanderlust same. Yesterday for me, its cool that she plays guitar and is actually good:P

    Redwood Trees

    @TimelessWanderlust same Found her yesterday, She popped up on reddit somehwere and I thought her name was hilarious so I clicked on it and watched the vid of her playing a concert somewhere where she does some mad improv. Diggin the Guitar.

  67. kevin david

    What a song! Such rich sounds. Very Unique!

  68. Msh3lani K


  69. steffy freire

    A toda raja este disco! me encanta

  70. Wendy G

    Bless You Tash. Once again, thank you for sharing your music with the world. Always appreciating your work.

  71. Alma Lonati

    Muyy bueno

  72. Johnny Garcia

    there is only one word to describe you; Amazingbeautfulawesomegoddess. you are gods gift to earth.

  73. feardrop

    Thank you for the uploads and the great show in Cologne. Also, for being yourself and not letting others let you down. Stay strong and keep on going. Life is beautiful. Oh, and you are more than an inspiration to me. Thank you for that! @fkyhdino

  74. SuperAddictivemusic

    I Think I got my senses back..

  75. Diego Sandoval

    <3 amo tu musica, gracias por tan buena composición <3

  76. Chloe Murphy

    i actually screamed. a studio version?? THANK YOU LEGEND <333

  77. Tiago The Creator

    B e u t i f u l 💗

  78. all jokes aside

    Tash is woke as fuck wow

  79. Shannon Lush

    hmmm margaritas at sunset

  80. nativegirl1828

    Tash Sultana....you are an absolutely amazingly talented individual and your music and songs lift me up and inspire me like no other music I've heard.

  81. Christina Dennis

    ❤🇦🇺 take me away 🇦🇺❤

  82. Mayra Fabian

    THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  83. Nelfon Oppa

    OMG!!! she played this on the streets isn't it? I was browsing her clips on Youtube last time and I really love this song. If I'm not mistaken, for that street performance, she said "this'll be my last performance so I want you guys to just relax and enjoy." Or some sort...

  84. Felizitas Vaimanu

    Wow, your album is probably the best I have ever heard in my entire life! It's so rich, unique and on point! Thank you very much for sharing your art, talent and love! You bring the magic of this universe down to earth :)


    Great comment

    Mike Rafn

    Wow, so nice a comment

  85. Vanessa Morales


  86. Javi Men

    Me encanta tu música!

  87. Roo Vin

    Blasting all your songs in NZ everyday I swear. 👂🍬🔥

    kevin david


  88. Roo Vin


  89. Jan

    Oh Tash! You are such a Goddess, thank you!!!

  90. Alan Santos

    N I C E ! 🎵

  91. Cloud Chasing

    I wish my flow state lasted forever but its always so fleeting

  92. Sofi Agus

    Es muy hermoso ♡♡ 😍

  93. Liane Close

    Gotta love it ✌

  94. Lynniechen

    so in love <3

  95. Mauricio Villavicenciø


  96. K a t h e r i n e

    I love it 🙇💖🌙