Taproot - Release Me Lyrics

Why rise and shine,
another 21 hours ruined by my voice
Fine gift of mine, offensive cloudiness showers though not by choice, yet
Not just unrelatable, just...

Release me, from what I've done
Release me, from what I've done

Tying the binds,
a bitter will still empowers, but wont fill the void
Blind by design, another stellar potential view has been destroyed, again

Not just unattainable, just...

Release me, from what I've done
Release me, from what I've done

I've let down what I care for most, it's hypocritical, and unforgivable
Lock me up when I'm intentional, and unpredictable, not forgettable, please

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Taproot Release Me Comments
  1. Red Wave209

    Taproot please come back!!!!

  2. Daniel Dupe

    2019 anyone ??!!!


    2020 for me.

  3. Jefferson Ruboix

    Oh she buy or am be
    Wah he wah she is
    Joshy wok key yay
    Oh hiyee yihee yihee

  4. Mud Vayne

    I am 52 years old, and i was raised as a child in the 70's. You know the old cliche, we had no cable , no computers ( personal ones anyway....ones that were avail sucked), no Ticketmaster..u had to go to venue or central ticket office. Anyway, my first musical love was Jonny Cash, then Elton John & Beatles, then Kiss n Led Zep, which evolved into a little SexPistols & a li'l punk, to Judas Priest & metal...dont laugh , but i even went to an outside amphitheater and saw Cinderella's Long Cold Winter" tour ( u can scoff , but the frontman is a seriously talented musician).Seriously, don't laugh... The sound was on ...whoever mixed...A+++. I got into AlLICE IN CHAINS AND PEARL JAM heavy in the 90's....man when Layne od'd ... I lost a hero of rock music . i now listen to Mudvayne, Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage. I have just now discovered Taproot, Darwin's Waiting Room(alice n chains had a kid with HED pe and DWR came out),NOTHONGFACE KICKS ASS ( perfect blend of punk n metal)TOO BAD ANOTHER GREAT SINGER OD'ING. Taproot are obvious fans of " tne chains"
    Love ' em. Well, sorry so long winded. I was just trying to say being progressive and evolving your musical taste is always a good thing, as it is in all facets of life...being OPENMINDED !!! I also wanted to show that all of us old skool fucks aren't wearing tank tops driving Camaros with Van Halen jamming some chiche song about women's breasts. Well, peace out and until Stormy loves the ' Donald " again or G-Eazy quits choppin a dutch , i will rock my life.

    Amadeus Eisenberg

    Well, I was born a few decades later and I wear tank tops and drive Camaros, haha. Last part is figuratively speaking, I'm currently looking to fill the garage with something from the 60s-70s so that I'd have a motivating prize waiting for me when I get my driver's license(and don't think everyone is focused on getting their driver's license in their teens). Some good companies out there making the past run brand new and squeaky clean. And my love for the past and everything classic has shown for years in my ever-growing collections.

    This current world has nothing to offer me and since you're so willing to give away your valuable "old skool" spot, I will gladly take it!

    Anyway, best of Taproot, in my opinion 🙂
    I like this atmosphere the most

  5. ken santapaga

    Taproot and 36 Crazyfists defined a time in my life.

  6. Noosha Violet

    come back taproot

  7. Noosha Violet

    wow, love stephen

  8. Todd Bledsoe

    Love Taproot and this is my favorite song of theirs. Great song by totally underrated band.

  9. Lindsey Santana Dalecio

    BRAZIL !!!

    Amadeus Eisenberg

    ESTONIA! 😀

  10. Dominic Johnson

    yes a kick ass band from Michigan my home state

  11. Nick Moon

    First listen, my ears are most pleased.

  12. Domonick Matheson

    Taproot sure needs to make a comeback


    If enough people buy the bsides cd we will get a new record.


    Yup indeed

  13. Domonick Matheson

    This is one of my favorite taproot songs

    Amadeus Eisenberg

    Got nothing on Poem!

