Tame Impala - Desire Be, Desire Go Lyrics

Feel it come, I don't know how long
It's gonna stay with me, I'll let desire be, desire go
Oh, dare I face the real world

Everyday, back and forth, what's it for?
What's it for? Back and forth, everyday
Everyday, back and forth, what's it for?
I don't know, I'll get out, won't have to check my watch

I don't have the verve to belong to this dead side
Why I ever tried, I don't know
Oh, dare I face the real world

Everyday, back and forth, what's it for?
What's it for? Back and forth, everyday
Everyday, back and forth, what's it for?
I don't know, I'll forget try to let desire be, desire go

Feel, feel it come, feel it come
Feel it come, I don't know how long
It's gonna stay with me, I'll let desire be, desire go

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Tame Impala Desire Be, Desire Go Comments
  1. OwenF

    i like the original on the debut ep

  2. MrShepardDog

    Wow... Like an updated copy / steal from "Can't See A Thing Till You Open My Eyes" by Nazz Nazz from about 100 years ago! But still a great cover.....


    Wow! That's some hardcore hipstership right there :D

  3. Cecília de Sales Batista

    This songs reminds me of beaches with people talking and being happy there (Rio, for example).
    I love it so much!!

  4. veel te kortfillem

    I'm obsessed with tame Impala's music so much that I'm trying to make songs in his genre to keep the genre alive and promote good music like his, here's the link if anyones interested: https://soundcloud.com/slipshodd/someone-else-1

  5. Spencer Ricketts

    Was high asf in class the other day, this song made it an experience to remember.

  6. YourRationalWorldisaCircleJerk

    E G O D E A T H

  7. Shanna Carney

    This played as we pulled into the burial of one of my friends that I had known for a long time, she had a lot of bullshit happen in her life and she corrected it all and right after that she passed away. Only 20 years old. Rip Lana. ♥️ I will always play this song when I pull into your cemetery.

  8. Dawson Miller

    Why is no one talking about the LEGENDARY fill at 3:25?

  9. Eduardo Calix

    INSANE drum line!

  10. Always with the roo

    My favorite tune from InnerSpeaker!!

  11. The Last Hawkins

    People make Tame Impala comparisons to other bands, because the songs are layered, and amazing. Stop making comparisons. He is a musical genius with his OWN sound that is ever evolving. I'm tired of the hypocrisy. lol And frankly, the ignorance of the comments.

  12. Tania Aceves

    As a first time listener, it gives me 70’s rock Coraline soundtrack vibes

  13. Andrew Wabik

    Need. It. Louder!

  14. celia ayneto

    assez fou !

  15. Vijay Eswar

    Feel it come
    I don't know how long it's gonna stay with me
    I'll let desire be
    Desire go
    Dare I face the real world
    Back and forth, what's it for?
    What's it for?
    Back and forth, everyday
    Back and forth
    What's it for
    I don't know
    I'll get out, won't have to
    Check my watch
    I don't have the verve to belong to this dead side
    Oh, why I ever tried, I don't know
    Oh, dare I face the real world?
    Back and forth, what's it for?
    What's it for?
    Back and forth, everyday
    Back and forth, what's it for?
    I don't know, I forget, try to let desire be, desire go
    Feel, feel it come, feel it come
    I Feel it come
    I don't know how long
    It's gonna stay with me
    I'll let desire be, desire go

  16. Christoffer Sjöheim

    My only favorite album by Tame Impala. Of all the 2010’s psych albums that I have heard so far it’s only beaten by Goat’s debut.
    Here we have some 60’s influenced psych, but at the same time Kevin Parker is pushing the boundaries of the genre and I really think he succeeds with it on this album. Their next album is great as well! However I think he started to get a bit too much in the wrong direction on their next album, with it’s synth poppy sound.
    Their latest album is pretty much garbage in my ears, but yea I can enjoy the tunes though.


    Agreed. Lonerism is fantastic too.

  17. ChileLime

    Was this in a fifa game? Specifically 10 or 11


    @Lmclean89 was it in any fifa?

