Tarrus Riley - Don't Shoot Lyrics

Don't shoot officer
You might find a draw
But I be no arm

No don't shoot officer
I come in peace
And I begging you please

[Verse 1:]
Mi hands up, don't wanna be a victim
Have yo bog gun weh shine and glistening
Too much innocent youth gone missing
I know you hear, are you listening?

Talk up, wi naw keep quiet
Bring love, why don't you try that
Poverty bring crime and violence
And yo injustice bring riot


[Verse 2:]
Don't watch how mi look
Don't you ever judge the cover of a book
Rasta and you know I nuh crook
Decent citizen on mi foot

Justice without partiality
No more police brutality
Serve and protect yo people
Stand up for the majority


[Verse 3:]
Wi don't want no ammunition
Bring communication
Let's bring a strong connection
Wi don't want no ammunition


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Tarrus Riley Don't Shoot Comments
  1. Cammy Deal

    Gwan Singie Singie...

  2. Christopher Noel

    Respect to rasta