Tankard - Need Money For Beer Lyrics

I was born in beer
My object of lust
But got no money
Still drink I must
I search my pockets
And what do I find
Useless cleenex
To wipe my behind

I need a Goddamn brew
That's why I've come to you

You bastard, I hate you
I kill you, you can lick my butt
So pious and gracious
Intention isn't very clear
You bastard, still hate you
Need money for a fucking beer

You've got the cash
So give it to me
Dig you in your Wallet
And set me free
Expect no thanks
You can kiss my ass
I'll ball your girlfriend
And cum with class

I need a Goddamn brew
That's why I've come to you

You bastard, I hate you
I kill you, you can lick my butt
So pious and gracious
Intention isn't very clear
You bastard, still hate you
Need money for a fucking beer

You bastard, I hate you
I kill you, you can lick my butt
You bastard, still hate you
Need money for a fucking beer

I was born in beer
My object of lust
But got no money
Still drink I must
I search my pockets
And what do I find
Useless cleenex
To wipe my behind

You bastard, I hate you
I kill you, you can lick my butt
So pious and gracious
Intention isn't very clear
You bastard, still hate you
Need money for a fucking beer

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Tankard Need Money For Beer Comments
  1. RockyRoll

    Im drunk right now i love tankard

  2. Denisa Cojetipotom

    Tankard is not Fucking Dead!!!!!!

  3. Texas Living

    Don’t worry tankard 2019 and I still support you! But can you give me some money for beer you bastard?!

  4. gheorghe marius-daniel

    2019 and i still need money for beer

  5. Z3RO

    When I was listening to Sodom i saw comment that guys were arguing about Which band should be in bigger four
    Sodom, Testament and Exodus for sure
    Guys were arguing about Tankard, Kreator, Destruction and Overkill
    Im not sure if i prefer Tankard or Kreator
    But I Love both

  6. First Blood

    Bandname: Tankard
    Genre: Beer

  7. Ricardo Melo

    Thrash Till death

  8. Khanyay

    “Objectives, looking for job to get money for beer and t-shirts”

  9. Putrid Abomination

    It isn't thrash without beer! \m/

  10. Mihaly Biro

    Tooo long

  11. Fabian Bermudez.

    Aguante Tankard hijueputa!

  12. Sleepy Red Panda

    Almost broke my neck listening to this. Man, I have a headache now. Just how you should feel after listening to some top quality thrash.

  13. Nick Forrest

    I have to work in 5 hours and now im slamming brews!

  14. บังดอน ยักเขียว

    สะท้านหู..from thailand

  15. Antichrist

    you are crazy fag fucking batsard apazzynoo

  16. Mauro Caruso


  17. Damian Velazquez

    ¡Aguante el Metal la falopa y la birra!

  18. Ayoub Matloub

    Thrash till BEER OVERDOSE

  19. dorian cory

    Varo pa las chelas

  20. Painkiller

    dying with a beer in your hands XD

  21. Nico Darrell

    Thrash Beer Metal

  22. Javier López

    🍺🍺🍺🍺 Los alcohólicos de Tankard patean duro

  23. krabante cangrejante

    Ese es tankard?? Suena excelente sin embargo cambio su estilo

  24. el peruano07

    Esta buenasa la canción y saludos desde el Callao.
    Perú América.

  25. Headbanger Attack


  26. Ray Kennedy

    I need a god damn brew

  27. Runs with Evelynn

    Who else is drinking a 40 right now?

  28. 666

    Metal y cerveza lo unico que necesitas en la vida

  29. criss bang

    keep banging my head and need more and more beer..!!

  30. grosswisier

    Danke wem immer für Tankard.

  31. Corn Maze


  32. Hemmo Hoving

    What is this , 1.25 speed?

  33. Terry Tyler

    Incredible Beer Metal - The Rawest

  34. ulises slozar diaz

    How many times guys.. How many times. Gimme beer!

  35. kamoshakur

    stach ramza \m/

  36. Don Raven

    Cheers you bastards! You're the best drunkin' guys on earth!