    Domonick Matheson

    I love the heaviness of this song

  14. Mike ShallowSun

    This is such a badass song and even more badass band hope they make another album

  15. GoldBallsOfSteel

    Dear lord, modern rock sucks ass. Queen > all.

  16. Nick Reagin

    Fuck I miss this era in time. People, cars, music. The 90s have nothing on the early and mid 2000s.

    Jake 4.7

    No it was uploaded in 2010, it's an early 2000s song


    No. It's a 2010 song. It was uploaded in 2011. The song is off their 2010 album Plead the Fifth.

    Evan Williams

    He clearly stated early and mid 2000s. I totally agree man in 2004 i was a freshmen, seems the best times were then. Unfortunately 9/11 changed everything...

    Domonick Matheson

    This song was released my junior year of high school

    Domonick Matheson

    Or maybe it was my senior year

  17. TheSickbublegum

    like this

  18. Buzkilltheman

    It's obvious that Alice in Chains is one of this band's primary influences.


    Buzkilltheman nope

    Michał Talarek

    Yeah, they just released a song they made with Layne Staley just before he died with no lyrics an instrumental one “Kevin Spacey “ haunting cause Layne had it playing while he passed away.

  19. Fool 6858

    Fantastic song, even better video. Release Me, Release Me, RIGHT NOW!!!

  20. Johana Sbrolla

    taproot son una exelente banda!.
    adoro todos sus discos , desde gift hasta the episodes.
    espero que sus cosas esten bien!
    gracias taproot!

  21. DarkestofTimes

    Fantastic song, even better video. Release Me, Release Me, RIGHT NOW!!!

  22. Christopher Barnett

    Fantastic song, even better video. Release Me, Release Me, RIGHT NOW!!!

  23. Ryan Davis

    Who's excited for Dirt Fest???! First Taproot show in almost two years!

  24. La loca Bárbara :v

    Like n° 700 /._./

  25. BeCrewsArts

    POLSKA GRUPA FANÓW NA FACEBOOK'U https://www.facebook.com/groups/742529669141432/

  26. Warren D

    I'm happy they branched out rather than making "Gift" ten times over. I remember "Blue Sky" being my favourite album. I couldn't care less what anyone says, I will happily play this alongside my Immortal/Carcass CDs.

    john vaughn

    I feel yea, ALOT of musics from this era I love. Not just taproot. However I still love shit like carcass, watain, and more extreme metal as well. SO few people, can enjoy multiple types of music.

  27. arcadeattic

    Playing with them Oct 13 at house of rock on Pulaski hwy in Essex MD so stoked Survival of the Sickest

    Mike ShallowSun

    arcadeattic how did that show go?

  28. arcadeattic

    We are playing a show with them Oct 13 at house of rock so stoked (Survival of the Sickest)

  29. SIK


  30. ivette barreiro

    the best !!!!!!!!!!!

  31. nathan may

    fucking amazing song, great band seen them live they were awesome, the deserve more credit than they get

  32. nathan may

    Holy shit, that was awesome

  33. Val Blade

    i swear I'm linked to this band on some deeper level cause every time i am going through troubling times in my life their music helps me find peace and understanding. Truly a fantastic talented group that has been one of my all time faves and continues to be

  34. Neal Quinney

    Fucking amazing band, ive been listening to them for years!

  35. Diego H

    and I dont give them a dislike, because I dig their 2 first albums

  36. Diego H

    totally agree

  37. Mark Young

    Megan, I feel you. I pla.y drums and I'm more into the metal scene but when I write music this is the shit that I absolutely fucking love. Great melodies on top of heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite. You have good taste

  38. Mark Young

    Fuck yeah, love the mood and the lyrics! Melodic and heavy...

  39. Ross Wagner

    best song I've heard by them in a while...

  40. taproot17

    you're friends don't know about music!

  41. regenerator21

    none of my friends even know who they are.

  42. JooxBox

    I know taproot must be under pressure to sell to a new crowd, break the mainstream etc. They've shown this with a lot of their....how to say.....rubbish new songs.

    However, it's nice to see taproots older style is still lurking in there somewhere.

