Tammin Sursok - It's A Beautiful Thing Lyrics

Am I losing my mind
You're everywhere and I don't know why
Something I can't deny
On and on like a song in my head
And I can't do a thing about it

When your heart can't stop
Like a runaway train
And love walks in like a hurricane
It's a beautiful thing

When it feels so good
That you can't let go
When you're so far gone
Cos you couldn't say no
It's a beautiful thing

I keep hearing your name
It's in the sun and it's in the rain
I just heard it again
Don't know how it got into my head
But I don't wanna be without it

When your heart can't stop
Like a runaway train
And it feels so good
That you can't explain
It's a beautiful thing

When you just can't do
Without anything else
And you give so much
That you lose yourself
It's a beautiful thing

Hope this feeling never goes away

When you lose your way
Don't have a clue
And you happen to find somebody like you
It's a beautiful thing

When you're on the moon
And you can't get down
Just me and you
No-one else around
It's a beautiful thing

When your heart can't stop
Like a runaway train
And it feels like you've drunk a case of champagne
It's a beautiful thing
It's a beautiful thing
It's a beautiful thing
So beautiful

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Tammin Sursok It's A Beautiful Thing Comments
  1. Philip E.

    Thank you South Africa, you let her go, she's been in Oz since a very young child but in typical Australian fashion, we''ll claim her as ours.

  2. Mary J2

    it thought that its song Clique Girlz omg.....

  3. Golia Vang

    Í completely loved her voice and tammin sursok use to have blonde hair

  4. Your Favorite Drug

    Jenna Marshall😍

  5. YOMAD22

    i love this song! cant get enough of it!

  6. lana delevingne

    Wow, I felt in love with this song

  7. Never Talk To Me

    Reminds me of Avril Lavigne

  8. Never Talk To Me

    Jenna omggggg😂😍😍😍

  9. Noelle Wescott

    brought here by the clique girlz lol

  10. Roby Man


  11. Emily Rose

    I remember I used to listen to this lmfao in like 2005 way before PLL

  12. François Cowez

    C'est une jolie fille que j'ai beaucoup aimé surtout dans les feux de l'amour

  13. Elle Estrada

    The Avril Lavigne of Australia???

    Lauren Murarotto

    Lmao yes

    Bradley Reuben

    More like Hilary Duff I think.

  14. DuMbO3 XtReMe

    Wait... no sunglasses, not using her stick... BITCH CAN SEE!!!

  15. Patricia Castillo

    I didn't know that she can sing. She sounds great.

  16. SKM 15

    Was she just emo for the video

  17. Ruby M

    I love this song and tammin❤️

  18. Naomi D

    Jenna Marshall???

  19. Edrian

    Sing while you can, Bitch.



    Edrian S. アリア”ジェンナ?”

  20. Holly Rose

    haha this is from 2005 & you can really tell. love it

  21. K-J C


  22. 산하

    She's so damn gorgeous

  23. Meddie Perry

    Jenna 'o'

  24. Nelsie Edith San Miguel

    you are so awesome you rock you go girl😘😘😘😘😘😘😝😝😝😝😎😎😎😎😎🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆😝😝😝😜😜😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Thais V.

    Jenna ❤

  26. Issa joke

    Wow Jenna

  27. Dua Muhammad

    she doesn't look like jenna

    Kathleen Jansen van Rosendaal

    Aimen Sajad she does!!

  28. Denise Bauman

    not only is she beautiful... she is so talented!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mikey

    I could listen to this all day

  30. sha usd

    i really wanna see her sing.. again.. =)

    Orest Hryniak

    You singing relly cool, Tammin. This film is great. 

  31. natan locke-church

    Love ya

  32. Federico


  33. Devika Shirpurkar

    all you have to do is start sharing her songs..

  34. Devika Shirpurkar

    guys shez really good and yet she hasnt had much views... wanna help me make her views go up???

  35. Alicia snoff

    Dont find her on spotify

    taylor connolly

    She only had one album and she's not well known for singing in the USA and Canada thats why she wouldn't be on Spotify

  36. Taylor Jensen

    So talented!! So inspiring(: love you Tammin!!

  37. bianca w

    the jenna thing <3

  38. crazedstargazer

    @NikkiJohannesburg lol she emigrated from south africa before she reached her fifth birthday. That girl is australian- in her own words.

  39. Moriah Lambier

    she is 26 years old and will be 27 on august 19th, 2010. ;) she looks like a teenager lol i love her shes an awesome singer and actress.

  40. Márcia Jesus

    Tammin Pamela Sursok nasceu Johannesburg em 29 de agosto de 1983. i hope it help you