Tanya Tucker - Between The Two Of Them Lyrics

They married back in forty-two
They were young and love was new
And every day that feeling grew
Between the two of them
When work grew scarce and times got bad
The hope would chase away the sad
And hope was sometimes all they had
Between the two of them

The fifties came and the sixties went
A mortgage note replaced the rent
And they made the most of each day spent
Between the two of them

The children all turned out just fine
He retired in sixty-nine
Left with oh so little time
Between the two of them

Today I braved the graveyard rain
And placed a rose between their names
Now that's the most that ever came
Between the two of them
Oh I miss them both so much
His crooked smile her gentle touch
And the pleasure of just growing up
Between the two of them

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Tanya Tucker Between The Two Of Them Comments
  1. Donna Reid

    Beautiful and a tear jerker.🌹😓

  2. Dan Serstiuc

    Remember My Granny Nadia From Basarabia

  3. Dan Serstiuc

    Love that song

  4. Stephanie Gittinger

    "I miss them both so much": Grandma and Grandpa.

  5. Guilherme Afonso Ferreira

    I love this song! It makes me remember my loved parents. I'm from Brazil. +55 34 99322 7777

  6. Betty Foltz

    I have loved this song sense the first time I heard it I also love her song two sparrow in a hurricane

  7. Judith Lynn Street


  8. Ingebjorg Mosberg

    LOVE IT.... !

  9. Sue Kowatch

    Makes me think of my in-laws and their amazing love. Sixty five years as best friends when he passed on. Five years later she joined him. I have no doubt they're together again.

  10. Mariann Sletten

    When I hear this beautiful song, I miss my parents... very beautiful song , and Tanya sings it so sweet :)

  11. Colin Hall

    Not a bad line in this song; and the video is a perfect complement to the lyrics. Even the happy lines (which is most of them), like "The 50s came and the 60s went/a mortgage note replaced the rent" are moving .

    Stephanie Gittinger

    I'm fine until "I miss them both so much."

  12. Brandi Baumes

    LOVE this song!!!!!

  13. Kelly Strait

    Best song ever

  14. Steven S

    This reminds me and a lot of others of "Two Sparrows In A Hurricane," but this is still one of my favorite Tanya Tucker songs.  Beautiful.  

  15. UWNKRS

    I love this song but can't listen to it without welling up. Great video.

  16. jeff werner

    Very emotional recording. It kindof reminds me of another hit for Tanya called "Two Sparrows In A Hurricane"......she can deliver this type of song so well.....thank you for uploading Bob Marshall....

  17. tammy toney

    that song is by trisha yearwood,. she's in love with the boy

  18. Bob Marshall

    That's not a Tanya Tucker song as far as I know. If she's recorded it I can't find it. The song you cite is a Trisha Yearwood song called "She's In Love With The Boy".

    Michelle Davidson

    Bob Marshall Between The Two of Them is on Tanya's fire to fire CD.

  19. darkangel48906

    i need to know if anyone could tell me the name of the song that tanya tucker sings i know some of the words but not the song title. some of the words are " he rboyfriend tommy coming up the road splashing throu the mud"

    Michelle Davidson

    darkangel48906 Trisha Yearwood She's In Love With The Boy.

  20. István Keller

    You begin to calm music.

  21. thepatchguy4949

    What a perfect video.

  22. Melody W.

    Oh my goodness...what a beautiful video and what a lovely song with such incredible lyrics. You did a wonderful job putting this together Bob.

  23. BipolarForJesus

    Consider yourselves fortunate, those of you who had 'pleasures growing up between the 2 of them'. I had nothing but misery, torture, punishment & pain.
    That's what you get when you have 2 alcoholic parents. So enjoy your good
    memories, you lucky ones! Loved photo of the man & lady dancing in woods!
    This is beautiful heart-wrenching video, very well done, photos, music, song.