Tammy Wynette - Great Divide Lyrics

I guess we've walked a million miles together hand in hand
We'd climb steep Rocky Mountains a happy woman a happy man
We'd thought our love would go on forever side by side
But here we stand like strangers at the great divide
We've loved our way to the top of life the rest was all down hill
The rough times seem behind us and our dreams were all fulfilled
But we found out sometimes love grows old and I think our love just died
But here we stand like strangers at the great divide
Now you'll take a high road I will take the low
But who'll take the baby cause we both love her so
Divorce is not the answer now but we've got too much pride
So here we stand like strangers at the great divide
So here we stand like strangers at the great divide

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Tammy Wynette Great Divide Comments
  1. frances odle

    Oh my George can sing only his way best. I could hear thus 2 all day Tammy s voice omg. Another heart pulling song.

  2. Lois Barrett

    Thanks for this one
    . don't know why anyone would block it; they don't have to listen if they don't want to .. though this song is sad and I wish George and Tammy could have had a good and long life together, it seems it just wasn't in the cards. I am thankful they were able to patch up the friendship before Tammy passed away and even sing and record together.

    MadMax 1861

    I think it was blocked over copyright issues. SME lets me keep it on YouTube, but they monetize it with ads. I have no problem with that as I own nothing. I don't monetize any of my videos.

  3. Michelle McManus

    Fantastic picture choices!

    Michelle McManus

    Are you going to the Gathering?

    MadMax 1861

    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

    MadMax 1861

    I regret that I won't be able to attend. I wish for it to be a success and that they'll continue to have it every year. Maybe next year I'll get out there. For the last couple of months I've been putting this image in my Tammy videos on YouTube: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/39819733634/in/dateposted-public/
    I hope it helped.

  4. MrBlueroads

    just perfect

  5. Lena Andersson

    So Lovely song and pictures❤❤❤Love them both.Thanks for this GREAT song💕💕💕🌹🍃

  6. Coop68

    Where did you find these pictures? I thought I'd seen every picture of George that's been taken, but I haven't seen even a quarter of these.

    MadMax 1861

    They're all from the internet: Instagram, Flickr, Google and Bing image searches, screen grabs from YouTube videos, eBay ads for collectibles, tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and although I'm not on Facebook, I get a lot of material there, too. I get the album photos from Discogs . In the last video I uploaded (A Lovely Place To Cry) I got photos from a realtor website that is selling George and Tammy's former home in Lakeland, FL.

    MadMax 1861

    I thought a little more about this video. I posted it months ago on Vidme(a now defunct service similar to YouTube) because this song had been banned worldwide on YouTube. I used a bunch of photos from episodes 3 and 4 from "Tales From The Tour Bus"(Cinemax) that somebody had posted on YouTube. Some photos were cartoons and others were real photos. The episodes soon disappeared from YouTube for copyright infringement.

  7. Lilmike Lilly

    Beautiful song and some great pics,I am still hearing some songs for the first time.george an Tammy will be with me the rest of my life.thank you ,love from NZ

  8. CountryBoy Williams