  18. Loren B

    Tame Impala are so under appreciated, love them

  19. lautzam

    this is so beatle

  20. Andrea Bossolono

    smokin black ..then white...then black..then marlb..ok tame impala or lana del rey..hmm tweekin i think i needs to sleeps a bit.lol

  21. Spark That J

    Listened to this while on 5 grams of mushrooms last night. Omg how does Kevin do it ? 🔥☮️

  22. Artful Dodger

    Hey, it’s 1968 John Lennon.


    more like '66-67 John.

  23. Nate Garman

    My brother showed me this song and it’s so amazing

  24. Just Grunge

    everydaaaaaaaaaaay back and forth
    what's it for? i don't knowwwwwwwwwwww

  25. Big Soda

    Hi everyone I'm super annoying and wanna promote this similarly genre'd music video!


  26. Spark That J

    Love that slick riff he keeps recycling throughout the whole song 🔥🔥🔥😈

  27. kimeiga

    Honestly who needs drugs when there's this song

  28. DonCheto323

    Driving music

  29. Ratosphere

    So far, this is my favorite song by Tame. the Riff and that breakdown that occurs throughout the song is my shit.


    However there's a recording of this on their Sessions album (Santa Monica radio station recording) that sounds even more wickedly fun than this recording. still fucking great though

  30. Ed Basilio

    Lindo Sonho Delirante....viagem garantida!

  31. takuma

    Thanks Lusva ^-^

  32. WaaDoku 【和ァ独】

    Everything perfect except the fade out. What happened there? Couldn't they find a good ending to that song?

  33. Desiree Molina Manzano


  34. YourRationalWorldisaCircleJerk

    hmm. I get it.

  35. Laura Gutierrez

    Is it healthy to be as obsessed with this band as i am?

  36. Deep GirlVEVO

    Am I the only one, who wants to live inside of the album-cover?

  37. El Ruendo Ekisde

    1 MILLON DE VIEWS!!! :) 25/05/18

  38. We're Live Pal!

    7% charge. What do you do? Listen to Tame Impala

  39. filmstarist

    No Beatles, no Lennon. Only Harrison and McCartney in a few moments , folks.


    What are you on about. It's clearly more like Lennon than the rest. McCartney on the backing vocals sure.


    Nice! You should check roxxxo.

  41. xfersko

    hi hailey aka Stufful

  42. Mauro Quiroz

    3:26 PA ADELANTE&BROTHER QUE BRUTAL! esta cancion debe tener mas atencion, realmente es una joya.

  43. seamac206

    0.75 speed tho

  44. Dramalius

    this song is beyond cool. A fantastic crossover between the Beatles and Nirvana

  45. ICEAGE500

    It's to live with desire

    larry hoover

    Larisha it's about the 9-5 life. Desire be, desire go. It means that this life, 9-5 robs those of us of our desire. "I don't have the verve to belong to this dead side"

  46. Andrew Mack

    Killer vocals by John Legend

  47. seb ASMR

    simply the best composed song by Tame Impala, I love this song

    Anthony L

    seb ASMR composed by kevin *

  48. Arky PP

    feeeeel it cooome

  49. Lmclean89

    60's - The Beatles
    70's - Led Zeppelin / Pink Floyd
    80's - Queen / MJ
    90's - Radiohead
    00s - The Strokes
    10's - Tame Impala

    Bebus Salad

    dont forget king gizzard and the lizard wizard

    Davide Dal Farra

    00's Verdena

    I know you

    20's Tame Impala 👏🏻

    Yoan Pantchev

    some additions to the list

    90's Nirvana, RHCP
    00's Muse (they were good during this period), White Stripes
    10's King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


    queen was best in the early 70s

  50. michael makovsky

    Sounds like the beatles with a fuzz effect

  51. Andrea Burgos Madrigal

    ahahaha the beatles

  52. MrTaco447

    This song makes me feel some type of way, god what I'd do to see them live

  53. Jason Hall

    Sorry, but this IS their best song

    Jason Hall

    fair enough

    Ramiro Belmares

    My second favorite is Lucidity

    Alan Lloyd



    mind mischief

  54. GypsiesEatPapayas

    In a jungle right now

  55. Matheus Coelho

    O disco da minha vida, puta merda.

