Talib Kweli - Two & Two Lyrics

They wanna know (All you have to do)
know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
Why you playing, why you playing?
I be going like two and two
With some hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love just to get you through

[Verse 1]
Back in effect
I'm back to collect
Got the respect
Which will turn into the cash or a check
You can, pay me in fear, you can pay me with love
You can, pay me in tears or you can pay me in blood
Spray me with slugs, and the revolution live, I never die in vain
The writer might be dead but the piece remain on the train (yea)
The music help you be true to yourself, accumulate wealth
So what I spit is the embodiment I do for self
As a teen it was kinda hard to find a job
I took over my writer's bloc and ran it like a spot
I'm Pimp C in this game nigga, I'm a hard
But I'm never feasting on it, keep speaking on it God
That's what they say when I'm building, I keep my dialogue street
But still spiritual like we deep inside a mosque
Or the sin of God that don't preach or go where the sinners are
And keep the fire burning like a slum lord in the Bronx

Of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two and two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love just to get you through

[Verse 2]
Rhyme writer from nine to five
It's the 25 to lifers with the balance of the acrobatic high wires
The pain of the slave with his back feeling like fire
'Cuz the whip talking to his ass like Knight Rider
Most of these rappers now days be sounding like liars
Got visions of guns in they head like the Pied Piper
When I bust they start to disappear like my lighters
'Cuz they shit is faker than the dreads on Mikah Phifer
The industry is in trouble
Plus these industry niggaz is fake, so they tend to be in a bubble
So I hit the block where they're known to thicken the plot
Sticking up cops, kids be pocket-picking they Glocks (my man)
Balling outta control, don't be forgetting that niggaz is broker than dishes at a Greek wedding
They might try to run up on you, take your life quick
It's like this when you walk the strip up on the night shift

Let 'em know
Of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two & two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love to get you through

[Verse 3]
This right here the bare essentials with no extras y'all
I kept it raw from the school of thought where less is more
Brooklyn is cooking and I blessed it with the special sauce
I got the soul of a prophet and never take a loss
Fresher than kicks out the box, the kids on the block
That is street hungry trying to get that sweet honey out the rock
Crack in the socks when they click the row thicker than sour sop
Listening to my black power rock
Music, of this hip hop we be rock to it
I'm a river, you a valley, watch me run right through it
You wanna learn how to do it, tell the truth in your single first
Lil' Kim went to jail for what you do in every single verse (free Lil' Kim)
Lyrics is perjury, your beats is more plastic than surgery
And we in the United States of emergency
One of the main reasons none of you lames worry me
Is I change lanes like a changed plane that change currency

They wanna know, tell them (All you have to do is call me)
of course I will 'cuz you know how I do
Maybe you don't (All you have to do is call me... call me)
I be going like two and two
With some more hot shit ready to spit for you
With the songs that you love to get you through


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Talib Kweli Two & Two Comments
  1. Lamar Walker

    Song still fire.

  2. Marcos Jimenez

    my brothers favorite kweli song.. rest in peace my hermano. 🙌🏾 uri.

    John Cooney

    One of my favorite tracks by him too. RIP to your bro

    Marcos Jimenez

    @John Cooney thanks man this song is so close to my heart

  3. Paul Gachuchu


  4. Del_sole

    love this

  5. Terry Turner

    The sample is from One Way.A song entitled,Call Me.

    Beotis Coltrane

    Al Hudson & the Soul Partners not One Way

  6. Clara Maiany


  7. nikaboo74

    Love Talib!!!! Saw him in concert straight vibin & had the pleasure of getting a pic with him!!! Beast on the mic

  8. Bunny Nava


  9. Lucy Davis

    You Know What Time It Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zeyu Bryan Liu

    shit song

  11. Eric Lopez

    anyone know where i can find this instrumental?
    big ups to all hip-hop heads out there!

