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Tarja O Come, O Come, Emmanuel Comments
  1. mab kras

    She is a godness!! I love hers songs.🙋🌸🙏😍👑

  2. Lilia Hernández

    Amo su música 100%tarja

  3. shalleyah


  4. Deceased

    It’s funny how Tarja and The dark element (Anette band) are doing so much better than Nightwish today haha. Nightwish should’ve heard them out. They should’ve let Tarja or Anette write some songs especially Tarja because she really has a beautiful voice and mindset in music. Also Tarja has REALLY great lyrics, very inspirational and empowering

  5. Big Bill O'Reilly

    This Christmas album is EPIC
    I bought 2 this year
    Check out FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!

  6. N P

    Its Christmas 2019, and I made sure I listened to thi song tonight. My favorite song from Christmas and my favorite Christmas album. It is now tradition and requirement I listen to this every year. Thank you Traja.

  7. Agatankh V

    Perfect music for December ❄️✨

  8. Kafurry

    for me this song, this version represent to person who choose to stay alone during any celebration days

    Darcy Auguste

    So true.. perfect for loners

    Devon Dené Drouillard

    Perfect for the loner, outcasted, “weirdo”, “losers” of the world like myself and many others


    @Devon Dené Drouillard i would indicate loner as a strong person. Not many people really can be like this.

    Devon Dené Drouillard

    Kafurry true and that’s evident since they’re not many of us loners in the world. I always think of us loners as God’s chosen few. When you have in depth conversations with many loners, you gain so much introspection and depth about the world that most people can’t fathom, and I think that’s pretty cool

  9. Patrick Christopherson

    I got chills. This was amazing!!!!

  10. Eva Vi

    Тарья специалист в своём деле.

  11. pantoon123

    That's fantastic. WOW. Love it.

  12. Zoran Komadina

    She calls 4 diferent Emanuel haha .. definitly not Jesus ...

  13. Epic Almoravid

    Oww. Now I get it. Tarja is performing the snow goddess Skädi.😁👍

  14. Epic Almoravid

    More beautiful than the White Snow. More beautiful than a Disney musical.😁❤👍

  15. Daniel A


  16. Stephanie Schimidt

    Louvando a DEUS magnífica voz

  17. Anton Smidt

    love it well done

  18. lindenblock

    But....where's Gomez?

  19. Susan Moran

    Rejoice Emanuel shall come to us . oh Israel!

  20. Lucy Valeska

    She is a siren

  21. MrOleg3181

    Tarja BEST!!!

  22. Руслан Саттаров

    I love finland. I live Night Vish.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  23. Руслан Саттаров

    Finland 👌👌👌🤯🤯🤯Tarja 🤗🤗🤗👌👌👌

  24. Jair Araújo de Lima

    Tarja is amazing!

  25. Luis Parra

    Es tiempo de volver a escuchar esta joya 👏🖤

  26. Aleleeinn Aleleeinn

    My favorite from an excellent album. Makes me want to listen to this Christmas music all year.

  27. Hugo Dutra


  28. Ginger Snow White

    This song makes me cry. So beautiful

  29. Nathan Hall

    Gothic yet beautiful. Tarja is one of very few female metal artists I respect. The enchantment in her voice is intoxicating. A true work of art. And a form of art passed over by many. It's art and music like this is studied in school. And videos I would have loved to make. The queen of the night and the queen of enchantments.

  30. Diamond Kid

    That is breathtaking!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole song!!

  31. Diamond Kid

    My favorite Christmas song! Thanks Tarja! What an amazing vocal showcase for one of the best, most talented vocals metal will EVER see!!!

  32. Albert Terier

    Ángel.. 《 .. M..יהושוע》Contact.. dont forget

  33. Виталий Воробьев

    Тарья ну когда тебе будет снимать нормальные клипы.....блин.

  34. Julia Mosley

    Such poise, elegance; focus, subtle-intricacy and a haunting heart & soul. It's coming towards that time of year again...

  35. Isabela McK

    Chills 😍 wow that was amazing

  36. Caleb Nichols

    One of my favourite songs by Tarja.

  37. Kitty Spam

    I am not sure the outfit and the general background fits with the song...

  38. Denise Torres Forte

    Filme de terror. Parece o fantasma do cemitério.

  39. 0 negative

    masterpiece!thousands greetings from Hellas!(proud of b Christian)

  40. Elena Loreto Baeza Johnson

    Que belleza....acoge a tu pueblo

  41. Aurinkohirvi

    What, this is a Christmas song? Yeah, oh unbelievable, so gorgeous! It could well be in her metal album!
    It is so melancholic, and I love it. And the music is enchanting, mystical and majestic too!
    If she had been dressed as an angel to this song, white dress and wings, long back hair, I think it would have been an awesome video too. Or alternatively in back dress and black wings. Isn't this song suppose to be a meassage from angels?

  42. ARose ForEpona

    It's so creepy and gothic and amazing and beautiful I LOVE IT

  43. MrBronstro

    Очень даже хорошо! Молодец Тарья!

  44. Taras Wertelecki

    Wow, Tarja looks like the girl made of snow in a Russian fairytale, and as always she sings beautifully.

  45. Martin Ludacka

    Tarja? Come for me

  46. Calvin Ray

    Beautiful! Nothing else can be said! Tarja, your voice is perfection!!

  47. Floydian_58

    I find no words to discribe this. So beautiful!!!!!