  37. el chiguagua loco loco

    Amaneciendo con cerveza y tankard

  38. Metal Wolf

    Where's a beer wench when you need one🤘

  39. sebastian Álvarez

    ufff estas si son para armar una peda chida ImI

  40. Jari Lund


  41. quinny 94

    Alcoholic metal

  42. MetalMonkey

    Never had a drink in my life...still love this song.

    Jeroen de Ridder

    kiddy you will change your way when your first time drunk and listen to some good metal! ha!

    Troy Bravo

    Time to change that :)

    Pete x

    @Cuervo what the hell people? not a SINGLE drink?

    Pete x

    @Cuervo Can u explain why,and how old are you?

    Pete x

    @Cuervo Lol where do u see me disrespecting any opinions? "I never had a drink" is not an opinion,its a statement,and I reacted surprised. How do you dislike alcohol if you never tried it? There are so many beautifully crafted beverages in the world. Im not saying "turn into an alcoholic" but you can't know until you try.

  43. Sean Steele

    my only choice is to take a sinking raft out to a boat I was on two days ago, I think there are a few cans round there!

  44. Mario Monterroza

    La Vieja gloria del Thrash Caaaarajo. Tankard Rules


    Wow amazing rifs

  46. Shang Blade

    I had hit pause fetch a Guinness before... drink I must...

  47. IsaacElThracher

    My Life In This Song 🤘

  48. David Otto

    What's funny about this whole deal - now that I make money I don't spend it on beer. One day you grow up or die.

  49. Domenik Richter

    HAIL BEER!!!!!!!

  50. andrew turpel

    "lick my butt" genius

  51. Fadwa Ennaji


  52. Dietersen Petersen

    its like all of their songs are about beer :D:D:D:D german band

  53. Dietersen Petersen

    god I love thrash

  54. Skankerman Studios

    Play at 1.25 times speed. Your welcome. ;)



  56. Joan Perez Gimenez

    Teutonic attack!

  57. Damian 1503

    beer,beer,more fucking beer

  58. Eric_Grant_Swisher

    I need money for weed

    Night Wing

    this is what I thought when i first saw the title of the song

    665 Demon Dog

    Eric_Grant_Swisher fuck weed


    i need money for both

    Stef Black

    I Feel ya Bruh !

  59. Galicia Paitan

    thrash till death!!!!

    Thunder 9501

    The girl in the iron mask thats destruction tho

    dd hh

    Thrash till beer

  60. 2ddlong legs

    Damn, now i need a few beers.

  61. Douglas Adriano

    melhor banda!

  62. Guido KutRo

    aguante tankard locoooo!

  63. ThatOne GuyNextDoor

    Have no money for a fucking beer.......Man i must decide between Tankard live with less alcohol or tankard not live and 106 beer more....fuck what should i take?!

    Liquid Awesomeness

    go to the show buy what beer you can and flirt or mooch off of people for beer

    ThatOne GuyNextDoor

    yeah thats a quit good idea!

    Jimmy Jazz

    you get the dry heaves

    Kresimir Goles

    first world problems :)

  64. Moi Rom

    beer and thrash metal fucking awesome

  65. caeg8925

    i'm not a fan of this band,but this song is one of their best.

    lamy is daead XD!

    i know right!

    Jimmy Jazz

    I like this one too and I gotem all

    Joshua Esparza

    caeg8925 Die with a beer in your hand is a good one too


    caeg8925 The guitar on Chemical Invasion is Grade A Thrash.

    Jimmy Jazz

    Thrash or be thrashed

  66. J O

    Tankard rules!!! Check out alkoholizer !

    Guido KutRo

    alkoholizer kick ass band

  67. Rarawer

    Tankards beste !!!

  68. alejandro rodriguez

    better than Anthrax

    Saptarshi Ghosh

    alejandro rodriguez way better

    Chimuelo Bae

    Fugg no

    Dimitris dm

    @Chimuelo Bae fugg yes

  69. religiousabuse

    this is such a fucking drinking band, don't listen to them if you are in aa. ....just kidding, FUCK AA

  70. Bernd Hurth

    Die with a beer in your Hand.

