Tarrus Riley - Grave Yard Lyrics

A weh the badman dem deh?
[?] leggo that, you hear me a say?
Head Conussion!

Grants Pen man nah go grant you no pardon
Tivoli man mek Meadowrest turn your garden
Junglist a go well off a dem [?] and
Rema man no have no fear at all, well
Waterhouse nah go wet you with water
Right now inna Rockfort things warmer
Bwoy a do things fi mek dem name call
Which part have the most gun man?

Now dung a graveyard, graveyard
The wickedest man dem live down in graveyard
Deh so dem dead
Graveyard, graveyard
Go look and wuk badness no play, dawg
Or else a graveyard, graveyard
Put down your gun and gwaan go pray, dawg
You know a graveyard, graveyard
You sure you bad, you sure you brave, dawg?

New York man all have skin teeth
Inna Miami, wickedest thing 'pon the street
England man dem no run from police
The Caribbean a more than white sandy beaches
Better you love life, better you live right
Hey, lowe the gang and the crew, and find a nice wife
Badness a no nice life, a no nothing fi we highlight
Funeral, nine night

Graveyard, graveyard, hey
Go look and wuk badness no play, dawg
Or else a graveyard, graveyard
The roughest and the toughest deh a graveyard
Deh so dem dead
Graveyard, graveyard, cho
Cyaan even party, cyaan even rave, dawg
Graveyard, graveyard, oi
Graveyard, woie

Inna the six dem lef' you six foot six, that mean
Turn 'round, gun man never move and miss, hey
This wicked man, a you will get dismissed, cho
Hold on now Dread, deh is a warning this
Whole dem yah clip yah, a no paper clip
Cah yah no man, dem do no talking
Bwoy a do things fi mek dem name call
Which part have the most gun man?

Now dung a graveyard, graveyard, hey
Go look and wuk badness no play, dawg
Or else a graveyard, graveyard
The roughest and the toughest deh a graveyard
Deh so dem dead
Graveyard, graveyard, cho
Cyaan even party, cyaan even rave, dawg
Graveyard, graveyard, oi
Graveyard, woie

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Tarrus Riley Grave Yard Comments
  1. Delon Thomas

    Rip santana hondell andall

  2. God bless Natz

    2020 and mi still deh ya enuh !!! 😁 bad chune!

  3. Delon Thomas

    Caribbean my home my people love each other

  4. Delon Thomas

    The real ghettos where we from we see the baddest fall the tallest get cut small still we give thanks for life jah know its either a curse or a tragedy show more love and respect amongst the brothers and sisters

  5. 876ordirt D

    Badness no pay but mi still wi up mi gun pon any bloodclatt bwoy who violate dem dead

  6. Albert Kailie

    Dope Video

  7. Neiliah Nelson

    Still here...St.thomas my place...big up Taurus

  8. Tatenda Masara

    🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼come back again🔥🔥

  9. ladymaefire

    Makes no sense!!!! Thanks Singy Singy for doing your part and speaking out against it!!

  10. Papa Jay

    Ghana jamaica inna di buildingg🇯🇲🇬🇭


    talk to dam bout them head hot

  12. Linroy Benjamin

    Up upupup🤾👆

  13. Trina J


  14. ying yang to bloodclaat!

    Thy will be done for Taurus Riley, Great Spirit.

  15. ying yang to bloodclaat!

    You rasta men are the wickedness on the soil. Two face cutlass. You are another Mr Brown. Cup of ice.

  16. Tajay Graham

    This ruff youth do your thing chargii

  17. Spanish Kidd

    Hardest song for him🔥🔥🔥

  18. Jason Ramphal

    Wicked Chune! Wicked Riddim! Real Talks! Love it! I hope Tarrus message sink in to all those who need to rethink their lifestyle!

  19. Not Interested

    When the youth stomach a graveyard it's only natural that they go rotten. Ital is vital.

  20. Crazy Genius#1

    a real talk sing mek di so called bad man them know seh badness nuh pay

  21. damaine chung

    we need some more songs like this Mr Riley

  22. Shemmy Lounse

    True thing

  23. Seandell Griffith

    GT Women don't talk either, especially when we're about to lock shit down... Cool and deadly.

  24. Tony Tone

    Mod mod real ting put down the gun dem kuz you fi end up inna grave tarrus big up Toronto who heard that mod my city dat

  25. John Khaos

    This should be JAMAICA new underground anthem ...876 love over war

  26. Trina J

    u live by the gun you die by the gun

  27. Mabulah Leonard

    😅😅😅😅cava like

  28. Lusi Myer

    Wicked video and song (message) Tarrus you large!!

  29. Delon Thomas

    Extention clip pon fully auto dem youth nah smile while bodies drop cold

  30. Willy Wakaba


  31. Damian CoolBoyz

    Guyana man them nah do talking 🔥🔥🔥 this is bawd.

  32. Subzerouh

    amazing, tarrus is my fav n the the power in that song is just insane. just beware bout the refrain, it gets kinda repetetive ^^ beter dont loop n enjoy from time to time.
    much love guys

  33. Richard Williams

    Real song real video when kartel aguh drop feem video

  34. Mystic Muzik Vevo



    true talk 🌟enough words to live up to #goodmusic

  36. TheNubianPrince8

    Powerful message Bro Riley 🖤🙅🏿‍♂️

  37. Евгений Рыбин

    Words, except the word "Graveyard" hasn't understood, but the song very strong!

  38. ybn_killer29

    What language is that?

  39. kevin makaveli

    badness nuh pay brejins

  40. Sound the Alarm Missionaries

    Is he talking about the jamaican gangsters in these cities he mention, who what he's hearing?

