Tarrus Riley - Free Up Lyrics

We don’t give trouble
We give tax
Tun up the music caw we no response
Music a play from cross the distance

Free up, be your self
Do your own thing, be your king youth

Free up, be your self
No follow haters
Dem cyaa stop you

Free up, be your self
Dem shoes still cyaa walk like you

Way up, up wi deh
No bad mind cyaa hold wi down

[Verse 1:]
Suh when mi jump out a bed
Face brush, teeth wash
Half pound a greens in a my calabash
Sunlight a peep through the window crack
A beautiful day suh mi a go fi the pot

Well I’ve got life
And things nice
Step in the street am greeting wid smile
There’s no time for bad vibes no
Suh meck wi rock to the bass line and

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
When yuh sit down and you cursing
Have yuh every count yo blessings
Mi nuh dem do that none at all hi nuh
And while yo deh, deh, criticizing
Have you ever learn a lesson
Hear wa? Dem head tough like a wall hi no
And mi couldn’t follow people
Cho got to be me
Hey Chimney mi family tell dem fi follow we
Mi brother Tarrus Riley hum a rep the SMG
And wi come fi lock the whole country
Suh when yo si wi yo fi

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

[Repeat Chorus]

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Tarrus Riley Free Up Comments
  1. Sweettee Pie


  2. Dual L

    Were my True Jamaicans at

    Theresa Wright

    Right here

  3. Poochie Lou

    where is the video i love the song

  4. L V L S



    free up be you self

  6. Donnalyn Mahon

    Good tune and riddim

  7. Kameren KD

    free up

  8. Ciellé Johnson

    I love this song

  9. Gremsta

    #Ah dat bad!

  10. Tamika Angel

    I love this song

    wilton chino


  11. May Walters

    be true too yourself! Straighhhtttttt

  12. Capricorn Girl

    Inspirational Tune!!!

  13. Melissa Linton

    best tune

  14. glitter princess sariah

    best tune=

  15. Terry Lee

    Solid----full concrete tune this...free up...

  16. Annissa Kirton

    On repeat, give them ya shoes they still cah walk like you

  17. Anisa Love

    Tune be urself

  18. Ras Willie

    we nuh give trouble we give thanks, what an intro


    When yo stop out a bed face brush teeth wash?? Really a who produce this??


    It was just so that he could rhyme the last word in the next sentence. But Caribbean people understand the structure its we culture and we love it :)


    caribbean? i'm jamaican so i do get it just think a better context could be used just my opinion, mi still rate the tune its not a big deal just an opinion bless.


    +GALINGO respect :)


    but he cudda say "teeth brush, face wash" and it wudda rhyme.

    Khwantza Mac

    GALINGO Talk back way come mek we talk back way. "Man sey free up be yourself". Yet of course everyone has their opinions as usually. Could you imagine the chemistry at the time this was manifest. Free up be yourself