Tame Impala - It's Not Meant To Be Lyrics

I wanted her, I wanted her
But she doesn't like the life that I lead
She doesn't like the life that I lead
Doesn't like sand stuck on her feet
Or sitting around smoking weed
I must seem more like a friend in need

And I boast that it is meant to be
But in all honesty I don't have a hope in hell
I'm happy just to watch her move
And in all honesty I don't have a hope in hell
I'm happy just to watch her move

And she doesn't like the friends that I make
Doesn't make friends for friendship's sake
She just gets bored sitting by the lake
Her soul won't surface and her heart won't ache

And I boast that it is meant to be
But in all honesty I don't have a hope in hell
I'm happy just to watch her move

And I thought they could cure his disease
But in all honesty he didn't have a hope in hell
Now we'll never see him move

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Tame Impala It's Not Meant To Be Comments
  1. Nat' Dopamine

    These songs remind me of some dark times, its always good to revisit them. Kind of hurts.

  2. Jordan Notgivingmyname

    Just started listening to Tame Impala a few days ago. Idk y but I listened to his albums in reverse order starting with Currents and just finished Lonerism. So far there isn't a single bad song by this man. Its like his style can go from psychedelic/john lennon/beatles sounding stuff to 80s synth to modern indie pop Foster The People sounding stuff. Absolutely in love with this guy's music.

  3. Shane Combs

    George Harrison

  4. Auktis

    Sound from another age.

  5. Naseeha Swalaha

    So so underrated

  6. Sandy Patterson

    So trippy! Reminds me a little of the Beatles White album. Love it.

  7. Autastic Guitar Spud

    Holy shit this guy sounds like John Lennon.

  8. Lan jacquez

    I guess not

  9. Gerald M

    How and when this track comes on in Legion is beyond words to me to describe

  10. baricade47

    Fucking beautiful... Phenomenal

  11. Tony Mera

    G E N I O

  12. Ян Ian Вишицкий Vishitskii

    Я самый большой фанат)

  13. sequeira69miguel

    Every time I hear this song my inside melts

  14. Honkey Kong

    I don’t have a hope in hell.....(right in the feels!)

  15. Danette Turner

    I see a lot of people often refer to Tame Impala as “They” “Them” “Their music” understand this is a one man band. Kevin Parker is the only member of Tame Impala. Always has been. He writes, produces, and records everything by himself and gets his good old pals to play with him live lol

  16. Midobecker Gundisalvus

    Now that they have taken the commercialized route, I am glad I have been able to enjoy the old Tame Impala for so long.

  17. DarkDan3

    The song sounds like an outtake from Magical Mystery Tour

  18. Ben Autry

    2:55 never felt so much bliss from a song

  19. Brenda Nicole Swan

    🏹🌊 T R I P 🌀🌀🌀

  20. Vale C

    I need chords for ukulele


    Sounds like Early Beatles 🎶


    nothing like early beatles more like mid-late beatles

  22. Mike Campbell

    This songs goes perfectly with some magic mushrooms and a J.

  23. Queen Syddy

    *I hope you got her* in the *alternate universe* not so far from ours

  24. Julio Rodríguez


  25. XOI VOX

    if you dig Tame Impala, check my spotify playlist - "60s & 90s Psychedelic, Oldwave & Newwave" got some brilliant modern and retro old classic psychedelic tunes on there! with a massive sprinkle of @ throughout!!!

  26. SupersackboyWTF

    "Love isn't gonna save us. It's what we have to save. Pain makes us strong enough to do it. All our scars, it's armor. Baby, God love's the sinners best because our fire burns bright, bright, bright. Burn with me."

  27. Granadero Locust

    Estoy en ácido, y esta música se siente genial. Me recuerda a mí mismo, a mis grandes anhelos por superar mi depresión que parece no acabar... Estoy agradecido conmigo por llegar hasta aquí. He vivido esto cada día, en silencio, sólo yo lo sé, lo que pasa en mí. Sólo quiero tomar mi gran suelo y abrazar lo que ya tengo. Es que soy tan holgazán... Quiero ser yo mismo otra vez, quien solía ser, recuperar ese brillo que sólo yo puedo percibir.

  28. Elliot Bell

    This song is meant to be.

  29. Levi Ashley

    this is the best

  30. LaTinoHustLa91

    I’ve always been a hip hop guy, as of lately I’ve been tapping into tame impala and this type of music. It just sounds so right taking this with a backwoods

  31. Juan Topo

    hola soy juan

  32. Aleyna Urn

    Sweet bass

  33. AstroMarco

    The first sounds I hear when I decide to listen to all of Tame Impalas music

  34. Shawn Maier

    Sounds like today's generation of the Beatles

  35. Justin Peterson

    Evoking "Across the Universe" (Beatles)
    He's got a Lennon vibe

  36. temi daodu

    john and paul

  37. Valentina Susarte Muñoz

    Gracias ♥️

  38. IMG 1826

    Weed not required for enjoyment

  39. SandPaperToYourDickTip

    Thanks for sexually violating my right ear drum with the beginning part

  40. Little Skittle

    This allows me to be me. A fly, Happily sifting through vinegar. Knowing that my time as a fly, is only a short as the time it would take to kill me.

  41. Shannon

    Such a fucking bittersweet song, my heart aches at the intro riff especially. Nostalgic, longing to be stress free again. Great fucking job Tame Impala, you are truly one of a kind.