  71. Andreja Gregorič


  72. Average Gigel

    Yeah !! Beer-bellybang \( . )/

  73. Milagros Micaela

    Need money for a fucking beer!!!

  74. Miguel Mella

    Need money for a fucking bear.

    Heron Maiden

    Bear don't drink beer :p

    nikolai tzo

    +Miguel Mella Yes Need money for fucking {polar bear}

    Angel O.G

    +Miguel Mella bear :v

    Attract Mode Plays

    +Azazel O. :-)

    Frank Serratos

    jajaja pinche Miguel

  75. john doe

    beer metal \m/

    Duvian Mejia

    +john doe alcoholic metal.

  76. alejandropublicitari

    gracias por subir esto

  77. Brickyjoe

    This this this is fucking brutal !!!!! Just heard my first three tracks at 8 pm Thursday day 16th of April 2015 fuck me this is Sik high as shit to

  78. marcocaceres97

    This is an awesome fucking get away song! 😁😁😁😎😎

  79. SpiritCrusher

    It's 1PM, on my day off, only one thing for it! 

  80. psychometalhead

    ΜΠΥΡΑ ΘΡΑΣ ΣΑΤΑΝΑΣ@8BALL 13/12/2014 

    Επικίνδυνη Μεταλλού

    +psychometalhead AINTAAA :D TA SPASANE APLA .


    Ναι ηταν επικοοοοοο

    Stef Black

    etsi aderfe \m/

    War Invader Official


  81. Leonardo Ortiz

    one of the best song of thrash in this focking story!!!!

  82. Zuzanna Angelripper

    My life in one sentence

    Zuzanna Angelripper

    @xisotopex haha, cheers!

    Brock Harris

    @Ritual Sodomizerka i make money to get beers yet i always need money for beers vicious cycle

    Adan Hessen

    +Ritual Sodomizerka indeed

    Shark do Metal Rei das Trevas banda Dimmu Borgir

    Adan Hessen DoUGLAs

    Ana Pamela T.

    So fucking stupid.

  83. Egotistical Bastard

    Tankard created Beer Metal :v

    manuel barria gonzalez

    Egotistical Bastard rial :v

    Angela Ziegler

    Alcoholic metal xd

  84. fxm83

    This is junkie metal!! love that shit!

    Battle Hardened Zombie

    its alcoholic metal ! 


    @Lazar Milovanovic Actually Junkie's and Alcoholics are the same.
    Only difference is that Alcoholics do it legal!

  85. My YoutubeChannel

    Track Name epic i have to kill my last beer fast now

  86. Alex DeLarge

    Tankard always need money for beer !! hahaha

  87. David Stilton

    Hail metal, beer, big boobs and big boots.

  88. AleK

    There is metal about beer my life is now complete and I love this.


    @Ibleedwhiskey Planet1 I do listen to a lot of great thrash bands, like Artillery, Havok, Slayer and quite a few others. It's quite possibly my favourite genre.

    Dylan Smith

    @AlexDuPreeGaming i suggest some overkill, nuclear assault, exodus, testament, metal church, and while not really thrash some PAN FUCKING TERA

    David Otto

    hahaa right? I think they term Pantera as 'groove metal'

    Ariadna Flor

    Man, you must listen to liver killer..


    check out beer by psychostick

  89. Neil Deacon

    Fucking great.haha.

  90. Osvaldo Núñez Guillen



    God bless all my bros that sink down our holy liquid

    Jeroen de Ridder

    i do! hertog jan weizener atm, a real beer :P

  92. ASIOS3216

    after 4 beers i need money for the fifth!

  93. Jasan Chou


  94. Julian Olini

    plaata pa la birraaaaa

  95. Yuriy Rudiy

    Хорошо очень даже

  96. Steve odonoghue

    'cuse me gov, got a spare change for a can of tyskie? lol

    Gerard Ruglio

    I work on the railroad and this foreign truck driver gave me a tyskie once hahaha never seen it before


    This is the beer brotherhood