    First two albums are still upon my favourites of all time, rocky road since then

    im retarted

    I can totally agree. Your comment is three years old but your idea is forever.

    David Graft

    JooxBox I agree too they are demanded to put out a certain sound now it's how it works a lot of the time but this one is one of the only ones that has the old sound still.

    Michał Talarek

    Or maybe they just had emotions they wanted to release that were different over age? Plead the fifth was a good album. People get older after'all.

  43. blues713317

    Damn, this group couldn't be more cookie cutter. On another note, this sound/style was pretty much all late 90's rock lol. Serious though, watching this was like a trip back to '98.

  44. Charlie Hale

    if you guys run out of ideas, you know, you dont have to make music

  45. Dexter

    would you rather them go mainstream to the point of being over rated

  46. theuncanspan

    now his goatee is balck, he looks like mike shinoda from a far ;)

  47. 0o0o0ThisIsMe0o0o0

    I've really liked this band this they came out pre-2000, but I don't condone the douchebag beards they sport.

  48. Tony Bal

    Share this video on Social Networks people and Taproot WILL get more attention.

  49. Mark Kearns

    I hope that guy in the first story finds the courage not to jump off that building.

  50. pihen

    fabulous Taproot yeaaaaah,love this

  51. maris rose

    My favorite Taproot song. I love how they decided to return to their old heavier sound in Plead The Fifth. I love the heavier Taproot. (:

  52. Ashley K.

    one of the things i love bout this band is the fact that no other MOFO sounds like him....he is the original

  53. Megan Williams

    I've been a fan of Taproot for almost 10 years now. It makes me sad that they are so underrated. Whenever I mention to friends that they are one of my favorite bands, I always get trashed on. But, fuck it. I love 'em. They deserve so much more credit for the huge amount of talent they have.


    Megan Williams I remember listening to them on fuse when they first came out and loved them. What the hell we're those first albums called?

    Jason Heilinger

    Megan these guys are awesome

  54. blin9999

    Blue sky research is definitely their best, but the long road home came close, I can't wait to hear the res of this album!!

  55. stewart mcleod


  56. burnthedead13

    i prefer this over 99% of all this over produced generic cookie cutter bullshit today.bands back then had their own sound instead of over using shit thats been done tons of times by changing a few notes around and if u think im just talkin shit u r a total cocksmith

  57. Mother of Cats

    Look at all those dislikes. Oh wait, there are no dislikes. Exactly.

  58. idreamtmusic

    best live shows ever! Lead singer got on the balcony and jumped into the crowd. Proper mental

  59. Trax0r1

    It's ironic that you're say that they're irrelevant, yet here you are posting on their video. Dumbass.

  60. Coolbones Hammertime

    I like how they just get up and start jammin', I'm totally going to do that one day

  61. Kryptor360

    I didn't mean by that...when the song starts he says something in other language..that's what I ask :P

  62. Lalo Castano

    @Kryptor360 whaaayyy aayy aayyy aayyy aaay :)

  63. Kryptor360

    can someone tell me, what says in the beginning of the song?

  64. Philip Keaveney

    A band that time has forgotten. Shame!

  65. Leo Dave Kim

    I loved then since like 6-7 years ago when i found them on wikipedia nu metal bands , I just don't get how is it they dont have 900,000,000 views ? Sooo fucking underrated !!!!!!

  66. Trax0r1

    How the fuck does this only have 4k views? Taproot is so fucking dope. People nowadays are too busy listening to bullshit like the black keys. fuck that shit.

  67. beniczech

    One of the best metal bands, why the have only 4t views? Iˇm gonna play this song forever :-))) to rate it up :-)

  68. TheRokkis

    Good at record, awkward in live.

  69. kellzyeahhh

    so very underrated as a band. much like sevendust (completely different genres, but both amazing). love them!

  70. daverunion83

    I love the fact that they are from MI and yet he is wearing a Chicago Blackhawks tshirt : )

  71. Feeding Cactus

    wow 1.3k views...this band is amazing but very underrated sadly

  72. Phil Psycho

    taproot vevo wtf?