Tarrus Riley - Come Ova Lyrics

Every minute every second am thinking bout you girl
And I know it's a blessing that your in my world baby

Why don't you come ova
Long to spend some time with you
Why don't you come over
I have plan fi you

[Verse 1:]
I never met a woman like you
Everything right girl like I no like you
Hey be mi sweet heart an be mi wife too
Don't left no space fi nobody come snipe you
You waan find love cause yo lost it
And this yah love yah weh wi have nobody cyaa cross it
Extra amount a love mi give are inna basket
Shi love the treatment deh supn deh shi endorse it


[Verse 2:]
One day without your love is like mi cyaa get enough
And anytime your away from me
Girl you a mi live blanket so mi cyaa sleep
Yo know mi never si the king without him queen yet
Anytime mi touch the road mi an mi be step
An from mi meck the link mi no have no regrets
Dem waan fi si wi sink but

[Chorus x2]

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Tarrus Riley Come Ova Comments
  1. Alana Thom

    I love this song ❤❤

  2. Stephen Gomez

    I have endless Love for you baby come ova

  3. Djenerino Asenkiniba

    love this sound

    Mikki Njosh

    In love wid da song

  4. Marija Jokic

    I know it's a blessing that you are in my world ❤

  5. Wavy. Davin

    my tune

  6. Smitty staysalty

    love this song

  7. Amelie Maïka

    i likeeeeeeeeeeeee (Y)

  8. Ladytee23 Official

    love this tune

  9. Kelly Tucker

    what a tune.... why dont yu come ova i got plans for you

  10. gazaladious

    pulllll it !!!!!