  41. iron man

    Hottest song on the riddim, this should have been a single.

  42. Muhizi Allan

    This a message to youth.....in the graveyard ....big up Tarrus [email protected] educative music hearing AFRICA, Rwanda

  43. Montgomery Mcguire


  44. Di Mondi

    Always on top of all

  45. Markoy Cole

    I just saw this a cute girl was covering it lol

  46. Issack Machuza

    Yap Badness nuh pay

  47. Anieka Brown

    This song speak truth

  48. Xolani Jack


  49. Forever Gorgeous

    Video quality ❤❤❤❤👌

  50. Clive Grant

    In a the 6 dem left u 6 foot 6 that mean Toronto man dem never shoot and miss......
    Dis wicked man u get dismiss......
    The most gunman deh a graveyard.

  51. Simone Mathews

    Big big song

  52. Rachel Thiam Esmerasta Martinique


  53. james onderi

    Big up Tarrus.

  54. Dennis Kinyara

    1:16 when that guy smiles he looks like a young wayne marshall

  55. shaka charles

    Guyana man nah do no talking

  56. younglawd vevo

    Mad tarrus🎭

  57. LAwd GAd Music


  58. Foreighflow records

    I wasn't expecting this one from him

  59. BPD World

    Wowwwwww Tarrus such a bangerrrrr and great message 😻🤴🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👊🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  60. Teresa Love

    Blaaazin' chune!.. Better Jamaica mi seh!

  61. Iyabinghi Ashanti

    Badman and gunman tek up fishing inna Jamdung now. Gun runnings and ting a run di place! And some eediat boys dem a exchange contraband fi contraband across di seas. Mi a tell anybody sey di place a run red especially when di fishaman dem naw bring een nuh catch fi di pat!

  62. Eli Horgz

    Very very clear message.

  63. Ndiaye Djiby Guide Touristique

    Nice tune

  64. Tit Tot

    Tatoo u go taurus.

  65. Jacqueline King Prophetic Utterance

    Strong message

  66. jazzy marz

    bang banga from aidonia is the number one song presently in Jamaica Feblruary 19.2018. so you tell me and we say we want a peace full
    Jamaica use the corruption and make them song ya number one.

  67. jazzy marz

    here in Jamaica we deserve all the killings and the murder rate is exactly where we want it ....jus look at all the violent songs and the songs with those misleading messages ...free world boss that's all you hear. ...them need to make gun songs illegal and if them breach them go to prison those artistes ....this song this song deserve more views we

  68. nick124

    The violence needs to stop! Inna August Town! Too many people are being killed 😢

  69. ezekiah rose

    why this not playing alot here

  70. marlon blackwood

    Love The Concept Of This Track #Graveyard

  71. Mystik TV

    Big tune Taurus

  72. Hockey Rules

    I want his t shirt

  73. ViN'z BONe'

    BiGUp 👊 🔫🔫 💥🔥🔊🇯🇲

  74. Dorrette Butler

    Hope them heard 🌍🇯🇲❤💛💚

  75. Val de taude PRODUCTION

    #Badness Nuh PAY
    Big Up Tarrus Riley

  76. the one

    Most bad man in the GRAVEYARD

  77. Neil Thompson

    Dem feel a chattinz

  78. Dj Stalwart The Boss Gambia

    big up mr singy singy the singer you always do it star

  79. Kadesha Morris

    Is that a pig drinking the blood???? Wtf??? That's why unuh nuffi nyam pork

    Markoy Cole

    Khandi Apple haha u really against eating pork lol

  80. Shantel Nubia

    Lets get Tarrus at 1 Million Views
    This Tune Sell off!

  81. icush bless

    Dem seh kill an collect dem coffin ..but it seems dem still na listen so remind dem again taurus

  82. noh mulugeta

    yoooo tarrus man u a great artist, give thanks man juh

  83. Mimi Mathews

    Nade move tarrus

  84. Kiedonna Roberts


    We're one my Caribbean people🤞🏽🌹

    Cookie Monster


  85. click click

    Love the hook...wicked man in graveyard... but this some is just another one "bigging" up gunmen. Listen to the verses.... telling you which man from what areas nuh play, and what they will do to you, and who will wet you up not with water.

    When the gunmen here this in dance what do you think they are hearing... "me come from jungle and yes that is how I treat a boy" " yes that is how I wet up a boy or gal"

    So this song even a try at "culture" is an abject failure praising gunmem..... so sad
    My heart hurt for my country.

    Miguel samson

    click click the overall message is no matter how bad you think you are no matter which place has the most gunman when it's all said in done there all inna graveyard and that lifestyle only leads to death.

  86. Andre Chito

    Big tune let’s see who duh yah from 100k views

  87. shonha1

    Reality music🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Val de taude PRODUCTION

    👑 Tarrus Riley
    🔥🔫 #stopviolence

  89. Aysha Welborn

    Thank you so much for this video Mr. Riley and the powerful message behind it. I'm glad you touched on something that's plaguing OUR communities GLOBALLY!!! Spread more worldwide Love... especially amongst the community. Love, Peace, Respect, Blessings & Continued Prosperity

  90. tonderai musiyazwiriyo

    You know wah mi ah talk about

  91. DJ Vadim

    big tune

  92. J Pinnacle

    The blunt truth, Peace!

  93. Vladimir

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tarrus

  94. weadian TV

    great song in this time . mobay nah listen .

  95. Michael Feil

    Shaaaaaaatttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥big up! Lyrics dem soooooo good! Real real real!