Tarrus Riley - Guess Who? Lyrics

Coming for the food, I-man no come yah so fi play

Coming for the food, I-man no come yah so fi play
Coming for my food, I-man no come yah so fi play
And if you nah no food, better you get out a me way
Get out a me way, better you... aah, aah, aah

Guess who's coming to dinner...
You better have my food, man
Oh, oh!
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Too long we hungry, that can't work

I come to mash up the place, nobody taking my space (yeah yeah)
Don't know the risk that we take, just to put food on the plate (oh no)
Uh, it no sunny today, lightening and thunder, earthquake (yeah yeah)
Think you can walk in my shoes? You can't even tie the laces
Man hungry, hungry soon turn to anger, then anger turn to danger
Hey, me no waan nobody come a tell me 'bout me temper
No retreat, no surrender, you sit on your veranda
And think it's cool for ghetto youths to suffer, well

Guess who's coming to dinner...
Yeah, everywhere in the world, everybody need food
Badman fire
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Uh, cha
Every ghetto youth, weh you plan fi shoot?

You nah know nothing 'bout pain, you never watch with a flame (oh no)
You never fend for yourself, that's a shame
Well, I never born with a silver spoon in engraved with me name (oh no)
Watch the lion in the zoo, him no tame
Man hungry, hungry soon turn to anger, then anger turn to danger
Hey, me no waan nobody come a tell me 'bout me temper
Heart colder than December, and yes me do remember
Those hopeless nights and all without no supper, so

Guess who's coming to dinner...
Better have my food, man
Better have my food, man, yeah
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Better have my food, make sure I'm getting through to you

Guess who's coming to dinner...
Better have my food, man
Better have my food, yeah
All children needy, needy, no fi, yeah

Coming for the food, I-man no come yah so fi play
Coming for my food, I-man no come yah so fi play
Coming for my food, I-man no, nah-nah-nah
I come to mash up the place, ma-mash up the place...
Coming for my food, I-man no come yah so fi play
Yeah, yeah
Watch the lion...
Yeah, yeah
Guess who's coming to dinner...
Guess who's coming to dinner...

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Tarrus Riley Guess Who? Comments
  1. Kevin Mollel


  2. yolo

    Nice jam !

  3. Landerground


  4. exdoode

    It's crap! let Mykal Rose do the singing please!!!

  5. tina bell

    Video up song way up. One thing tho ,I just wish the song was longer so I could rock my foot & my batty some more😁😁😁

  6. tina bell

    No talk truth who like before the song even start?# wish I could mash up the dislike button.. Yeah! Yeah!

  7. Coach Smith

    Black Uhuru's music is TIMELESS!!

  8. Daniel Appiahrrr322w

    Jah bless on you for the best music

  9. Ashley Wheatley-Bradford

    My favourite reggae singer Mykal Rose much love you Legend! Love your art bless up 🥰🔥🔥🔥❤️💛💚🙌🏾💪🏾🙂

  10. Junior Hillbroom

    Love from beyond hope Idaho

  11. Tony Smith

    This is pure 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Teresa Ita

    No retreat no surrender
    You sit on your veranda and think its cool for ghetto youths to suffer #wordplay
    Much love from Kenya :D

  13. Chantaul Beckford

    Lyrical 💃🏼Generalz

  14. Lorenzo Stephens

    Big Respect🙌💪

  15. Empress Beebop

    Keep up these great collaborations! Surprising enuf very few are born with a silver spoon..

  16. Christine Ries


  17. Ibrahim John Bois Sesay

    great sounds .i am a Sierra Leonean

  18. Al Cre

    Sell everything exempt my souwwwll!!!😆

  19. Devon Devon

    sound good

  20. Jahmorro 671


  21. Michael Kiptoo Mwaniki


  22. Rahyym Rayshizzle


  23. Colete Miss Ndung'u


  24. Projectile

    this is so fucking lit.

  25. nailah scott


  26. Chris Valenzuela

    Salutations from chicago....this is my 2019 jam.....🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. joy ce

    Tarrus, I want to meet you one day and appear in one of your videos. I love your music like crazy! Love from kenya!

  28. Moses Kamakia

    Respect large from Kenyaaaaaaa

  29. Delisha Wedderburn

    You are keeping the music alive only a matter of time before the world realize that music is base on reality and not to get popularity it must mean something that someone can relate to

  30. Nico Keip

    Mykal in Austin 420 2019 killed it.

  31. Christopher Miller

    Big chune Taurus Riley and Mykal Rose.
    Mi madda say mi fi trust a Swavitel.😂🤣. Love my culture bad.

  32. BeautifulAli1991

    Song bad like gun

  33. Andy Sah


  34. Ich Bins

    Geat...nice Update of the good old Black Uhuru Song :)

  35. flesh jaguamaica


  36. Daniel dos Anjos

    Sou Fã de Tarrus Fyah Man

  37. melvin aiken

    A dash of Rose, a drum and bass of Sly and Robbie and a heavy dose of Tarrus Riley makes for a nice Reggae Recipe

  38. Roxanne Moore

    Summer Banger. Love this Dinner

  39. ShelzyJ Jones

    Guess who's coming to dinner, love it keep playing it over xxx

  40. Nairobi SouthC

    Great song!