    Waldo P. Schmeer

    I've seen the instrumental here on youtube. if you have a video converter program you can just rip it from youtube man! (look for  "any video converter". That's literally the name of the program lol it's free)


    ok.... so I have been looking for this forever and I was originally assuming it would be on at least a jdilla mix. However, I still have yet to find it. So, the only way to get it is to find that sample and create it ourselves...... Unfortunately, I am not sure where dilla got the vocal. So good luck. If you post one let me know.

    John Cooney

    @Aradish dilla didnt make this beat. DJ Khalil from Self Scientific did. Check em out, LA shit.


    AMSTERDAM on the background XXX

  13. konsent21

    Yea that's dope.. Smoking a J

  14. Kapone 313

    I can dig it....

  15. ji1love

    I love this instrumental

  16. Mike Hickman

    Official hip hop

  17. Sun-Nova Beach

    Dam, a two year old comment made me laugh my ass off.

  18. Ke Chambre

    I don't think he cares as long as he's not doing it for free lol

  19. thelankytank

    this entire mixtape is one of talibs best imo. hes the most underrated musician i can think of

  20. kdub0627

    "the songs that you love just to get you through." Thank you dad for passing on the greatest artist.

  21. summersoft7


  22. mocitymatt95

    Damn, i had to go read tha lyrics to actually keep up w/ wat he sayin. cuz when i listen to it, i jus get relaxed and caint even concentrate on da worlds. lol

  23. LostSoulKw



    LostSoulKw wow! Thanks!

  24. Jonathan Beef Williams

    Dooope track!

  25. javimiami92

    I owe this song to pandora.

    Perry Perkins

    javimiami92 late

  26. Mac Ben


  27. PhflyDan1

    BIG TUNE...

  28. CandidCarl

    Anyone know where I can get the instrumental?

  29. Ginga


    Thanks so much!

  30. freestyl07

    Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - CALL ME

  31. freestyl07

    Al Hudson & The Soul Partners - CALL ME

  32. Taylor Ceaser

    @biglee574 hahhahah i love it. "Getting head" "jacking off"

  33. Ginga

    DJ Khalil did a great job with the instrumental. Can anyone tell me where the sample is from?

  34. Adao Romao

    this is the one.

  35. dharry28

    If I had a soundtrack to my life, this would definitely be one of the songs on it!!! Lyrics and beat are just incredible. My fav line: " one of the main reasons none of you lames worry me is I change lanes like I change planes and change currency." Talib Kweli- real hip hop. Real hip hop.

  36. PhflyDan1

    Nice... EVERY time i get to The Tube, I seem to find a NEW(/) Kweli track to like... Bless

  37. salasah

    einer der besten tracks vom album !

  38. biglee574

    I've played this song in the morning, at night, doing homework, getting head, jacking off, working out, washing clothes, in the car...(in no particular order) and it STILL hasn't gotten old. This is music.

  39. Ouas Imako

    this is one of my favorite off of right about now.

  40. essienesque

    talib is that dude

  41. Zar Sentinel

    True Hip-Hop. I'm feelin' it in my soul.

  42. willbill808

    GOOOOD DAAAAMNNN! this shit is straight fire!

  43. David Hajjar

    Too slept On this song!!! I Mean this song's got everything!!!! You can chill to it, dance to it, bump to it, relate to it etc....

  44. agg58

    easily the nastiest song i've heard in quite a long time...the sample is off the hook


    anybody know were he sample this song from ??

  46. mistagunn

    Ok all the old school heads in high school or junior high in the mid 80's, tell me the sample used for this beat...been trying to find it since this album came out. My sister used to play it back in the 80s when I was a youngsta but now is playing forgetful jones! Please Please hook it up!

  47. Danyal Khan

    fasho man, even Jay himself said "If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli"

  48. Carvaughn Cullins

    Talib Kweli is one of the greatest MCs eva. At the moment, for me he's tied for second with AZ. Talib Kweli just spits the ill truth that commercial cRappers are scared to say. He even said that if mainstream success was based on lyricism and poetic intellect... he'd probably be rich as Jay-Z. I completely agree with em.

  49. btn18

    great track mang