Talib Kweli - Money Good Lyrics

It's not so much a business where you make a lot of money but if you enjoy the business then the money comes. But if you're looking for the fast, instant kind of famous and money it's going to be boring to you because it doesn't happen quite like that

{Yeah, yeah... [?]}

[Verse 1:]
When the money come it's sweet as a honeybun
But when the money gone they hide like a honeycomb
They tell you get your education
Nigga, go to college
They colonizing your mind like Rhodesia
What you, a Rhodes scholar?
They never tell you that degree is just a receipt
You be paying off them loans til you're 6 feet deep
In my environment every snitch gon' have to die
You ask me why
Cause my entitlement is American as apple pie
It's hard to get a check, it's easy to get in debt
Then get it wet
You could get a little head for a little bread
That shit is dead
Get by, get over
You gotta get ahead or be back in the shelter by 12 so you can get a bed
The conditions you raised in is preyin on your decision-making
You concentrating on that short paper
The broad paper, that hard candy, that jaw breaker
The dark side of the force pay for that Lord Vader

How you tell a nigga from the hood?
We on the Dirty, Sexy Money like Blair Underwood
My money good [x4]

Can't touch it
It's only human to want to look
Money talk
My shit be tellin everyone to shhh
My money good [x4]

[Verse 2:]
The millionaire musician a fairly recent phenomenon
Before there was [?] musicians performing on the street corners
Out in the deep forest
The city drop the beat, the night air sing a sweet chorus
The trees lean toward us in order to take in the CO2 that we let out and convert it into oxygen
Every time you blow a breath out you start the cycle again
Recycle the wind, spin it any way you want it
It's priceless, this life is a blessing
No matter how you slice it or dice it, you can grill it like a swordfish
A beautiful mind, the bars gorgeous
I know I'm a suspect
When I'm walking and the streets is like my office
We the working class artists
They wishin that we was porpoise
But I know my worth
Tell em to make an offer of gold first
I'm in the fight of my life and I'm taking the whole purse
Soul search
For getting paid for creating the cold verse
Got the money on my mind
Tryna escape and it don't work


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