    Adnan Shariff

    You described it perfectly


    @Adnan Shariff ☺️💖 I appreciate that, especially that you can relate the same way. I hope all is well with you.

    Adnan Shariff

    @Shannon this is my favourite song atm it's in my head all day so much nostalgia and melancholy, what's your fave tame impala songs?


    @Adnan Shariff I really like keep on lying and sundown syndrome!

  42. Black and white

    Great album

  43. Who Cares

    “And I boast that is is meant to be but in all honesty, I don’t have a hope in hell”

  44. James Edward Owen Strachan

    From the beginning of this track it takes you on a track of it's own, real escapism. Sublime.

  45. Minakshi MJ

    couldn't hold back my tears of joy when I heard this(my absolute favourite song from tame impala) on my favourite series legion😍😍😍😍😍😍 the song fitted so well in that scene ....

  46. ghouldrool of an urthlybeing

    This song makes me happy thinking about the future

  47. z0uLess

    heartaching while relating to this

  48. De Ka

    I must seem more like a friend in need

  49. Joshua Remitz

    I can't believe I am going to say this, but, is this band the Beattles of the 21st century? I don't know but it feels like they are.


    Joshua Remitz *HE

  50. ken

    Can anyone recommend more tame impala songs that sound like this? :)

  51. Justin Johnson

    I swear this gives off just slight Sargent peppers vibes

  52. Freddie Frey

    This song makes me feel like i'm on a journey to heaven.

  53. Carlos Jose de Araujo dias



  54. Tanya Duvall

    Just luv these guys

  55. RiSe Ash

    Absolutely beautiful. One for the shrooms playlist this weekend 👁️

  56. Trev Mahoney

    Last Track on Purealternative FM Request Rock Show tonight Simon Barnett And Sir TM Night

  57. Jenkem J

    Love love love tame impala and this song

  58. StrangeLove

    Still Kevin's best work imo

  59. Sebastian Guillen

    put the video at 0.5 speed thank me later.

  60. Catalina Corteseses

    Who needs porn when there’s this?

  61. Diego Mor

    I have it on Vinyl

  62. Mehmet Yıldırım

    LEGION ..

  63. Scoobyslap

    Leagion season 2 brought me here

  64. Angela

    Alot of inspiration taken from The Beatles and John Lennon’s singing style I dig it. The history repeats its self.

  65. Carlos Regalado

    I've waited for something like since rage against the machine it's an other world I just walked in 2

  66. Weedthrasher

    Legion brought me here.

  67. Ged Brewis

    BEATLES 2.0

  68. One Too

    It is meant to be. It is

  69. Sherona

    This album was one of their bests!!

  70. Bluesummers


  71. Jake Provniiik

    One of their best songs

  72. IRC

    Very good!

  73. Brique Zallivam


  74. Dae meu dignissimo

    essa musica é um ícone, uma benção. THANK YOU LEGIONNNN

  75. Radical Absurdism

    This is what 80s Beatles would sound like.

  76. Slopeboix

    Simply irresistible

  77. Lmclean89

    1. Desire Be Desire Go
    2. Alter Ego
    3. It Is Not Meant To Be
    4. Why Won't They Talk To Me
    5. Mind Mischief
    6. Half Full Glass Of Wine
    7. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind
    8. Expectation
    9. Let It Happen
    10. New Person, Same Old Mistakes

    Stefan Patterson

    Tripping... straight tripping.

  78. Francisco Lourenço

    9 years ago today this album was released

  79. KingsFan2017

    I relate so much to his music. Glad my friend showed me him while we were blazing last week.

  80. Keely W

    It Is Not Meant To Be - not "It's Not Meant To Be"

  81. Bruno Novak

    sweet sounds

  82. Amber Lewis

    Reminds me of the music my dad would groove to and what I grew up listening to ...

  83. pubes in your chocomilk

    Well, to be completely fair, having sand stuck on your feet IS pretty unpleasant


    Not if you are stoned and enjoy that view haha

  84. A H

    The instrumental is so fking good!

  85. TrainInVain

    The Beatles

  86. Keely W

    The correct title is - It Is Not Meant To Be

  87. Cassie Fargo

    April/May 2019 anyone ? 😍🔥

  88. crow

    3:17 buff

  89. TX_Confidential

    Damn tame impala goes hard dude...... G O O D V I B E S !

  90. jimijam

    5 minutes and 26 seconds ... in an instant! so good

  91. rafa magalhaes

    Miss this tame impala

  92. Bluebird

    And it was released almost ten years ago!

  93. 10908070605040302

    yeah its like the beatles came back with synths

  94. Sheila Koala

    The song is actually called It Is Not Meant To Be - not "It's not meant to be" - get it right, ffs


    Wow...that totally changes everything 😲😆

  95. Ricardo Manzur

    Can't smoke weed and not play this song.

  96. Dhiksith

    Hey random person reading this comment...can we get to know each other?

  97. Scott L Wilson

    Sounds like The Nazz.......in fact, Todd Rundgren remixed a version of Elephant for them...

  98. Philippe Cirse

    it reminds me an musician friend who was also a good man who told me after eating three glasses of Gigondas that he believed in arrogance, hated the idea of submission, of humility, and that if he had to undergo a form of coercion or dictatorship, he would always prefer it to be exercised by the musical or social elite rather than by the masses. We can discuss with the elite. With the mass, it's impossible, she speaks too loudly!

    Khatia Nasrallah