  48. Michael Alcázar Natal

    Faaaack! 🤘💀🤯

  49. michael perry

    better vocals than celtic women

  50. Fox_Production I Background music for videos

    I love this! Very beautiful!

  51. 380stroker

    Too bad Europe is flooded with Rapist Jihadists and South America is a huge shithole. Oh well. That's life.

  52. anthony duchene

    just love love love ,Tarja

  53. AesicaStudios

    Is that a tribble on her head?

  54. Damien Paxton

    Wow 😮 just Wow 😮!

  55. Darcy Auguste

    What's the woman in black at the end suppose to represent?

  56. Christophorus Buyung

    Love it so much....

  57. cleiton libra


  58. lawrence neuen II

    So pretty and pretty voice

  59. Theo De Luca

    Merveilleuse Tarja.Voix exceptionnelle.je trouve le cd magnifique

  60. Luis Parra

    Maravilloso! Felices fiestas, 2018 🎄✨🌹🖤

  61. Jessica Cardoso de Oliveira

    This idea of direction is mine too. Credits to Jéssica Cardoso de Oliveira

  62. Mad9977 Productions

    wow that gives me chills Tarja 😎👍

  63. Fátima Selene Cruz Gómez

    2018 anyone?

  64. Apriany Bento

    Oh my god,i'am scare

  65. Brian Niemi

    Kiitos, Tarja

  66. Henry Walker

    Its so incredibly disarming, spirits me away

  67. jamesawalmsley

    All of you, with the exception of Nosfera. And I mean, all of you, are missing the point here. And an important one it is. Do you not see that she is actually sincere in announcing the coming of Emmanuel. This is a song of Advent. The celebration leading to the birth of Christ. And here you're all worrying about how she was put down, looks good etc. etc. Yes, this is part of a commercial approach but can you really not see that she is sincere. And also not appreciate how important this song is. She decided to sing this song knowing exactly what it was all about and this is so evident. Please folks. Get past the superficial. Christmas is just now before us. Bow down in reverence. Tarja is doing so in this video. Why aren't you?

  68. ArtemisMacKenzie

    I bought this CD yesterday and I have to say that only Tarja can make an album of dark Christmas songs and make it sound like this!

  69. dimibohm

    So hypnotizing.

  70. Elnorah Sangma

    Sooooo in love with her voice 😍😍😍 ❤

  71. SpiritFire Dancer

    Tarja Turunen one of my favorite artists her voice is truly captivating an amazing ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  72. Chris Tian

    Wonderful song.

  73. Usk Kotter

    Tarja is a winter fairy queen that lives inside our hearts!!!

  74. Eugene Higgins

    Beautiful voice. But she invokes a dark sensuality into a christian song. I wonder what Jesus would say?

    Ligeia Noire

    Jesus would say "amen sister!"

  75. Luis Parra

    Beautiful 😍👏

  76. Alex magalhães

    Perfect ❤

  77. Chrome Vanadium

    Голос из рая ..........

  78. andre

    Love :)

  79. Bruno

    If we look well, Halloween is coming and after that, Christmas is around the corner. So I can shamelessly start listening to it again (as I did during the Summer).

  80. Juan Ceron

    Hermosa TARJA...tu voz tonifica mi alma y cura mi ezquisofrenia....

  81. ilie Constantin


  82. Russian Heritage

    Where can I get her album?!😱💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  83. Ovidiu Sava

    Damn, she's good! She leaves a heavy thumbprint on every cover she sings. In this video she also makes heavy eye contact with the camera, leaving the impression she sings just for each one of us individually. Great videoclip.

  84. Rob Rock

    I love you Israel!

  85. j tent

    I thought Kelly Clarkson was bad. And get out in the sun more.

  86. Aprendiendo en línea con Karla Gómez

    Amo a Tarja.... ♡

  87. Terry Norman

    Your so beautiful!

  88. Elvis Hilton

    Her Best love it

  89. 0 negative

    proud of b Christian!love Tarja!greetings from Hellas!

  90. Novmacar

    I need a sweater to listen to this! Awesome. :)

  91. Joha Journal

    1:11 OMG that look

  92. pamela whitehead

    amazing voice...im a fan....

  93. Jarosław M

    I'm bending my head awesome !!! Nobody will do it the same as Tarja

  94. Bachir leila Kaye

    Une très belle chanson douce et terriblement faite pour halloween

  95. Ryuk

    3:38 de este punto en adelante opino que se desvanece un poco el misterio

  96. VITKI saturn black

    Bien amada Tarja !!!

  97. Mushroom There

    O come, O come, Emmanuel
    To free your captive Israel
    That mourns in lonely exile here
    Until the Son of God appear
    Rejoice! Rejoice! O Israel
    To you shall come Emmanuel

    Veni veni, Emmanuel
    Captivum solve Israel
    Qui gemit in exsilio
    Privatus Dei Filio
    Gaude! Gaude! Emmanuel
    Nascetur pro te, Israel

    O come, O come, great Lord of might
    Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height
    In ancient times once gave the law
    In majesty and cloud and awe
    Rejoice! Rejoice! O Israel
    To you shall come Emmanuel

    Rejoice! Rejoice! O Israel
    To you shall come Emmanuel

  98. Daniel Rus

    This kind of songs reveal her divine Voice,her full potential.its frightening.

  99. Daniel Rus

    I love this woman