Talib Kweli - The Venetian Lyrics

[Intro - NIKO IS & Ab-Soul:]
Ay yo, we like 39, 000 feet up in the air and shit like that
Just ride the wave
Niko, what's up

[Verse 1 - NIKO IS:]
I do this shit cause I want
Man, don't need no reason
Started out at the Bodega
Now we at the Venetian
So Brazilian, but the clothes Parisian
I just do my thing and write like a king man I'm Stephen
These rappers Mr. Fantastic to me, they be reachin'
They poetically describing their gats
That they never squeezin (pow)
Pardon me I'm starting to see

Even a snake infiltrated the garden of Eden
Spartan Demeanour (Yo, keep it 3 hunnid)
[?] that counterfeit
Probably with that Alchemist
Free myself then I only see myself like Malcolm

[Hook - NIKO IS:]
I do this shit cause I want not cause I need a reason
Started off at the Bodego now we at the Venetian
Started off at the Bodego now we at the Venetian

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:]
(We need to build to destroy, you know what we about)
I had a dub sac in my bucket, rolling round like fuck it
Now I pull up in a luxurious something
With nothing less than an onion
See I'm the wolf the boys cry about (fibbin')
You lyin in yo lines like the county building
Burning backwoods niggas poppin outta woodwork
Punch told me how this shit would work
That's why I just smirk
Niko let this people know b (let these people know)
While they voted
We was devoted, TDE Javotii
Felt like an activist, bumping Hi-Tek and Kweli
Now the activis gone, we sippin' high tech and Kweli (Quali')
Junius Brutus with the flow like the Ceasar
Just ask Seasick, but don't get sea sick

[Verse 3 - Talib Kweli:]
Let's go
Squadin' up and the crew is tough
Cold and frozen the chosen, like I got Jewish blood
Commit like institutions
I married to my music
Women in my life are gettin' jealous, because is my truest love
Get my eyes on the prize, cause my lyrics are like the pupils
Murdering the verses
I am Like Persus to Medusa bro
Better [?]
But angels are falling like Lucifer
How could see coming [?] this discussion is to much blood
Academic fellowship even my mellow shit is super tough
Not the fellowship of the ring [?]
I am a follower of the freestyle fellowship then niggas knew their stuff
I'm a student of [?]
Long pieces of Jupiter
But nowadays rappers are duper
Swearing to God their were blowing up
I soon I take the stage
Niggas [?] like a super cut
Immediately [?]
[?] And n- getting tough

So I chew it up
Spit it up [?]
And I throw it up


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Talib Kweli The Venetian Comments
  1. Your Thought

    No activist we sipping hi-tek and kweli!💯

  2. Your Thought

    I did it for the Lord and forest Whitaker's eye😂😂😂

  3. essence 47

    "I'm angels fallen like Lucifer"🔥