Tanita Tikaram - For All These Years Lyrics

I got a scent on you. I got something here to show
(It's) somebody's slice of life
I had it tailor made, I had it soaken, shaken and shown around the world
And for all these things you tell me, well
I can't quite believe
You are still there and trying to be somebody

Always on the upkeep, always trying to reach the rest of us
We don't have anything to say, nothing to give
Well, it blows away
I have another chance, I may have two lives
But both my lives will be brief lives
And then, you all will wonder why

I was nearly 16 years old
You were only 17, life isn't so complicated
But then life isn't 'sposed to be
For all these years
For all these years

Could somebody tell them
To hurry on, hurry on down
Would somebody tell them to hurry on, hurry on down

Every censor, everybody loses their way
I have a wealth of material, I have a well of people to share with you

Every lover
Well, they all tell lies
Yes, I have his wife in the background
But I have more than this, I have more than this
And if Mr Chaste, he has a past
Give it to me

I was nearly 16 years old
You were only 17, life isn't so complicated
But then life isn't 'sposed to be
For all these years
For all these years

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Tanita Tikaram For All These Years Comments
  1. alain olmo

    A singer, a trumpet, a magical moment... unforgettable !

  2. NCokkie

    This is such a dark brilliant song. The whole album 'Ancient Heart' is also brilliant and has only highlights. Love her songs since 1988.

  3. andrew bone

    Best track on the album and - amazingly - she was only 17 years-old when she wrote it

  4. NCokkie

    This is the ultimate way to write a great song and a fantastic arrangement. What a relief compared to all the shit we hear today.

  5. Mark of CAIN

    My God. No adequate words. Simply astounding.

  6. roberto lemus

    Definitly, a masterpiece by Tanita Tikaram. In fact, her better, I think.

  7. Frédéric

    The album is a masterpiece and I loooove this song.

  8. Paul Linford

    Brilliant album, and this was the best track on it.

  9. Vinny Itallo

    Música linda que me faz voar sem asas, sonhar sem ter que dormir e que faz voltar ao passado para amar e beijar todas aquelas mulheres que eu deixei fugir da minha vida.

  10. yunas saxer

    nice,great,lovely,keep it back of your mind for ever and ever.....

  11. nhpm900

    This song alone made it worth buying the album. One of my favorite songs of all time. Brings me back to a time I can only ever dream of now.

  12. Martin Partida

    This is such a haunting song, specially with the echoed trumpet


    Martin Partida flugelhorn

    Mr. Eighty

    I know. Echoed trumpets are haunting. Imagine when we listen to the trumpet of Jesus.

  13. sam saxer

    Great song! Thanks for uploading!

  14. David Sykes

    This album should be in everybody's collection.  Astonishing range and featuring some great musicians, Mark Isham on this one, Mo Foster on another track.  Just fabulous altogether.

  15. athma75

    I feel nobody knows how deep I feel this last b-side song, how I felt in that far 1989, reaching out inspiration, loneliness... forever young, for all these years.

  16. Sheena

    the arrangement of this song is absolutely gorgeous...
    lulls me to some other place

    roberto lemus

    Arregement by Rod Argent.


    @roberto lemus Yes. And that's Mark Isham on trumpet.

  17. Octo P

    Thank you for uploading this great song :)

  18. Michał Strzelecki

    Piękna Tanita, piękna muzyka...