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Tarja Too Many Comments
  1. Big Bill O'Reilly


  2. Big Bill O'Reilly

    2020 TARJA is better than ever
    The most creative singer song writer on the planet

  3. caio lucas

    From 3:40 and on my soul melts and my mind is raised to the mighty cosmos.

  4. Big Bill O'Reilly

    Song # 11 on a great album!!!!!!

  5. Edilson Silva

    Look os from chrendulles God os from a trusth spacer mix with tears

  6. Edilson Silva

    One more light in a winsdow fire short remains Miner innocence to responsal over Miner fisrt gig show you are so jeeg in auto autuum I love you só dare site👁️

  7. Dan Nordqvist

    This is not the complete track. You missed the hidden end.

    Big Bill O'Reilly

    that takes awhile

  8. Gilson Carlos

    A rainha absoluta

  9. Paola Maximiliana Leandro Gutierrez

    buena song ¡¡

  10. Andrea Laing

    From experience I feel this is is about depression and suicidal thoughts where Tarja saves those who need saving,,,,,,,believe me I know x

  11. Gilson Carlos

    Tarja sempre rainha

  12. José Carlos Montoya

    This definitely breaks anyone's heart specially if that person just broke up with someone. That was my case, I cried listening to it!

  13. bscully

    Man this song is so good, it has something really enchanting about it, like its putting you into a trance like state

  14. Fleischsahne

    When sunrise outshice (german: ausscheissen) the grey! <3

  15. Ana Castro

    I'm in Love for this Song.....

  16. Jani Luukinen

    Omg, onpas Tarja tehny hyvän biisin! (vois melkein ostaa levyn, jos niitä Kempassa suinki olis myytävänä...):

  17. Danny Palatnik

    I've seen her live yesterday preforming this song in Tel Aviv
    Best fucking performance of the evening!

  18. Jonatan Pereyra

    3:24 I love that moment, it broke my heart

    Robsterry Ace

    totally! her vocals sound so nostalgic.

  19. Hangelluz eduardo Vilela

    This song close this album with a gold key :D

    Armando Parra

    Very well totally agree

    Big Bill O'Reilly


  20. its me aquil

    Very Good Song


    buena cancion...

  22. Robbie Alem

    many too many chorus at the end, but after that my favorite song from the album!! <3

    Lana Crowley

    hahahahahaha totally

    Josh Cavaradossi

    Robbie Mota not too many (8) xD

  23. Helgram Slavonian

    the album 's the best in her career,
    and too much interesting then Nightwish songs performance

    Big Bill O'Reilly

    I AGREE!

    Chilean Saurius

    Yeah... Better than endless forms most boring hehe

  24. Jen Kissa

    This song is so beautiful <3

  25. Jeanette Handy

    I wanna say that this hit home some how.

  26. Romeo619

    Terrible final! <3


    I cut that part out. Much better!

    Armando Parra

    Excellent end
    The precious voice of her alone

    caio lucas

    To me the ending is the best part, it's incredibly epic to see her vocal skills and the great instrumental accompanying her.

    Big Bill O'Reilly

    @caio lucas AGREE!

  27. Verena Valkyrie

    Such an awesome song! What do you guys think it's about? I think it's about anxiety and the hope to overcome it.

    Lucy Annafellows

    Yeah! I think something similar

    Lana Crowley

    Yes, this song is everything though Eagle Eye is my favorite from the album this one has such a powerful and magical essence that calms my heart

  28. anderson colmenares

    Hermosa canción. De las mejores de Tarja

  29. Sypianek

    Moim zdaniem najlepszy utwór z nowego albumu Tarji.

  30. Bogota Paranormal

    excelente tema sin duda una excelente preciosa para su próximo álbum tarja sin duda no deja de sorprender