  41. mystik original ragga


  42. 2bad Official


  43. Donna Rose-Caesar

    My people for better or worse. Jamaica Land We Love. Tarrus keep the fire blazing for our beautiful island. You are carrying on your dad's legacy so very well!

  44. Kolussus

    Tarrus Riley. Real heavy weight living legend in today's Reggae music.

  45. Unknow One

    Inna dub wize me bradda .much love from Tunisia Africa Mama.blesssss

  46. Norby Orville

    Rise up the tarrus!

  47. Dwayne uptop

    Tarrus i know good music will go a far way but you need to promote your music more the song is good the video is great so why isnt it being promoted properly i was just bored and buck up on this music video

  48. Joy Thompson

    I need to go visit

  49. Big Jumbo

    Where's the old tarrus gone



  51. Nyah Higgins

    1💜 think ya can walk in me shoes man ya can even tie the laces 🔥

  52. Maj Jo

    Mikal Rose no age at all. Been listening to Black Uhuru from me eye deh a me knee. Nuff respect Greatest of all Time. Tarrus aka singy singy love love u!!

  53. Katarzyna Florczyk

    any info where was recorded vid?

  54. DoSpreadNutella Gaming

    now you know where gun lean came from

  55. Rohini1993

    Black Uhuru was my first real reggae experience, forever grateful to be able to appreciate such an uplifting genre and culture. Peace ✌🏾

  56. Zuberi

    tarrus ah come aid ah rap style! love it ! up up up

  57. John Paddy


  58. Ann D

    Guess, Guess. Tune,Tune. Love it, love it. Replay, Replay - Nice one.

  59. Anothny Lewis


  60. leonie85

    I need Buju and Tarrus to link

  61. Winrose Iminza


  62. Payton show Payton thomas

    Big chune

  63. Mekeela Farquharson

    That song a real song

  64. Yesid Delgado

    Really Riddim Bit.... Burning

  65. Katrina Empire

    I'm in LOVE with This Song but i have a Question Mr Riley Sir Who is the FINE Guy Cooking The Food Asking For Myself😍

  66. Staeh Chela

    guess who..🔥🔥🔥

  67. Darian Henry

    Big up road flex real engine cart cd man...pass tru everyday on constant spring road...sells good cds. Big up mr. Riley

  68. Tony Smyth

    Too nice.
    Play it more than once.

  69. Kedine Malcolm

    My soul feels irie agen!!!!! Big up yuself Riley and Rose!! #RoseRileyproduction

  70. Tushy Ranx

    Nuff lov out ah Kinia 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪

  71. Garvin Mcpherson

    The Flow sick🤪🤪🤪 Big tune👌👌👌👌💯

  72. Ruth Maina

    Tarrus Riley Gives it 💯 Daaaamn this Cover is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Approved in 🇰🇪 ♨️

  73. sarah adhiambo


  74. Mighty is the Mic

    Lambchops and bread is it an open invite still available later

  75. Daniela Perez

    Yeeeeeahhh!!!! México presente!! 🔥

  76. Mind Blower

    Struggling to really connect the famous track by Mykal rose with what tarrus is saying in this autotune. Mykal why you haff to sell out the legendary track just for a feature in an auto tune video by a man who doesn't even have confidence in his own voice. You should have reworked this track properly. It could have been great.
    No offence intended but singing is what mykal does. Why go near this auto tune business

    Junior Hillbroom

    Mind blowing ART

  77. Rf C

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷


    Leggo big tune!

  79. Cam Diggity

    Fire fire!! Wanted to hear more from mr. Rose, but still. Dope video, fire track. Give thanks. Damn, if hip hop could bring it back we'd really have a chance. We do it tho.

  80. Lil Gsta Faux

    Big Bless up XxX Enuf Luv XxX

  81. dj prince


  82. Themba Ngwenya

    South Africa

  83. Mik Della

    Big Chune! 🚀🇯🇲🆙🔝🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. JAH SON

    DUBWISE........YES MI LION 🦁

  85. Hugh Mcfarlane

    The intro thou 😂😂😂 Jamaica nice 😂😂😂😂

  86. Delano Kalpoe

    Yaaaaaaa this number is on FIRE

  87. A Bnasty Film

    Chunnnnneeeeee!! Soul food !!!

  88. A Bnasty Film

    Guess this coming to dinner

    Me lol 😂

  89. Piotr K.

    What prepare on dinner?;)

  90. warren tone


  91. John Amar

    Big Up from Hawaii

  92. Kudakwashe Phillie


  93. Papa Jay

    Ghana jamaica inna di building..seen🇯🇲🇬🇭

  94. kim wilcox


  95. GrandMaster P


  96. chris heath

    great reworking of a classic tune.Black Uhuru for ever!