Tanya Tucker - Soon Lyrics

Looking back she thinks about that moment in the sand
But what was just a summer fling got so far out of hand
She knew that he was taken
But she gave in anyway
She believed when she heard him say

I'll be free to be with you
I'll be telling you know who the facts of life
I want you to be my wife
And our dreams will all come true

Christmas finds her all alone with no cause to rejoice
So she calls his code a phone just to hear his voice
She knows that it's useless
But she does it anyway
She knows how he'll answer before she hears him say

I can't talk with you right now
You'll hear a beep and you know how to play this game
Leave your number and your name
And I promise I'll call back

Some day slowly turns to never
Tears and champagne offer no solution
He'll say Soon to her forever
So she makes her New Year's resolution

She won't call him anymore
When he shows up at her door
And asks her When can I be with you again?
It'll be her turn to say

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