  56. jfpOne23

    omg...just ...omg....wow

  57. Tessa Piccillo

    this song is so beautiful

  58. lux

    Paperback writer

    Carl D'Angeline

    ***********I'M IN AGREEMENT 100%****************

    Andrew S Rae

    The Beatles practically invented the psychadelic rock culture, especially after their album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band'. Gotta love em.

    ricardo idrovo

    Andrew S Rae And Revolver (listen to "she said, she said", "i'm only sleeping" and "i want to tell you")

  59. gordon quigg

    This is my current favorite song of all time, especially this version. The slowed down versions don't really do it for me. But this one keeps moving like I'm surfing on the best ride of my life, and no one's in my way, and everything comes together just right, and I'm living inside the song. Thank you so much Tame Impala, keep up the nice work.

  60. Pruthvi Pediredla

    This is their best song hands down bless up

  61. Bryan Elliott

    If you don't like this you aren't a person

    Ghostein Stereo

    a chicken nugget

    *has given up*

    You're right. I'm not a person. I'm a Kpop stan that got exposed to Tame Impala


    @*has given up* go away and stop watching this video we don't support kpop or there fans and stans

  62. Bárbara Sá

    I wanna live inside this song


    Wow, this comment is so deep, I could not have described it better!!. Thanks for that

    I am Sofa King

    beautiful comment

    Joshua Brandy

    I wanna live inside your mom

    Chad Helms

    I Think thar's room enough for both of us in there. I've been waiting so long, are you going to come in?

  63. Guntur Harahap

    feels like lennon still alive

  64. breezy785

    Sounds like John Lennon


    breezy785 d'Or this is now Jonh lenon

    D Lux

    It is man. John never really died

  65. Birger Bang

    Tame Impala would have been gods in the 70s!

    We're Live Pal!

    Pardo That's generation x


    We're Live Pal! I'm not talking literally pal

    Harald Haram

    Without the 70's Tame Impala wouldt exist


    i don't think the 70s would have been able to handle tame impala


    ​ you're cringe as fuck are these you actual attempts at comebacks? 😂

  66. Leonardo

    ácido sonoro

  67. Renan de Souza

    que música foda!

  68. zer0 95


  69. The guitarist

    The amount of fuzz in this song makes me a happy panda

    James Mason

    The fuzz genuinely makes my eyes water, so tasty.

  70. Garf2O

    if anybody knows of some songs with a sound and tempo like this let me know.


    White Fence--Like That

    Curt Smith

    look up the band maps and atlases dude! you might enjoy them

    Pierre M.

    Garf2O Bodysnatchers by Radiohead reminds me of thsi song kinda. very good song


    Try their song, Half Full Glass of Wine. Then go to Temples - Shelter Song.

    final chapter

    Iron butterfly theme ..maybe

  71. ColRizz99

    Sounds a bit like lucidity

    Anthony L

    ColRizz99 thought the same thing

  72. Filippo Amidei

    What a surprise...l love them

  73. Christo Rey

    When I hear this song , it's my head , John Lennon in an imaginary world , sailing through the skies on a boat and looking at a world of colors, but there are gray areas...
    Actually this is the magic of music, John present in music , now more than ever...


    +Christo Rey i agree completely.

    Sierra Marie

    agree 1000%


    +Christo Rey Cool perspective!

  74. Trevor Steele

    This is the sound that got me hooked. Lonerism is a better album without question, but innerspeaker has some of my favorite songs. Lonerism is not only more fluid but original and IMO it is the pinnacle of Kevin's work. This coming from a fan since around 2010. I had the enjoyment of spreading the word and watching them grow. By the time Lonerism came out people were telling ME about Tame and they even had Elephant get some radio time. Even then I'm super fucking stoked for the new album because I've been getting into electronic music.

    Anthony L

    I was just thinking this!! I think with Lonerism Kevin really found how to make his sound HIS sound.. but all my favorite songs are from innerspeaker :)

    Wholefucking Show

    Same here and went on a quest to find every tame song made and so far maybe 1 song that is just like meh

  75. DRUMMERJAYable

    Hells Yeaahh!!

  76. Hazal Keskin

    I love this

  77. SynthyBassMan

    How did John Lennon get his vocals on this???


    @SynthyBassMan you think thats funny? I kill a man like the you, people who enjoy a music without admiring my a plums and pretentious poems!!1!!


    @HeyDevilBetween But Ringo's drums on this track are spot on! :)

    Josh W

    When I first heard tame impala I thot it was the Beatles XD


    SynthyBassMan now

  78. thewolf6708

    Music of the 70's yheaa

  79. larry hoover

    Pursue your desire, conformity is equal to cowardism. Fuck a 9 to 5

    larry hoover

    This was me 2 years ago.. that 9-5 is killing me

  80. Livia Souza

    I don't know how long it's gonna stay with me
    I'll let desire be
    Desire go
    Dare I face the real world
    Back and forth
    What's it for?
    What's it for?
    Back and forth
    Back and forth
    What's it for?
    I don't know
    I'll get out
    Won't have to
    Check my watch
    I don't have the verve to belong to this dead side
    Why I ever tried
    I don't know.

    T0K3N SM0K3

    fuckin poetically lyrical

    larry hoover

    This is what I want on the back of the card they give you when Someone died.

  81. Ulysses Perez

    Band of the century, in my sincerest opinion. 

    Dad The Drug Expert

    Esteban Carrizo thats a solid yes from me


    Not even a band lmfao


    @NextMintJuice Imagine dragons ahahaAHAHAHAHAH

    Javi Gore

    Jacco gardner is better


    @NextMintJuice IMAGINE DRAGONS AHAHAHHAHA... How about you name an actual band and not some business fund band that don't even write or play all instruments on their songs.

  82. Josiah .Bartlett


  83. keith smith

    love this song

  84. keith smith

    thanks ishod wair

  85. Laura Kaletka

    fuck i love this

  86. TeakySnee

    Woo perth band

  87. Buat Narofoto

    I wanna get high with you and ishodwair

  88. Ricky Vazquez

    ishod wair

  89. Angie Sosa

    pachito ruls

  90. Alezia Addesso


  91. Luna Verde

    Excelente escucharla mientras se fuma un porrito de marihuana....!!!!!!!!

  92. Ross marshall

    going to college in august and this sets the tone for a good time, i wanna meet people who enjoy this and wanna make similar music..



    how did college go

    Fake Name

    Ross marshall how was college chief

    Sare Bear

    We all need to know , how'd you go?

    Aust Rolen

    How was college?

  93. Sarah Eck

    I totally thought the Beatles sang this. I searched thru all the Beatles albums. I had no idea who else could have sang this. I've heard other songs by tame impala but did not know this was them. But I still kept searching because they sound more like the Beatles than any other band. I love the Beatles. Now I'm hooked on tame impala thanks to my search for this song...this band is mind blowing!

    Kevin Fairburn

    I keep coming back to this track. In a trance like state when I listen to this while riding my motorcycle along twisty roads. 

  94. Offspringdude999

    As much as I hate most Tame Impala comparisons with you know who, I would be lying if I said this song doesn't sound like a lost track on Magical Mystery Tour.


    The Beatles are the greatest. You can say their name mate they aren't voldemort or something..


    Sounds like "Cant See A Thing Till You Open My Eyes" from Nazz Nazz

  95. Alex .Lyall

    Innerspeak > Lonerism

    Courtney Casablancas


    Ramiro Gutiérrez

    Alex .Lyall Innerspeaker> Lonerism > Currents

    la Magnifique petit espirit


    Nofciu 34


    Spark That J

    They’re both Fire 🔥 Lonerism and although Innerspeaker might take the cake 🎂. Currents is great too ☮️

  96. Indira Bagus Sugiharto

    This song makes me orgasm, this one freakin awesome. u guys damn cool 

  97. itsonelouder eleven

    this song is simply the dog's bollocks